An autistic boy witnesses his parents’ double murder. Richard Dreyfuss as a controversial therapist, seeks to probe the child’s mind in order to solve the case.::Keath

Also Known As: Testemunha do Silêncio, Stummer Schrei, Το Φθινόπωρο της Σιωπής, Silent Fall - Taust vitne, A csend fogságában, Sem Testemunhas, Tihi pad, Rosso d'autunno, Silent fall - täydellinen murha, Хватката на мълчанието, To fthinoporo tis siopis, Témoin silencieux, Silent Fall, Тревожна есен, Безмолвная схватка, Zrozumiec cisze, Testigo silencioso, Indian Summer, Un testigo en silencio

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  • kimberly

    Richard Dreyfuss portrays an unhappy doctor. After losing a young patient and blaming himself–he decided to no longer work with children. Then he meets “Tim,” an autistic child, who lost both of his parents–to homicide. Tim’s teen-aged sister insists that she is the only person on earth capable of caring for him, but Dreyfuss’ character has been persuaded to work with Tim, alone.To me, this story was as close to a horror flick as a Richard Dreyfuss movie could be. I found it to be disturbing 80% of the time. If you like disturbing movies, see it–but after the kids are safely tucked in.

  • kamila-soukupova
    kamila soukupova

    This movie is not good. But the cast is so good, and so compelling, that the movie is a bit more watchable than it really is. That is, Richard Dreyfuss and Liv Tyler have such charisma, general movie sympathy-vibes, and magnetism that even though they are in a bad movie, it is not totally excruciating to see them on the screen.The movie is one of those thriller jobs where supposedly “real” psychological conditions of some of the characters play a role. As with many movies employing such a theatrical device, the glib Movie-Land behaviors exhibited by the supposed 7 year-old autistic child in the film don’t resemble genuine kids afflicted with genuine disabilities so much as the behaviors resemble cartoonish soap-opera conveniences. Viewers could be reminded of Ed Norton’s brilliant performance in “The Score,” where the actor portrays a character who fakes mental retardation, and then flips back and forth between the fake put-on afflicted behaviors and the real criminal’s behaviors throughout the film as part of the film’s narrative development. Something about Norton’s great work there somehow highlighted most other Movie-Land characters with mental problems as a cheapo Hollywood trick, used as a melodramatic gag when real inspiration has fled. Anyway— the kid here was annoyingly corny as he did what can only be described as a “stand up” imitation of of a cliche.Overall, great folks in a horrible movie. It happens sometimes. Forgive Dreyfuss and forgive Tyler— they did go on to do better and much more real roles later on. I gave this a 3 out of 10, because of those two actors and their inherent screen presence. Otherwise, this turkey deserved the lowest possible rating.

  • dr-bettina-hansen
    dr bettina hansen

    I’ll admit I bought this movie unseen off a discount rack. The fact that it was on a discount rack should’ve been my first clue. I expected that, because Dreyfuss delighted me so in “The Good-Bye Girl”, “Jaws”, and “Mr. Holland’s Opus” that he could continue to do so…. WRONG. This movie starts out promising. The story idea here is intriguing. An autistic boy is the only witness to the murder of his parents, and Dreyfuss is a teacher to these challenged type of children. It goes down the toilet FAST when the facts of autism are tweeked and twisted to fit the lame direction this story takes. I have an Aunt who taught the mentally handicaped, and PRAYED she never watched this movie because it would have made her mad at the way it was conceived that an autistic child has the choice to learn. They don’t. The movie goes off the deep end into stupidity the minute it looks like it MIGHT be good, and it never saves itself. I watched it once, and it now sits and collects dust among the other “stinkers” I bought on faith.

  • ignacio-duarte-portero
    ignacio duarte portero

    Richard Dreyfuss is acting challenged. Liv Tyler fails in her very first attempt to act at all. Thank goodness she’s had acting lessons since. Too bad Richard Dreyfuss hasn’t.Ridiculous voice-overs for the 9 year old autistic who supposedly “imitates” adult voices. I can’t even go on about how stupid and contrived this film was. Why must we be subjected to the horrendous movies from Hollywood?One day, films won’t be released unless they’ve passed an audience approval. Until then, I’ll be watching the only good movie left: Rocky Horror Picture Show. (HAha!)

