With the original Hanson Brothers still on the same minor league ice hockey team, the Chiefs are sold to a new owner who gives them a female coach and puts them in a league in which they are to be regularly humiliated by an opposing Harlem Globetrotters-like team.

Also Known As: Schlappschuss 2 - Die Eisbrecher, Todo vale 2: Rompiendo el hielo, Slagskott: Andra perioden, Vale Tudo 2 - Quebrando o Gelo, Удар по воротам 2: Разбивая лед, La Castagne 2: les briseurs de glace, Slap Shot 2 - Sfida sul ghiaccio, Lämäri 2 - Toinen erä, Удар със стик 2: Отново на леда, El castañazo 2 - Rompiendo el hielo, Slap Shot 2: Breaking the Ice, Slap shot 2 - Lancer-frappé 2, Jégtörők 2, Müthiş Vuruş 2: Buzları Kırmak, Slap Shot 2, Slap Shot 2: Shekastan e Yakh, Furie pe gheata 2

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