Rachel is a lawyer. When she was in law school she fell for another student, Dex, who comes from an affluent family, but she was too shy to say anything. When Dex meets her best friend Darcy, who sometimes treats her like dirt, Darcy makes a move on Dex and gets him. Eventually, they get engaged and Darcy asks Rachel to be her Maid of Honor. However, Rachel still has feelings for Dex and still can’t say anything. Darcy throws her a birthday party and Dex is there. When she and Dex are alone she blurts out that she had a thing for him in college which surprised him, and after drinking a little they spend the night together. They try to forget the whole thing and agree that it means nothing. Ethan, Rachel’s close friend, tells her that she’ll spend her entire life regretting that if she does nothing.

Also Known As: Szerelem kölcsönbe, Наречений напрокат, No me quites a mi novio, Arus be'hash-ala, Жених напрокат, Tvuj snoubenec, muj milenec Czech, Something Borrowed - L'amore non ha regole, Duo à trois, Fremd Fischen, Nešto posuđeno, Love & Marriage, O Noivo da Minha Melhor Amiga, Iubit de împrumut, Midagi laenatut, Empresta-me o teu Namorado, Nekaj sposojenega, Нещо назаем, Something Borrowed, Filies & erotes, Skal, skal ikke?, Kazkas skolinto, Noe lånt, Pożyczony narzeczony, Ödünç Sevgili, Algo prestado, Φιλίες & έρωτες, Rakkaus lainassa

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  • arild-christensen-eliassen
    arild christensen eliassen

    This movie is absolutely AMAZING!!! The overall cast made the movie even better. I loved how the story had twists (beyond anyone who can comprehend) & spins. All turning into the truth and a love story!!!! I would definitely RECOMMEND THIS MOVIE TO ANYONE!!

  • zhukov-sokrat-anisimovich
    zhukov sokrat anisimovich

    An interesting premise, girl falls in love with her best friend’s fiancée. There is so much potential in that simple sentence, and no doubt why the film got green lit, and like pretty much every other film made these days, it’s based on a book, hooray!! let’s condense 350 pages of well received prose into 100 pages of screenplay and let it endure countless bouts of studio heads, producer, director and test screening feedback at mall to produce 100 minutes of film material.What was wrong with this film? i haven’t read the book, and I will never have any desire to do so.. I don’t care about the book, I watched the film adaptation of it, that’s what i’m “reviewing”.. Kate Hudson’s character has absolutely no redeeming quality to her whatsoever.. she is loathsome in pretty much every regard.. there is literally a minute around the time the 3rd act kicks in, when we feel an iota of sympathy for her, literally less than a minute.. but she is essentially the villain in the film, and fair enough as her character is the one stopping our lovebirds from getting together.. so what’s wrong with that? well for starters, she is supposedly the most absolute best friend of our heroine, we’re told this through a completely forced video presentation at the start, where we’re shown an immaculately shot slideshow of the two characters as kids being cute and slightly lesbo for each other.. and that is literally the only actual evidence or visual proof we get that these two people are more or less sisters or kindred spirits.. because i defy you to point out any one single moment in the rest of the film where you would believe that to be the case… other than them doing a highly choreographed dance sequence in their PJ’s in that aforementioned end of 2nd act part of the film where they “bond”.Ginnifer Goodwin is ideal casting, she’s cute and attractive, and is someone I feel most girls will easily relate to, she is quintessential girl next door that will let her hair down.. it’s basically hard to hate her.. yet within 10 minutes, I lost most respect for her character when it was told to me that she was best friend’s with Hudson (i’m not going to bother with their character names, because apart from the Dex and Sex rhyming dialogue I have no reason to remember any of the character’s names). Then we come to Dex, the Tom Cruise after a heavy night out lookalike, again like Goodwin’s character, there is really nothing to hate or dislike about the guy, he seems decent enough and likable.. except for the fundamental crime that he somehow has been able to be with, and get engaged to Hudson for a significant part of his life. Why?.. no seriously why?? are we genuinely to believe Hudson during the one moment she cares to share any actual human feelings, that they are together because he needs a wild child in his life, and she needs a boring straight up non person to balance her? or is it because as she says early on “hot people deserve to be with hot people” or something like that.. So let me get this straight, Dex falls in love with Goodwin in college, but is too shy to make a move.. fair enough.. but the second her promiscuous friend comes along, and he feels he is being set up with her, he somehow ends up being engaged to her? and his dying mother is happy about this because he is marrying a seemingly loose woman instead of someone that on paper is ideal for him? Let’s respect this guy even more, because he is willing to ruin his life, the life of Hudson’s character, and the life of his potential children, just so his mother can be happy for the last few years of her life? oh but it’s okay.. because she’s his sweet little mother that smiles ever so dearly to the camera during a moment of crisis for him.I don’t like to dismay American film-making.. maybe more the studio system in general.. i’m not even going to bother looking into whether this film was in fact produced through a studio or independently.. i’m not even going to “blame” Greenfield who directed the brilliant “Girl Next Door”.. who truly knows how much influence he had on either project.. all i know is i like the guy from what i’ve read and heard from him.. i’m simply criticising the final product. This had the potential to be a great drama, or even a brilliant black comedy, that one sentence I started this review with.. girl falls in love with best friend’s fiancée.. the possibilities.. the social implications, the potential to truly explore friendship vs love.. forget the 2 months later coda, how about seeing what things would have been like 10 years later, after Dex had no choice but to marry Hudson.. it was his child that was conceived the weekend after he slept with Goodwin, he was thinking purely of her, he forgot to use a condom.. it was the child he wanted to have with her.. imagine that scene.. or imagine that as a 3rd act.. them meeting 10 years after.. imagine if we truly believed Goodwin and Hudson were best friends, but there was simply something stronger than their friendship between Goodwin and Dex, not merely some moment of shyness during college that prevented them being together. Would it have been as funny?why not.. it’s not as if the current incarnation was anything other than a laugh every half hour.Potential.. yet again flushed down the toilet of mediocrity. Yes you need a villain, it helps make a story.. but the best villains are people we can relate to.. if you relate to Hudson’s character.. find a time machine and service your mother with an abortion.