  • mislav-benic
    mislav benic

    I usually do not take the time to comment on a bad film, but not only do I think this piece is a lame movie which is a waste of time and money – I also regard it as a slap in the face of people afflicted with autism and their families. This film seems to say that autism is something that a little therapy can cure. This is not an example of artistic license: it is an insult to the thousands of sufferers and their families. That bit of folderol aside, the film is still dreadful. The acting is ludicrous and the plot contrived. As for the acting, Liv Tyler can be excused as this was her first attempt and she has improved over time. As for Richard Dreyfuss, he is an intelligent person and has shown fine acting talent in his other works… perhaps at some point he realized how awful this picture was (not to mention ludicrous) and could not put a full measure into the part? Or maybe he needed the cash?

  • mihkel-leis
    mihkel leis

    After reviewing over 400 films, I have reached the point where bad really stands out, and “Silent Fall” is really bad. It totally wastes three good actors, Richard Dreyfuss, J.T. Walsh, and John Lithgow, while Linda Hamilton and Liv Tyler are downright forgettable. The script is such contrived nonsense, that the phrase beyond ridiculous comes to mind. The movie spends most of it’s time setting up some unbelievably contrived scenes, like the one in the outdoor restaurant. It’s really a shame that fine actors have to be trapped in such a horrendous script, that is devoid of any entertainment value. Believe me when I tell you that “Silent Fall” is bad !!!!!!! – MERK

  • arturs-skuja
    arturs skuja

    It is very clear right from the start who did the killings. because there is nobody else there. Why suspect only the boy and not the Girl is anybody’s guess. There is no reason or logic for seducing the character of Richard Dreyfuss, Also there is no logic behind trying to kill him in the end.Ordinary script brought to life by the brilliant acting of Richard Dreyfuss.But for him the movie would have been a complete waste of time. If you like Richard Dreyfuss then this movie should not be missed. There is no mystery in the movie, As the logical conclusion of who the killer can be arrived in about first quarter of the film.

  • darko-sipic
    darko sipic

    This was an average, formulaic thriller about a team of psychiatrists trying to pry knowledge of a murder from a young, autistic boy’s mind. The acting is good, with good performances by Dreyfuss, Hamilton, and Lithgow, but I felt it tended to stick to the average elements.** 1/2 out of ****

  • hakan-jansson
    hakan jansson

    O.K, Liv Tylers not a great actresses but for her first attempt I think she’s done alright.The little boy, Tim also did a good job for a first time actor! This movie was strange , thought I had it sort out but then the twist at the end had me a bit confused , but hey I get confused easily! I would recommend this movie to anyone looking for something to watch on a rainy day , but otherwise if your looking for a good thriller look somewhere else!!! I would give it 7/10!

  • faustas-kalvelis
    faustas kalvelis

    I really have to commend Bruce Beresford for his directing abilities because his movies (the ones I’ve seen so far) are always entertaining no matter what they’re about. This one is no different. A very solid cast makes it enjoyable when it could have easily been just another TV movie with a bunch of unknown actors. And here lies the problem; “Silent Fall” doesn’t aim high enough and doesn’t realize its potential, while with its stellar cast and perhaps a plot and a twist that would actually make the viewer think, it could have been big, since the predictability of it all is almost offensive.The daughter just had to try to kill the shrink in the end just to make the viewer feel less sorry for the kid for losing his sister too. A solid, yet somehow disappointing “mystery” thriller with some nice moments and a good sense of pace. Plus it’s the first movie attempt by the sexy Liv Tyler who always makes me want to be the lipstick on her upper lip.6/10

  • rocco-riva
    rocco riva

    Okay, it will never make it into my list of masterpieces, maybe it won’t even make it in the “really good movies”, but stay assured you’ll have a pretty good time watching this, provided that you accept the slaughtering of realism for the sake of a good-conceived story. Right, authistic people are not like Tim. And right, miss Tyler is much more beautiful than good-acting. But the story is interesting, entertaining at times, and thanks to its lack of realism in dealing with authism, can reach a “happy” ending without resorting to any Deus Ex Machina. And that, in today’s US thrillers, is really a lot.

