Recently fired from her job and dumped by her rock musician boyfriend, Emily Middleton is determined to enjoy a previously planned nonrefundable trip to Ecuador. Learning of her relationship status from social media, her mother, Linda, tells her to come home in order to move on, where she reunites with her agoraphobic brother, Jeffrey. Initially refusing, Linda agrees to go on the trip with her daughter..

Also Known As: Larguées, Olha Que Duas, Дочь и мать её, Tjejresan, Puhkuse pantvangid, Ó, anyám!, Babskie wakacje, Безсоромна мандрiвка, Snatched, Viaje salvaje, Viagem das Loucas, Bedos kurorte, Untitled Mother-Daughter/Action Comedy Project, Plavuše u džungli, Ох, на мама, Be'immashlakh, Mädelstrip, Prizoniere de vacanta, Fottute!, Viaje Salvaje, Blondiner i junglen, Όμηροι διακοπών, Descontroladas

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