  • eirene-rokka
    eirene rokka

    This is a pretty good example of a modern romantic comedy. It’s less of a comedy but enjoyable nonetheless, made that way by the star, Ginnifer Goodwin.I can say that this is the first film where I have decided to buy a ticket based solely on the presence in it of Ginnifer Goodwin. I wasn’t disappointed. She is luminous in most of the scenes she’s in – and there are a lot of them considering she’s the central character. She’s never looked more alluring, more beautiful. But it’s her delivery of the material that’s the most satisfying. She is just a truly wonderful actress and she breathes real life into the part of Rachel, making us truly her ally in helping her achieve success and happiness.Goodwin is solidly backed by the lovely Kate Hudson as Darcy. Hudson is in perhaps her best performance as an over the top, somewhat obnoxious, intellectually challenged, manic blond filled with an almost mean-spirited, selfish self-interest. She is on the border of mercilessly taunting Goodwin’s character in much of the film and Goodwin, playing ever the gracious friend, puts up with her friends excesses. The graciousness meets it’s biggest challenge when her college study mate Dex, played by Colin Egglesfield, is swept out from under Rachel by the overbearing Darcy, who always gets what she wants.The interplay between these two actresses is a definite cut above the usual silliness of romantic comedies and Goodwin comes off looking much the better of the two, but that may be partly due to the greater sympathetic nature of her character. If you really watch Hudson she’s riveting in places.The men in this offering, Egglesfield, John Krasinski and Steve Howey do their level best to provide counterpoint to the two leading ladies, but ultimately it’s all about the girls. Krasinski is the most watchable, and likely the better actor but Howey adds some oddball charm that also makes it a better film. At one point Hudson refers to him as a caveman; that’s an apt description.Finally, there is a character named Claire played to a turn by the terminally cute Ashley Williams. She’s fun to watch.All-in-all it’s a good movie to take your favorite girl to.By Bruce L. Jones http://webpages.charter.net/bruce.jones1/

  • lana-nacinovic
    lana nacinovic

    Love Emily Giffin, her characters are always so intriguing, and this movie is a great adaptation of her book. And while Dex’s is character is somewhat blah in the movie, he is fantastic eye candy. John Krasinski steals the movie with his portrayal of Ethan (the beach scene is laugh out loud hilarious). And for all the girls (and women) who have always taken a back seat because they think they don’t deserve better, there is actually a lesson to be learned in this movie. The books, and the movie, are morally conflicting but that does not take away from the enjoyment factor. This is a great girls night out kind of movie and it could be a good date night movie if your guy is okay with the romantic comedy genre (it is certainly does not follow the typical romcom structure).

  • gunta-ziemelis
    gunta ziemelis

    My god this was a terrible movie. All the people in it are awful. The moral of the story is all wrong because why would she want to end up with an idiot that didn’t even call off his wedding for her and cheated on his fiancé. What sort of douche bag does that and doesn’t even have the guts to face up to his choices. Why would her friend keep the baby. This movie was so bad for so many reasons I don’t know why they bothered making it. Unfortunately, while Kate Hudson is entertaining, all the other actors in this stupid movie are absolutely bland and the writers have put no thought into making believable characters. Each character is like a caricature off a standard Rom com script making this pathetic movie nothing more than a waste of time.