  • arcibaldo-bianchi
    arcibaldo bianchi

    This interesting psychological drama has a compelling first half, thanks to a solid cast (although Linda Hamilton and John Lithgow are wasted in worthless supporting roles) and handsome production. But the explanations become cliched in the second half, and the movie chooses the most predictable resolution available. It’s such an obvious finale that (Warning:SPOILER) two of the characters discuss it and consider it in the first five minutes, so we, the viewers, expect something MUCH more unexpected and bizarre to happen at the end. This has its satisfying moments as a low-key drama (and Liv Tyler is astonishingly beautiful), but falls short as a whodunit. (**)

  • vello-kirsipuu
    vello kirsipuu

    Tim’s aversion to round things is due to his allergic reaction to meatballs, causing his autism. He is, in fact, Robin Williams, but is trapped inside a child’s body, though without any decline in his vocal talents. Arwen’s elfish potential crashes on the shoals of righteous violence, leaving Dr. Rainer, ze shrink, to ponder, “I sink, zerefore I am”.In the end, Groucho, Ms. Hamilton (Margaret, that is) and Robin Williams go on a candy-seeking expedition. A treat: we get to hear Robin’s real voice.I had never heard of this movie until my hated aunt gave it to me for Christmas.

  • kenneth-mikkelsen
    kenneth mikkelsen

    Although it insists on intellectual details about autism ,”silent fall” is a thriller as well as a -not very surprising- whodunit,no more no less.Autism replaces amnesia which is generally THE disease we find in this kind of movie which was not born yesterday (see Hitchcock’s ” spellbound” )The first part is more satisfying ,and even sometimes intriguing and the relationship shrink/child is not unlike that of “the sixth sense” (1999).Liv Tyler is less decorative than usual .But there are a lot of clichés :good shrink (Dreyfuss) / bad shrink,ponderous symbolism ( the boy cannot stand “round” things,hence his distaste for peas:you will find out why,do not worry),shrink’s own story -his wife hints at a certain Billy,a former patient who committed suicide ,another similarity with “the sixth sense”-,and the cop”s love affair..The shrink knows he’s walking on thin ice both literally and figuratively.They could have edited out the last sequence ,probably so-called symbolic, but actually witless .

  • chris-hernandez
    chris hernandez

    There is a difficulty in allowing for the motion picture to represent much of anything let alone something as involved as a study in the problems of an disabled childhood brought on by Autism.The picture the silent fall does involve and ultimately provide somewhat of an attempt to look at a developmental disorder called Autism.It is not entirely unworthy a look at however that is do mostly to the fact that this is presented as a motion picture and not as a study of the disorder per se.The other element to this otherwise engaging film is that there exists a very gruesome find of a double murder,the parents to a autistic child have been murdered in there home with the young autistic child named Tim being a witness to the double murder.It is also worth noting that a short while after the discovery of the double murder we discover a daughter,tall though only 18 years old appears to be covered in blood crouched in a corner of a closet.It is the young boy who gets our attention very early on and to a degree serves as almost a mis-direction.He has a huge Kitchen knife and like the scene is as well covered in blood while all the while sounding very unintelligible and providing a very near threatening though incoherent picture of this traumatic event.The Sheriff sends Dr.Rainer a message through a deputy with a call for help with the added incentive,”you owe me one”. Dr. Rainer played by Richard Dreyfus is reluctant though he bares witness to the sciences with a noticeable care given this demanding scene which he is called in to if you will deal with.He does deal with the scene and provides something of a rescue for there is no telling just what may of been in store for the child had not this noted childhood practitioner not been so well situated and as well so very much accomplished in childhood developmental disorders.The Mis-direction as suggested earlier was that the Law asked the question could the young boy have committed this crime,this may of been a bit of a mis-direction however the tumult,that is the asking of the question was brought about by the degree of difficulty the knife played in the very early going.The child actually did pose a threat though Doctor Rainer as explained did diffuse the confused youngster.The story is involved and presents an increasing involvement as there is the demand made to get to the childs ability to reveal what he saw or what he heard.It is the daughter who is not questioned as the crime may of required though I suspect it was due to the subject matter that evolves finally into a very near death experience for Doctor Rainer and a worthwhile climax.This is in fact a story that has the propensity to keep your attention and with subtly open,by way of a right of discovery find a problem that though not anywhere to be found it unlocks a very real entanglement.This film does possess a unsettling premise and it will further provide more of the same in its conclusion.The value though to all is that neither the young boy nor the girl are damaged beyond redemption with a very real credit hereby awarded Dr.Rainer for courage and belief as his experience paid off with the saving of perhaps as many as two souls.The young girl and the autistic child,but perhaps mostly Tim have someone to thank and that is Dr. Rainer.I might suggest that this film provides a good story telling ability,which it does however it is not only in its story telling ability that there is something to champion.The champion here is the care that is given and what that means as the young boy is as good to the Doctor as the Doctor is as good to young boy.A credible account is agreed to and that is worth a honorable mention.The story is as well not without intrigue and lesser discoveries all along the way however there is a near miss with disaster that make special mention of the accomplishment with which this review felt necessitated an award for Doctor Rainer.A useful film,interesting storytelling and not an entirely predictable storyline add up to worthwhile viewing.

