Tim Avery is a cartoonist who loves his dog Odis. Then one day Odis finds a strange green mask. Then Tim puts it on and has a baby with his wife with the mask on. The baby then gets ahold of powers of the mask. Meanwhile Loki (Alan Cumming) must find the mask before Odin gets mad

Also Known As: Niqobning o'g'li, Jagten på Masken, Le fils du masque, Maskin sin, La Máscara 2: El Hijo de la Máscara, Die Maske 2 - Die nächste Generation, The Mask 2, Baby Formula, Син Маски, Hijo de la máscara, Maskens återkomst, Maska Junior Czech, Синът на маската, Kaukes sunus, La máscara 2, Maska 2, Maskas dēls, A Máscara 2 - A Nova Geração, Urmasul Mastii, Maske 2, Μάσκα junior, El hijo de la Máscara, マスク2, Maskens sønn, Mask 2, Son of the Mask, A Maszk 2 - A Maszk fia, Dziedzic maski, Poika ja maski, El hijo de la máscara, O Filho do Máskara, Le fils du mask, Untitled Mask Project, Maska junior, Maski poeg, Сын маски

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