  • vera-petriashvili
    vera petriashvili

    By far, ‘Something Borrowed’ is not an Oscar worthy masterpiece. But as far as chick flicks are concerned, this one was very enjoyable. Unlike many movies I’ve seen with a similar storyline, this one focuses not only on the present but also on the past. In fact, if you’re able to see past the shallow plot, you’ll find that there are some actual thought provoking ideas behind ‘Something Borrowed’. The movie deals with choosing between what’s morally right and what’s right for one’s happiness. Various characters seem to dwell on the past, and it therefore also addresses people’s inability to forgive themselves for past mistakes. Personally, I could really relate to some the issues the character’s faced, such as Ginnifer Goodwin’s regret over making the wrong choices which therefore altered her life. The movie often veers from being a typical Chick Flick to a Drama, and some scenes brought a little tear to my eye. The acting was excellent, the actors performances very convincing, and some scenes (such as flashbacks) were very well directed. Admittedly, there was some back and forth within the story, and some scenes were added purely for reaction- but overall, this, to me, was a great flick for a rainy Saturday afternoon.

  • nshan-kalpakch-yan
    nshan kalpakch yan

    After reading some negative reviews in some magazine I went to the movie with trepidation. Is it a finely crafted film, with a riveting script? No, but it was a good way to enjoy a Sunday afternoon with a friend.Kate Hudson, Gennifer Goodwin do a good job making the friendship believable and warm, which could have been difficult considering their different temperaments. Colin Egglesfield is so handsome and those eyes can make you forgive a someway stiff performance. John Krasinski steals the show though, with his spot on delivery of the best lines in the movie.Be sure to stay until after the credits for a little bonus blip.Hoping they do the next story, John Krasinski would be fabulous.

  • dott-ilario-bellini
    dott ilario bellini

    I think this is one of those movies that grows on you if you re-watch it. It was definitely funnier the second time (etc.) that I saw it! I really love the summer weekend trips and scenes! The soundtrack and editing (especially for flash backs) are very well done. Yes, it is a pretty ridiculous and annoying scenario, but I think part of the reason I enjoy it is the fact that it is different from most typical romantic comedies, in that there is not one definitive protagonist for whom the audience roots. Both of the two women have done something wrong (like normal humans!) and I feel like people could relate to either character.

  • vorobeva-alevtina-ilinichna
    vorobeva alevtina ilinichna

    I have been a fan of romantic comedies ever since I could remember. I just love the feeling that I get when I see happy endings not only in movies but also in real life. So when this movie came out, I immediately grabbed my friend to watch this because I couldn’t hold my curiosity any longer. Kate Hudson, Ginnifer Goodwin, John Krasinski, and a Tom Cruise look alike that is Colin Egglesfield, very intimidating cast, yes? This is a very light romantic comedy, definitely not the most original one too cos its very predictable and like I said, very light. I love John Kransinski for the most part because he’s the character that’s in between everyone else, retaining the balance of the movie. I just find his sarcasm very charming, especially towards Darcy, although I’m not sure what started this sort of “feud” between the two (haven’t read the book). What I don’t get though is how Darcy doesn’t notice this thing between Rachel and Dex, until towards the end of the movie. Anyway, I still think the movie is lovely and a must watch for those of you out there who are hopelessly romantic! Its such a feel good movie that will leave you with one thing on your face. A smile! 🙂 Happy viewing!

  • okseniia-danilchuk
    okseniia danilchuk

    I’ve been able to watch a test screening of the movie in early February during the Berlin Film Festival in Berlin, Germany. I’ve been a big fan of the book(s), so I was really looking forward to how they adapted “Something Borrowed”. First of all, the actors were great. I didn’t expect it at first, but Ginnifer and Colin were just perfect as Rachel and Dex. They did such an amazing job and I was sitting in the cinema with a pounding heart the whole time. Kate and John were hilarious, but I didn’t expect any less and just because of those two, I really hope they’ll adapt “Something Blue” (the sequel to “Something Borrowed”) as well. I’ve read the book a couple of years ago, so I don’t remember every detail of it, but I don’t think they left any major facts out. It’s a great chick-flick. I’m not sure if guys will enjoy it much, but it’s a great movie to watch with your girlfriends/mother/sisters, etc.

  • cecilija-majcen
    cecilija majcen

    I don’t mind chick flicks. I don’t love them, but I also don’t mind them. They’re often light- hearted and make for a good evening out. However, I also don’t like it when a relatively good story with strong potential is wasted by making it into a bad movie. The book wasn’t great, I’ll give you that. But the movie was worse. Kate Hudson was too over the top as Darcy (and blonde) and overall, the movie tried too hard to fit in all the ingredients of a “standard” chick flick: The great, good-looking amazing guy. The clumsy, not-so-obviously great looking girl whom everyone loves. The sympathetic, funny, sense-making friend. The gregarious, loud-mouthed party girl. The one who always gets left behind and of course, the gross-but-somehow-gets- the-girl through cheesy lines guy. They could’ve done so much better than that. It was a very unglamorous movie made from a very glamorous book. What a waste. That said, Ethan was absolutely adorable in this movie! His dialog was nice and he was spot on with his character. Bravo! Goodwin (Rachel) needs to stop taking these kinda roles. She is going to get completely branded.

