Andrew Wyke is a famous and successful author of detective novels. Milo Tindle comes to him with a strange request, that Mr Wyke divorce his wife so that Tindle can marry her. Mr Wyke is not particularly perturbed by this, he and his wife have drifted apart, and he is having an affair with another woman anyway, but uses the meeting and Mr Tindle’s request as a chance to play a game, a game with potentially deadly consequences.

Also Known As: Juego mortal, Dobbeltspil, Игра навылет Soviet, Kanlı Şaka, Autópsia dum Crime, Mestarihuijarit, Tantei , Нишпорка, Jocuri fatale, Le limier, Djävulskt spel, Jogo Mortal, 'Sleuth' - Spårhunden, Sleuth - Autópsia de um Crime, Њушкало, Provocari fatale, Mord mit kleinen Fehlern, 探偵スルース, Karagah, A mesterdetektív, Spillet er slutt, Detektyw, Gli insospettabili, Σλουθ, Mord mit kleinen Fehlern West, De speurhond, Копой, 偵探, Sleuth, Al-bolis al-serri, Игра навылет, La huella, Autópsia de Um Crime, Trama Diabólica, Pirullista peliä, El detective

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