A yeti named Migo is convinced that a human known only as “Small Foot” is real and has to prove to his tribe that it does exist with the help of Meechee and the S.E.S – Smallfoot Evidentiary Society.

Also Known As: Küçük Ayak, Смолфут, Малката стъпка, Aventurile lui Smallfoot, Pie pequeño, Mala Stopa, Smallfoot: Il mio amico delle nevi, Stopalići, Yéti & Compagnie, Ο μικροπόδαρος, Smallfoot, PéPequeno, Smallfoot: Ein Eisigartiges Abenteuer, Les abominables petits-pieds, Apróláb, Miflatzot ba'sheleg, Chân Nho, Ban O Dâu?, Pikkujalka, Pie Pequeño, Smallfoot: Uma Aventura Gelada, Yeti: Ledové dobrodružství Czech, Mažoji peda

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