  • gaavit-ankitaa
    gaavit ankitaa

    WHAT WAS THAT??? Who were we supposed to root for??? The egocentric bitch? The stupid girl that sleeps with her BEST FRIEND’S fiancé again and again and again? Or maybe the DOUCHBAG CHEATER that strings the main character along and can’t decide sh*t because it might make his MOM SAD?????? The ONLY likable character gets shipped off to London and that’s that.This was – and I’m not even kidding – THE worst movie I have ever seen. EVER.It was so bad. I can’t even find adequate words to express how bad it was.

  • megan-lewis
    megan lewis

    Okay so let me start by saying, I may be completely off but this is how I took it. I see this movie as someone finally after 30 years putting herself first! Finally putting her happiness above all others. Why is that wrong? Yes the timing sucks and I’m the end she looses her best friend, but isn’t that life? As for someone who has a hard time finding their voice and a hard time putting myself first, I find this movie beautiful. I think GG did an amazing job and will back this movie till the end of time. It’s a movie about finding your voice and being true to yourself. Give it a shot!

  • baba-lacis
    baba lacis

    I never could understand the reason behind such hate for this movie. It’s based on a book, yes, but since when are movies ever better than books anyway? With that said, this movie is relatable to me. When it first came out, I was in my late 20’s, close in age to the characters in the movie, with a best friend I’ve known since I was 10 years old. Hence, if you are a chick who has a lifelong childhood friend who is 30, you will probably love this movie. If you didn’t, you missed the whole point. People who review it, want to say it’s “immoral” or has “bad acting”. News flash: reality for a lot of people, IS immoral. Many women deal with this kind of situation everyday. Yes Rachel was a doormat, but we all have that one friend. And yes, Darcy was a selfish beotch, but that’s how a lot of women act these days, especially in a city like NYC. All in all, I thought the actors were perfectly cast.. the acting? Kate Hudson is always great, and John Krasinski is an amazing comedic actor. Ginnifer Goodwin has played better roles, but she did a good job as the submissive, never-sticks-up-for-herself-friend Rachel. Colin Egglesfield is pure eye candy, bearing a very close resemblance to a young Tom Cruise, it’s easy to see why these two women are both head over heels for him, This movie is not meant to be taken too seriously, y’all. It’s a light comedy with a look at what it might be like if you were in love with someone who you never thought would like you back, let alone marry your best friend. The truth is, there are more than likely people like this, who are in a similar situation, but never had the nerve to tell the other person how they felt. For those who bash the movie – you’re completely missing the point of it. The moral? Life is too short to go about it, never telling people how you really feel. If you don’t, your decisions might later on prove to just benefit someone else, someone you might even know personally. And if so, you might have to live with the mistake of seeing it right in front of you everyday. Lighten up people. It’s a movie. Appreciate the humor, the message, and most of all, the moral of it. How’s that for being “immoral”? Out.

  • jean-laroche
    jean laroche

    Something Borrowed (2011): Dir: Luke Greenfield / Cast: Ginnifer Goodwin, Kate Hudson, Colin Egglesfield, John Krasinski, Steve Howey: Pathetic juvenile garbage about one relationship falling into another and regardless how it unravels it never gets it right. Ginnifer Goodwin and Kate Hudson play life long best friends. Goodwin just celebrated her 30th birthday and Hudson is engaged to a guy whom will reunite a fling with Goodwin when screenplay contrivances take affect. Director Luke Greenfield previously made the disgusting The Animal, and he proves quickly that his talent hasn’t grown. The cast is at the mercy of idiocy. None of the characters are remotely likable. Goodwin spends much of the film in a fling and hiding it from Hudson. Hudson couldn’t be any more annoying than she is here. She is constantly mugging her scenes. Goodwin is suppose to be jealous because Hudson steals her moments, however she is also cheating. Colin Egglesfield plays a total douchebag who was once involved with Goodwin but ends up with Hudson, now he bangs Goodwin while juggling Hudson. This guy is a creep and doesn’t earn much credibility in any relationship. John Krasinski plays a guy who trails Goodwin like some lost puppy then he pretends to be gay in order to get another female off his back. None of it is interesting or funny for that matter. Bland filmmaking with a boring screenplay at best that would make better toilet paper. Something should be borrowed alright. Perhaps someone should borrow a hammer and beat this worthless piece of trash into oblivion. Score: 1 / 10

