The “Cotton Blossom”, owned by the Hawk family, is the show boat everyone goes to for great musical entertainment down south. Julie LaVerne and her husband are the stars of the show. After a someone tells the local police that Julie (who’s half- African-American) is married to a white man, they are forced to leave the show boat because interracial marriages are forbidden. Magnolia Hawk, Captain Andy Hawks’ daughter, becomes the new show boat attraction, and her leading man is Gaylord Ravenal, a gambler. The two instantly fall in love, and marry without Parthy Hawks approval. Magnolia and Gaylord leave the “Cotton Blossom” for a whirl-wind honeymoon. Soon after, Magnolia realizes that gambling means more to Gaylord than anything else. Magnolia confronts Gaylord, and after he gambles away their fortune he leaves her, not knowing she is pregnant. Magnolia, penniless and pregnant, and is left to fend for herself, and make a new start.

Also Known As: Show Boat, Mississippi-Melodie West, Teatterilaiva, Statek komediantów, Плавучий театр Soviet, Liebesnächte am Mississippi West, Nava teatrală, Плаващият театър, Magnolia, Show-Boat West, Ploveće pozorište, A Revü hajó, O Barco das Ilusões, Mississippi-Melodie, ショウ・ボート(1951), Teaterbåten

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