The abuse Rocky Barbella endures at the hand of his father and subsequent run-ins with the law lead him in and out of detention centers and prisons. When it seems he has it together, Rocky is drafted but, refusing to adhere to Army rules, goes AWOL. He takes up boxing to earn quick money, but when he discovers he has a natural talent in the ring, he builds the confidence to pursue his love interest, Norma, and fulfill his potential as a fighter.

Also Known As: Yukarıda Biri, El estigma del arroyo, Neko tamo gore me voli, Valaki odafönt, Някой там горе ме обича, Cineva acolo sus mă iubeşte, Lige på - og knaldhårdt, Kadun kuningas, Utskuddet, Die Hölle ist in mir West, Kampen mod fortiden, Marqué par la haine, Marcado por el odio, Emeis oi zontanoi, Marcado pela Sarjeta, Кто-то там наверху любит меня Soviet, Gatans kung, Marcado Pelo Ódio, Miedzy linami ringu, Eine Handvoll Dreck West, Somebody Up There Likes Me, Lassù qualcuno mi ama, Kizu darake no eikô

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