  • athanasios-agathaggelos-kitinos
    athanasios agathaggelos kitinos

    “Something Borrowed” is a predictable interpretation on a love triangle story that’s as old as the ages. Girl likes boy, boy likes girl, girls best friend steals boy, boy and girl eventually get together. This movie is suitable for a girls night in with a couple bottles of wine. Being a guy, this movie was actually quite enjoyable. A bit dialogue heavy and not enough car chases, but enjoyable none the less. Actress Ginnifer Goodwin plays the lovable geek Rachel with Colin Egglesfield playing the love interest, Dex. Kate Hudson plays the vampy best friend Darcy and to round up the cast, John Krasinski, as the offbeat comedic relief complete with devastating one-liners.The idea that ‘best friends are forever’ are tested in this movie filled with infidelity. The premise is that Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin) falls in love with Dex (Colin Egglesfield) during their stint in college. One night over drinks, Darcy is introduced to the mix and the dynamic between all three changes. Rachel maintains the pent up affection for Dex whom she cannot have. Darcy continues blissfully unaware. Dex reciprocates Rachel’s pent up longing.Stylistically, the movie should attract Sex and the City devotees with all the urban shots of downtown nightclubbing and long strolls through filled city streets. Complete with shots in the Hamptons and London, England, Carrie from Sex and the City would approve.Predictable story and ending not withholding, “Something Borrowed” is enjoyable to watch, but only if you have an hour and a half to kill. My girlfriend commented that the book was much better than the movie. Well played roles by Ginnifer Goodwin and John Krasinski keep the viewer engaged and entertained. I give this movie three and a half wine glasses for the girls and two beer bottles for the guys.

  • dr-kovacs-k-maria
    dr kovacs k maria

    If you think cheating is awesome, this is the movie for you.Everyone cheats and everyone ends up happily.Every little bit of it is predictable too, nothing about it is fun or unique.There is no moral in this story, there is nothing funny. It’s just a bunch of pretty guys and girls cheating on each other without repercussions.I’m thinking really hard right now about whether anything about it was good, but I can’t think of anything…And why does everyone in these romantic comedies have to be upper-class and from good heritage?And why is it always set in NYC?There’s really nothing original about this one.Do not waste 1.5 hours of your life on this!

  • janne-marit-antonsen
    janne marit antonsen

    Let’s see! Weekly trips to a beach front house in the Hamptons. Beautiful brownstone apartments in the City. Driving around in a Land Rover. Taking trips to London.All of these things happened in the movie and yet, for only 2-3 scenes do we see anyone at work. Everyone has all of this free time and no one says where the money comes from.Well I got that off my che$t and I feel better.As for the movie–someone said it best. It was a tennis match of watching relationships change back and forth. Yes, John Krasinksi was very good, however, I was expecting Pam Beasly to show up. He was playing his Office character in this movie and yes he made it bearable.My wife loved the movie and I constantly squirmed in my seat. Wish I could write more but I have to work for a living.

  • violeta-rhshtowni
    violeta rhshtowni

    This film seems to be receiving a host of really bad vibes from people. I, for one, am quite surprised. Yes the film is heavy on infidelity, broken friendships, lying, cheating, and everything else but isn’t that life? And not only that why is everyone so upset about watching it in an age of trash Television and reality shows that have one person dating multiple people all the time, or Soap Operas where infidelity is common place. A lot of professional critics have this at the tops of their worst movies of 2011 lists and I’m confused. It isn’t a bad movie, its entertaining, the characters are decent, the chemistry is good, the romance is there…its pretty straight forward. It isn’t mind blowing but its perfectly entertaining and that’s really all that matters.Ginnifer Goodwin is very well known for been the consummate good girl. Sweet, and always pure. So it was kind of nice to see in her in a romantic comedy where her character is pure as the driven snow. She’s flawed and the entire situation is flawed and she’s good in her role. Kate Hudson is her best friend and basically an unlikable dirt bag but she does the role well. I am not a big Hudson fan so I was all for seeing play the promiscuous party girl that you won’t like at all. It obviously helps soften the fact that her best friend is cheating with her fiancé. Moral? No. But not the point. Colin Egglesfield is the object of both their desires. The problem is that Egglesfield is kind of unlikable too. Him and Goodwin have good chemistry but he sort of bounces back and forth between being a romantic lead and being sort of a moron. But the more romantic moments in the film work well enough. John Krasinski plays Goodwin’s best friend and he’s okay in a comic relief role but the forced and sudden potential romance between Goodwin is kind of pointless.As a director Luke Greenfield is sort of all over the board in comedies from horribly campy Rob Schneider to the slightly more sophisticated raunchy comedy of The Girl Next Door and this one falls right down the middle in many ways. I think the thing I liked about Something Borrowed is that its real, and heart felt and not your typical everything is rosy and perfect rom-com. It isn’t by the books and it isn’t something you can tell every single moment before it happens so for that I give them kudos and people should stop chastising the film for being what it is. Its not your perfect date movie necessarily but a decent, if not slightly dark, comedy. Give it a shot. 8/10

