The ascetic Simón believes he is a sinner and decides to self-inflict a sacrifice, living like a hermit on the top of a pedestal in the middle of the desert to be closer to God and resist the temptations of the world. His followers are peasants and travelers that believe that Simón is a saint capable of performing miracles and they crowd to hear his speeches. However, Satan tries to tempt him with the pleasures of the world.

Also Known As: Szymon z pustyni, Simón del desierto, Simon in der Wüste West, Simon i ørkenen, San Simeón del desierto, Simão do Deserto, Simon, de pilaarheilige, Simon del deserto, Simon of the Desert, O Simon tis erimou, Simon na pousti, Simon søylehelgenen, Oszlopos Simeon, 砂漠のシモン, Simon ja viettelykset, Intolleranza, Симеон столпник Soviet, Simon du désert, Симон пустинникът, Simon pustinjak, Simone del deserto, Simonas Stulpininkas, Симеон Стовпник, Ο Simon της ερήμου, Sabaku no Shimon

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