The rumor of Slit mouth woman is blasting in LA. Claire (Lauren Taylor) sees the nightmare of her every night. She met the professor of the urban legends research and talk about the phenomenon. She finds out that the incidents are not just Slit mouth woman but the other urban legends from Japan. The professor assumes that some of the homicides are relates to Japanese Urban Legends and ghosts, which are actually happened in LA. A few days later, she scared of illusion of Japanese Urban Legends and realizes that she herself is turning into the woman.

Also Known As: Slit Mouth Woman in LA

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  • dincer-ergul
    dincer ergul

    SLIT MOUTH WOMAN IN L.A. is a Japanese/USA collaboration in which a bunch of Japanese directors travelled to Los Angeles to shoot short horror films based around Japanese mythology. There are a handful of tales here all linked by the titular character who plays in support, but the truth is that these films have been made on an indie budget which robs them of professional talent. As such the acting is pretty stilted and the writing bog standard. The viewer is treated to the usual gamut of long-haired ghosts out of THE GRUDGE and RING along with a spoof superhero segment. It’s low key and undemanding, but we’ve seen it all before and the budget is too low to do the subject matter true justice.