Capt. Harper’s cavalry patrol returns to the fort to find it besieged by Ute Indians. The apparent cause is the recapture of Army traitor Brett Halliday, who deserted to the Utes in a previous war; but Brett has a different story. With capture imminent, the only chance for the surviving men (and one woman) is to boat down a wild, uncharted river, where Harper and Halliday must pull together, like it or not.

Also Known As: Smoke Signal, De rivier van angst, Le fleuve de la dernière chance, Son Ümit Nehri, La rivière de la dernière chance, Segnale di fumo, O Sinal, Cara a la muerte, Dimni signal, Rauchsignale, Rauchsignale West, Le fleuve d'angoisse, To teleftaio ohyro, Savumerkkejä vuorilla, Semnale de fum, Fuga Heróica, Røgsignaler, De röda hämnarna

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