  • dawn-white
    dawn white

    SPOILERS!! This is hands down the worst romcom. A total lack of redemption and spine from any character, and a horrendous plot if there is one and if ever there was one. At one point, that I air-slapped one of the leads. Kate Hudson and Ginnifer Goodwin should move on from this genre. But I guess in Hollywood, if you are a hot blonde, you are doomed to always play the rich, dumb, partying, skimpily-clad blonde,and if you are Ginnifer Goodwin, well, you are basically typecast as Ginnifer Goodwin. All the actors did a good job, but when the plot is so terrible, no amount of good acting will help and this movie proves it. Rachel (Goodwin) and Darcy (Hudson) are best friends from childhood. Rachel is the smart, plain-looking, yet pretty-in-a-way brunette, Darcy, the above-described blonde, Dex (Egglesfield) is the handsome, rich lawyer, and Ethan (Krasinski) the only sensible one in this mess. So, Rachel and Dex really like each other all through law school, but Rachel has a pathologic need to hand over the good things in her life to her best friend, because she thinks she doesn’t deserve them, despite obvious evidence to the contrary. In reaction to that, Dex doesn’t ask her out either. On her thirtieth birthday, Darcy, who by now is engaged to Dex, throws a huge party for her, after which she gets drunk and ends up sleeping with Dex. This is where the movie starts to fall apart. Rachel and Dex start to meet secretively and realise that they have always loved each other and are meant to be together, but they’d rather sneak around behind Darcy’s back and spend romantic nights, than own up and deal with the consequences. Instead, Dex is house-hunting with Darcy and upon seeing him with Darcy, Rachel tries to make him jealous by sleaze-dancing with his friend, Marcus. Dex hasn’t an iota of courage to come clean to Darcy and instead, when his father warns him to forget Rachel, he stares blankly instead of standing up for himself and the woman he loves. To make matters worse, Darcy confesses to Rachel that she cheated on Dex with Marcus and when she asks Rachel if she should still marry Dex, despite everything, Rachel gives the thumbs-up. Ethan (Krasinksi) figures out what’s going on, but he loves Rachel, and wants the best for her and keeps telling her to do the right thing, in vain. When he gets sick of the charade, he even tries to make things right, but Rachel breaks his nose before he can say a word. Way to go! Finally, after what seems like eons, Rachel does admit her feelings to Dex, and Dex, being the coward that he is, chickens out. Rachel gets upset and goes to London to where Ethan has relocated by now (probably to escape this madness and keep his body intact, I don’t blame him). Ethan tells her that he loves her, that unlike with Dex, she is his first choice. Rachel gives an awwww-but-I-don’t-love-you type expression and of course, Ethan “understands”. Rachel returns to New York City, because after all, her best friend needs her at her wedding. Never mind, the fact that she slept with said BFF’s fiancée and stabbed her in the back, but who cares, right? When she gets back, Dex is waiting for her, he has called off the wedding and they run into each other’s arms. Darcy then shows up at her place and tells her that she is pregnant with Marcus’ baby and despite the spineless Dex hiding from her in the kitchen, she finds his jacket and understands the truth. She is mad at them and shouts, ‘I hate you!’ to Rachel and leaves. Two months later, Dex and Rachel are together and Rachel meets Darcy on the street, who tells her she is happy, patting her baby bump. She is better off without these toxic people in her life. She eventually ends up in London and is last seen chasing after Ethan, who can’t seem to catch a break from this craziness and is seen running away from her. The writers made Darcy cheat on Dex only so that she’d seem worse and they could redeem the lead pair. The worst part is, when Darcy first meets Dex at a bar where he is with Rachel, she proposes that he ask Rachel out to which Rachel says no and that they are just friends. Only then does Darcy make her move on him. Even after Dex follows her out and asks if she is okay with him dating her friend, she acts as though she is fine with it, though she clearly has tears in her eyes and every fricking pore in her body is screaming no. Rachel is the worst excuse for a friend, Dex, for a man and a fiancée. Darcy is made evil just to end this never-ending crapfest. The one star is for the line when Ethan says to Rachel, ‘You and Dex deserve each other, he won’t leave his fiancée to be with you and you don’t have the nerve to ask for what you want.’ To think that the makers want to make a sequel! Shelve it already!

  • matthew-murray
    matthew murray

    What an insufferable piece of garbage this was. Giffin’s book is more nuanced, giving the characters in this story a complexity that makes them somewhat likable. The movie fails with this, and in all regards. Virtually every person who graces the screen in this film is detestable. Each is worse than the last. There’s no one to root for here. There is only one way this movie could have been redeemed: if the Hamptons house these losers shared was torpedoed (with the cast inside) in the final scene. That’s how difficult it was to endure this long, tiresome, insulting rom-com. If I could subtract points for SOBO’s misguided inaccurate and one dimensional depiction of New York City as a yuppie transplant’s playground (dutifully carried over from the novel) I would. And if I could subtract points for the rampant and blatant product placement permeating this horrific film I would. But I can’t, I’ve already given this movie the lowest possible rating.

