A 13-year-old boy wins a computerized house manned by a cyborg maid named PAT. When he and his dad move into the house, he figures that his dad will cease considering re-marrying since the house and PAT can handle all of the cooking and cleaning chores. However, his father soon shows an interest in the computer programmer. This sets the boy into tinkering with PAT’s program and setting in motion a too-wife (and mother)-like nagging robot.

Also Known As: A mindentudó ház, Inteligentny dom, A Casa Inteligente, Умный дом, Das Haus der Zukunft, Hogar, inteligente hogar, Smart House, Uma Casa dos Diabos, Умната къща, Pametna kuća, La maison du futur, Ένα Σπίτι Για Όλες τις Δουλειές, Casa robot

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