  • lisa-butler
    lisa butler

    An autistic boy appears to be the only witness to a murder. Because of the boy’s inability to communicate with others, a child psychiatrist must work with the child to solve the crime. I presume that the film’s “take” on autism is at least reasonably accurate. But, as a murder mystery, the film was a disappointment. There just isn’t that much to the story, which contains large amounts of filler. The plot is contrived. And the film’s pace is very slow.One gets the impression that the real purpose of the film is to “teach”, or tutor, viewers on the subject of autism. I have no problem with that, except that by using a vulnerable child as a major character, the film becomes manipulative, in that it uses the child to invoke a sympathetic response from viewers.The film’s music, costumes, and production design are fine. Ben Faulkner, as the little boy, does a fine job in a difficult role. Other actors also give credible performances. But Richard Dreyfuss, as the psychiatrist, is dreadfully miscast. An older actor with a more refined persona would have been more believable.If you have an interest in autism, “Silent Fall” is worth watching. And the film does have moments of suspense, especially toward the end. But the film lacks the complexity and depth to be a truly entertaining whodunit.

  • william-klein
    william klein

    I saw this movie a few years ago, I think when it was a new release on VHS… rented it with family/friends without knowing ANYTHING about it… I get scared easily in movies, and this movie absolutely petrified me… I was too scared to go to sleep that night, and didn’t want to even leave the room because I was so frightened. I can’t even remember if it was a decent movie, but I think that the suspense element must’ve worked if it freaked me out so much. See it… see if you’re less of a wimp than I am… : )

  • katica-galesic
    katica galesic

    This movie had it all…a chilling plot…great actors and superb conclusion…I was on pins and needles throughout the whole movie…I highly recommend this movie to anyone who is in for the most captivating movie ever…I give this movie 5 stars out of 4…

  • bianca-araujo
    bianca araujo

    I never thought I’d find a movie about Autism so interesting. At first it wasn’t what I’d expected. Going by the cover I’d imagined it was going to be very spooky. After about 5 minutes I wanted to turn it off, but I’m glad I sat through it. The story is about a murder, but starts out a little slow. Gradually it becomes more dramatic and thought provoking as it reaches the end. YOU’VE GOT TO WATCH THIS PICTURE THROUGH TO THE END. It will stay in your mind for a very long time. The little boy, (Tim) Ben Faulkner is a brilliant actor. I haven’t been able to find him in another movie and I don’t understand why.He’s great!!!At the very least I’d give this movie a 6.5/10.

