Also Known As: Shesh Theke Shuru

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  • erica-teixeira
    erica teixeira

    Before make movies about other country the director must know about that country. In this movie how all the character (act as Bangladeshi) talked was completely wrong. The director and the editor don’t have even 1% knowledge of Bangladeshi talking style. The way Bangladeshi people talk is totally different than that showed in the movie. Before you do something, know something. Totally waste of time watching this movie with this nonsense misrepresentation of Bangladeshi language. The story line was also poor.

  • assia-montanari
    assia montanari

    ‘Shesh Theke Shuru’ directed by Raj Chakraborty and Produced by Grassroot Entertainment (Jeetz Filmworks) marks Jeet’s 50th film in tollywood industry. This movie is also special as the re-collaboration of Jeet-Koel Mallick pair as lead after 4 years.Jeet has certainly given his till date best performance in this movie. His expressions was the thing to see throughout the movie. Koel on the other hand perfectly fits in to the bubbly-ever smilling Pujarini’s charecter.Ritabhari Chakraborty got very little screen presence but played her role to perfection. The story of the movie is rather conventional. And Tridha Chowdhury’s narration to the story is a bit strange.Supporting actor’s played their part nicely.It’s good package of a movie which has space for romance,action, emotion in it.Director Raj Chakraborty did it fairly nicely from his part except being a bit conventional. Screenplay and the dialogues written by Aditya Sengupta keep the audience engaged. Sunil Rodriguez brings a new genre of action sequences which are certainly more down to earth.For me Arko could have done better with the music of the movie.The songs are not that remarkable to be honest. It’s a real treat for Jeet fans and surely a one time watch movie.

  • maren-eide
    maren eide


  • baaptt-llit
    baaptt llit

    Everytime Copy by Jeet!!! It’s very shameful. Why we will watch your movie? If it is already available & done by another country.

  • bradley-thomas
    bradley thomas

    A love story made with immense passion & maturity. Complete blend of matured acting from all the characters, especially from Jeet, Koel & Ritabhari. The story is so well gripped, that, you will not feel in between that it had been dragging you. As well, the music gives you booster for your emotions, while you are watching.You will keep remembering the characters & story afterwards, even when you are done watching it.