After faking his own death, a former CIA contractor develops a relationship with a foreign prostitute while awaiting the delivery of his new identity.::anonymous

Also Known As: Sole Proprietor, Independent, Propriétaire Unique

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  • teresa-barros
    teresa barros

    When I started the movie I had no high hopes for the film. And it did not disappoint me for the first twenty minutes, but after that the film started take shape and proved my expectations wrong.I like the movie because it turned around after a while from boring to interesting. But I have a complain though, that the cameraman sometimes moves the camera too much unnecessarily which was a bit disturbing but he did not do it much so it was okay. The performance of the actor and actresses are quite decent. I like the script also because it had logic which I rarely find in now a days movies. The way all the separate incidents was linked together, I did not anticipated that until the very last moment.All in all you can watch this movie, it is average one but you might enjoy it.

  • bronwyn-dunn
    bronwyn dunn

    Crowley (Dan Eberle) is leaving the CIA and getting a new identity after he burns the same passport a half dozen times. He has one last job to do, other than get tied up and slapped by a French prostitute (Alexandra Hellquist). It seems a bag man died from an OD and left his bag full of money. It is being hid and is wanted by a dirty cop, the Hondurans, the CIA, and a couple of prostitutes.The film drags along attempting to be artsy by using spliced scenes showing people not moving their lips while they are talking. I am assuming everyone in the film is not practicing ventriloquism, or else I really missed what was happening. In fact as I was watching the film, I felt I was missing something…like acting, dialogue…Guide: F-word, sex, nudity.

  • henrike-mosemann-b-eng
    henrike mosemann b eng

    The acting and script was all very well done, making the characters and their interactions believable, interesting, and engaging. It’s refreshing to watch a movie where every character is flawed in some way; it makes it feel real. Alex Hellquist’s character was particularly engaging, it being unique yet believable. The director is obviously very skilled at finding great actors and casting them in roles that fit them well. There were times where the movie almost had a Quentin Tarantino feel to it, in the way it portrays the world and the characters in it. Overall I would definitely recommend this movie to others, especially to those who like movies that portray the world in a darker light and aren’t averse to violence.