  • ilona-simkova
    ilona simkova

    I went in to this movie expecting a fun light-hearted funny romantic comedy. Boy was i wrong! It started out on an okay note with a tacky surprise party for Rachel (Goodwin) thrown by her life-long best friend Darcy (Hudson), and did i mention life long? We’ll come back to that. well no more then ten minutes later Rachel has slept with Dex (Egglesfield) Darcy’s fiancé. Now let me remind you that Rachel and Darcy have been best friends since early childhood.The rest of the movie is tennis game of rationalization and guilt with a few smatterings of clever witty one liners. and in the end Darcy and Rachel’s relation ship is completely ruined and Rachel and Dex live happily ever after. In the final scene after Dacry has discovered the affair and not seen Rachel for two months they meet on a city street, and you think that maybe there is going to be some kind of redemption, but Darcy says to Rachel “I bought him that shirt” and you notice the dry cleaning held over Rachel’s shoulder, a few more words are traded about how Darcy is truly happy now, and Rachel goes into the arms of Dex.The movie was a rationalization for sleeping with your best friends fiancé, and forbidden love prevailing. I was very disappointed this movie, purely on content, acting was pretty good otherwise….

  • connie-knudsen-klausen
    connie knudsen klausen

    This movie (which I only just discovered is based on a book) was clearly written from the POV of someone who has never been betrayed, never been hurt by a trusted friend and/or lover, someone who thinks you should do what feels good, without any consequences.I don’t need to reiterate the whole storyline, as that has been done in previous reviews, but let’s look at a few key points. Rachel loved Dex in college. Dex may have had feelings in return, but as soon as the beautiful, vivacious Darcy shows up, he’s like “bye-bye”to Rachel with nary a backward glance. Considering Darcy and Rachel are longtime best friends, we know Rachel and Dex have seen one another many times in the ensuing years, and yet it isn’t until Rachel’s birthday that they suddenly realize they really love each other? Come on! Ridiculous.Rachel and Dex sleep together. Okay, I can buy making a mistake, even at the cost of hurting a friend. But then, a normal person, who’s as sympathetic as we’re told Rachel is, would certainly back off and make it right, not continue down the path that will destroy her friend.Finally, Rachel realizes she loves Darcy, and can’t hurt her, after offering herself (stupidly) to the cowardly, cheating pig Dex. She goes to London, and is told by her male best friend Ethan that he loves her, that she is “home” to him. Who wouldn’t at least give a guy like that a chance? And lets keep in mind that he’s the only person who has always been honest with her, unlike the rest of her “friends”.So what does she do? Leaves London, and when Dex shows up to tell her he called the wedding off, jumps into his arms. Really? So she learned NOTHING during the whole drama? At the end, when she runs into Darcy, we don’t get the resolution needed between them, and when her phone rings, I just knew it was Ethan. Then she rounds the corner, and it’s…Dex??? Just how brainless is this woman? I’m pretty sure a guy who cheated on his fiancé with her best friend will be loyal and true to Rachel. That’s realistic, right? If you have even the vaguest of morals, or the slightest conscience, avoid this travesty. Seriously. Up until the ending, I actually enjoyed the movie pretty well, because I kept hoping for her to learn and grow. Instead, she took a huge leap backwards. Any sympathy I had garnered for her during her dilemma dissipated faster than mist in the desert.As for the acting, John Kraszinski stole the movie. Charming and charismatic, his was the only character at the end I still liked. Ginnifer Goodwin was fantastic in the role (not her fault the storyline is idiotic). Kate Hudson is annoying and almost unwatchable, nothing much there to relate to, until her last two scenes (discovering Dex’s jacket, and seeing Rachel on the street). In those, the is immensely watchable, luminous and sympathetic. Colin Egglesfield is beautiful, though a bit stiff, and perfect to play the part of the swine Dex. Steve Howey and Ashley Williams as Marcus and Claire are hilarious, and though they didn’t fit in with the drama of the movie, they were the only things slightly resembling the “com” part of romcom that this is being touted as.Just a side note, I went with my mom (age 70), my daughter (age 16) and myself (age 43) and we ALL agreed about this movie.