  • john-wolf
    john wolf

    I like mystery tales, and this one is very good. The music is very accurate with all the scenes, and yes, I feel transported to this inner boy world. Very Strange Things happen in this movie, but yes, I think kind of things like this happen in reality, even worst. At least in Mexico all the time happens wild things with people more than in nature by itself. The actors plays their roles very well. Since long time ago, I didn’t see Richard Dreyfuss, and was a pleasure for me, to see this actor again. Linda Hamilton had a very short role, but Liv Tyler is awesome. Maybe sometimes sounds like illogical, specially when the witness boy, make all this voices. Looks like unreal, but maybe this could happen. Anyway, I found this movie, because I’m always looking for Stewart Copeland music, since many years ago…

  • jonathan-roman
    jonathan roman

    This genteel retelling and moving film starts with a double murder of a parents , being witnessed by autistic little boy son, named Tim Warden(Faulkner), he’s overprotected by adolescent sister Sylvie(Liv Tyler). Retired therapist Jake(Richard Dreyfuss), married to good spouse(Linda Cameron), is reluctant to get involved, but he’s deemed guilty because a little autistic in his care committed suicide, though he was acquitted . But when rival Dr. Harlinger(John Lighgow) is called instead, Jakes takes the little boy for learning. Traumatized Tim is a nine-years-old kid with damage psyche but plenty of extraordinaries faculties, as he imitates language of people. Jake whose patience and perseverance finally enable Tim to learn to communicate and resolve the murders.The film depicts the unconventional method the psychiatrist used to help the autistic adjust to the world and shows the relationship that build between the two courageous starring. The dysfunctional and breakthrough relation among Tim and Jake carries strong emotional power and intense, moving experience. Actors interpretation is good, Richard Dreyfuss as affected and obstinate therapist, J. T. Walsh as sheriff that investigates the deeds and Liv Tyler and Faulkner in their film debut. Interesting script with a final full of lurid turns, red herrings and plot twists by Akiva Goldsman.Sensible and perceptible musical score by Stewart Copeland. Luxurious and colorful cinematography by cameraman Peter James.The motion picture is professionally directed by Bruce Beresford. He’s a cool Australian(Braker Morant)director, working in Hollywood and achieving hits(Double jeopardy,Crimes of the heart,Tender mercies), winning Academy Award (Driving Miss Daisy) and flops (King David ,Mister Johnson, Silent fall).

  • mark-butcher
    mark butcher

    I had many doubts about viewing this film after all the negative reviews that it was given. But I was intrigued by the story line and I did not want this movie to end. I found it to be filled with suspense, and it sure kept me guessing. And it was a delight to see newcomer Liv Tyler do a great job.I would recommend this film, but then everyone is entitled to their opinion.

  • agnes-masse
    agnes masse

    This film has received very little recognition and I guess that is why I never heard of it till I saw it despite the fact that it had quite a few big stars in it.Liv Tyler stars in one of earliest film roles in this movie and has made quite an impression, which is no wonder why she is as famous as she is now.Judging by the name I thought that this was a thriller or horror movie, however I was pleasantly surprised by the plot and the depth of the story. Autism isn’t something that we are all familiar with but like “Mercury Rising” this film shows the audience what autism can seriously do to those unfortunate enough to live with it.A murder mystery and drama this film does start out slow but do not hesitate because it does eventually become quite intriguing to watch just how the story unfolds, so if anyone likes a good mystery detective movie this is the one for you.

  • erik-lundgren
    erik lundgren

    First, let’s admit that we’re not watching this to learn the medical characteristics of autism. The purpose of watching the film is for entertainment.That said, this film held my attention. I *DID* figure it out shortly before the end and admit that the clues were there all the way through, some pretty strong. Personally, I think that’s what makes a good mystery, that it *CAN* be figured out.Performances: I always enjoy Richard Dreyfuss’ work. While he has done better, he didn’t disappoint me. John Lithgow was completely believable as always. The real star, though, was Ben Faulkner as Tim, the autistic boy. Ignoring the voice dubbing for the adults (part of the script), he did a wonderful job in a part that had to be difficult at best. I find it strange that this is the only acting job he held. Hopefully, it’s because he decided that he wanted to be a kid rather than an actor. Hollywood’s loss.