  • baleria-panou
    baleria panou

    ‘Something Borrowed’ is based on the novel of the same name by Emily Griffin which I’ve never heard of. It concerns a group of thirtysomethings as they struggle through a love rectangle or trapezoid or whatever shape is made up by Kate Hudson (‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’), Ginnifer Goodwin (‘Big Love’), John Krasinski (‘The Office’), and the unfortunately named Colin Egglesfield (‘Melrose Place’). It’s also occasionally a love pentagon or hexagon if you count Ashley Williams & Steve Howey. As are typical in stories about differently shaped loves, there’s lots of betrayal amongst friends, panicking of unfaithfuls, heartfelt conversations covered in rain, and unnecessary stupidity of everyone involved. . . but, that last bit is expected in any romance, cinematic or real.One major problem with a film about infidelity is that it’s impossible to really like anyone involved with the scandal. Here, we only have the Rachel, the woman who betrays her friend (Goodwin); Dex, the fiancé who betrays his love (Egglesfield); and, Darcy, the woman betrayed by both (Hudson). Typically, you can associate with those cheated on solely through sympathy, but that was made difficult for two reasons: 1) Darcy’s a secondary character who seems to always act like that girl who always gets too drunk at college parties; and, 2) The movie constantly acts as if it’s going to reveal something negative about her past (spoiler: it does). Granted, no one deserves to be hurt this way for being annoying, but she’s still not an enjoyable character to watch. Maybe things would be different if Darcy and Rachel’s roles were swapped, but we all know of hindsight’s perfection. Left alone behind all this despicable behaviour is the typical nice guy Ethan (Krasinski) who, along only with Dex’s dad, acts as a voice of reason in the film. Unfortunately, he’s like an umbrella in a hurricane, unable to rescue this mess of humanity from themselves. Now, I suppose this is a film that’s not meant to be enjoyed on the level of a typical romantic comedy; but, with this cast and a sugary, generic title like ‘Something Borrowed,’ a viewer should not be forced to withstand the cringe-inducing behaviour like that of Dex & Rachel. Never have I so wanted the leads of a romance to be hit by a New York cabbie. Then again, I also wished that fate upon myself for a while to alleviate the misery of watching these monsters. Clearly, writer Jennie Snyder & director Luke Greenfield, who have both successfully worked in romance before this film, have talent that should carry them through their futures, but a film this unlikable was not their best step forward to that future. A romance hasn’t been this depressing since last year’s ‘Blue Valentine,’ but at least that film succeeded because of its sad nature and didn’t have to battle against it.Final Verdict: 4/10.-AP3-

  • sprogis-peteris
    sprogis peteris

    I watched this because I’ve always been a fan of GG. I think she’s pretty in a less conventional way, but definitely prettier than Kate Hudson.Which brings me to one point. This movie was one of those ugly duckling movies without the ugly duckling. Rachel (GG) admits that she “never thought a guy like you would end up with someone like me…” as if she has three heads or a skin condition or something equally appalling. She has none of these things. She’s pretty, she has a good career, and the only major personality flaw she has is the inability to be proactive (which shouldn’t be a problem since her love interest is the EXACT SAME WAY). Yeah. This is a terrible movie with absolutely no action in it until the very end. We don’t even get to see the scene where Darcy is dumped.Adding to the incredible coincidence that neither Rachel nor Dex know what to do in this incredibly obvious situation (we know Dex has some mommy issues, but that wasn’t really explained… I can’t remember anything his mother said or did, aside from a few woeful looks). The only person we hear any reason from is Ethan, and by then we all want to smack some sense into the main characters.What bothers me incredibly about this movie is that it basically drives loyalty between “best friends” straight into the ground. Not only does Rachel sleep with her best friend’s fiancé, she doesn’t TELL her best friend her mistake, she sleeps with Dex again, encourages Darcy to marry this guy who is cheating on her and doesn’t love her, and then contemplates telling Dex that Darcy cheated on HIM. Who is getting majorly screwed over here? In all the mixup and emo WHAT DO WE DO action (or lack thereof), it’s easy to forget who is being hurt the most.Uh oh. The script writers went a little too far…IN COMES…villainizing! It’s a common trick in cinema to demonize characters so that we stay rooting for the main character. This was very overdone in this movie. At first Darcy had a few good traits that you could see, but it wasn’t long before she become entirely RIDICULOUS as a character. By the end of the movie, we discover that she’s also been cheating on Dex this WHOLE TIME…AND…she’s pregnant. She had to do something a bit worse in order for us to forgive Rachel. In doing so, the depth of Darcy was lost – and everyone has depth, let’s not fool ourselves. Obviously the movie wasn’t about her, it was about Rachel, but it sends the message that it’s okay to screw your best friend over as long as she’s doing it too – and when does that actually happen? It also sends the message that it’s okay to wait on a man to leave his fiancé and to not give up too soon, because he might have a REALLY GOOD REASON. Wrong. If a man isn’t leaving his wife, he’s not going to, so you just better move on. Those are the cold, hard facts. AND, if a man is cheating on his fiancé/wife/girlfriend with you, he’s going to do the exact same thing once your relationship with him gets a little rocky (that is, if you ever make it to a relationship). But seriously – once a cheater, always a character. Obviously his morals are not fantastic. If he loves you, he’ll leave her, if he doesn’t, don’t bother waiting around. You deserve better.Ethan was the only character that seemed to agree with this philosophy. I really wanted the movie to end with Rachel going off with someone else, someone who knew what to do from the beginning and didn’t stand weakly by and take forever to figure out that love is more important than his father’s glare.I hated the weakness of these characters. I hated the message. I hated the necessity of making Darcy’s character unbearable so that we won’t end up despising the main characters for their despicable actions. What’s worse is that no one was punished for the horrible betrayal that took place in this movie – they were rewarded.