Based on the global blockbuster videogame franchise from Sega, SONIC THE HEDGEHOG tells the story of the world’s speediest hedgehog as he embraces his new home on Earth. In this live-action adventure comedy, Sonic and his new best friend Tom (James Marsden) team up to defend the planet from the evil genius Dr. Robotnik (Jim Carrey) and his plans for world domination. The family-friendly film also stars Tika Sumpter and Ben Schwartz as the voice of Sonic.

Also Known As: Eziukas Sonic, Sonik Jež Bosnia and, ソニック・ザ・ムービー, Їжак Сонік, Ježko Sonic, Sonik Jež, 音速小子, Sonic Ha'Seret, Sonic: Η Ταινία, Jeż Sonic, Соников филм, 超音鼠大電影 Hong, Sonic The Hedgehog New, Sonic: Super Jež, Sonic, le film, Sonic. la película, Ježek Sonic Czech, 刺猬索尼克, Sonic the Movie, Sonic - Il film, Sonikku za mûbî, Соник в кино, Sonic: O Filme, Kirpi Sonic, Sonic le hérisson, Sonic: la película, Sonic: La película, Sonic, a sündisznó, Sonic The Hedgehog, Соник: Филмът, Soniks: Filma, Nhím Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog

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  • duke-butler
    Duke butler

    I actually enjoyed this movie full of fun action and they did a great job with the story line and on sonic and his design can’t wait for part 2 with tails in it I hope it’s just as good

  • varvara-manole
    varvara manole

    This movie just doesn’t let you feel bored, it’s full of fun, energy (as well as Sonic himself!), jokes, pop-culture references and loveable characters. The storyline is pretty simple, but still it doesn’t mean it’s bad, the main advantage of this movie is its fun and a huge amount of energy, it has great action scenes and I just love that kind of relationship between the main characters. It’s so easy to enjoy all of this, and I think Sonic as one of the most iconic videogame characters has a great presentation in his debut movie. Gotta go fast to watch this movie one more time, highly recommend you for watching, even if you are not a Sonic fan!

  • jennifer-black
    jennifer black

    … I do like this movie. I like the story about Sonic’s design, I like Jim Carrey as Dr Robotnik… Maybe not a movie for everyone, but my inner child is jumping in joy.

    • ya-like-jazz
      Ya Like Jazz

      Ye et

  • sirkka-miettinen-tervo
    sirkka miettinen tervo

    The director did a wonderful job at creating a video game base character without messing it up, I really enjoyed Jim Carey as Robotnik, they did a really great job at starting an origin based off this sonic movie. I hope everyone gives this movie a chance fan or not it’s a really enjoyable film.

  • bayan-ilkbahar-deha-inonu
    bayan ilkbahar deha inonu

    So much fun throughout! One of the best kids movies I ever seen and fun for any age! I love everything Sonic does maybe I am weird although I’m a 27 year old autistic guy that is a bit quirky so this was perfect to me. The cast is so great, the humor, cinematography, and story is a heartwarming adventure; I highly recommend anyone see this!

  • craig-weaver
    craig weaver

    Sonic The Hedgehog is an action comedy movie based on the SEGA video game series of the same name. Starring James Marsden and Jim Carrey, it is a fast-moving adventure (obviously) that should entertain newcomers and keep fans of the original series satisfied.In the small town of Green Hills, Montana, a blue anthropomorphic hedgehog named Sonic (voiced by Ben Schwartz) lives in hiding after being forced out of his original dimension due to his powers of super speed. After accidentally causing a blackout throughout the whole area, Sonic attracts the attention of Dr. Ivo Robotnik (Jim Carrey), an eccentric evil genius whom the government has hired to track Sonic down for experimental purposes. Now on the run once again, Sonic enlists the help of local police officer Tom Wachowski (James Marsden) to aid him in avoiding capture and hopefully make a new friend in the process.Even if you aren’t a hardcore fan of the series, Sonic The Hedgehog provides a nice amount of fun action and quirky humour to draw in even the most casual of moviegoer. I myself was a Nintendo kid growing up, preferring to play as the Italian plumber instead of the blue hedgehog, but SEGA and their mascot character always had my respect for being worthy rivals during the video game wars of the 90s, and the same can be said for this. In fact, this film seems to strongly acknowledge Sonic’s 1990s roots, from his love of chili dogs to listening to music on a boombox. Of course, there are some references to modern trends but they are kept to a minimum likely so that the film will age better.Jeff Fowler, who makes his directorial debut for a feature film, does a fine job juggling his storytelling duties with showing off some solid special effects along the way, especially on Sonic himself. It is well known by now that Sonic’s original design for this film was poorly received by the public so it was decided that his overall look would be changed. This worked well in the film’s favour as not only does he better resemble his video game self, but he even feels more naturally integrated into the real world. We watch as Sonic dashes around causing mischief and escaping danger through different environments like the big city or the quiet countryside, deriving enjoyment along the way. This led to some amusing Quicksilver/Deadpool-esque moments which provided great comic relief during several action scenes.Comedian Ben Schwartz was a great pick to provide the voice and motion-capture of Sonic himself, both emanating the character’s trademark cocky attitude while also showcasing his loneliness and longing for true friendship. This, in turn, makes him more relatable to the audience and causes him to have more human traits than some of the actual people in the film. James Marsden also gave a likeable performance as Tom Wachowski, not merely being relegated to the straight man role but also having his fair share of funny moments as well. However, it is Jim Carrey who steals the show as Dr. Robotnik. I’m not sure whether it was seeing how perfectly tailored the character was to his comedic talents or if it was just how nostalgic it felt to see him acting like his over-the-top 90s self again, but virtually everything he said and did had me laughing out loud. I hope we will see more of Carrey’s portrayal of the character in the near future, which reportedly he has expressed interest in doing.In the end, even though the film isn’t groundbreaking by any means, it still provides much needed entertainment thanks to its respectful take on the source material that, like POKÉMON Detective Pikachu before it, definitely feels more like how video games should be handled for the big screen treatment. There is certainly potential for other game franchises to be adapted into movies with a similar style and it is starting to feel as though the “video game curse” may be fading away altogether. There are two bonus mid-credit scenes worth staying back for, and while they aren’t of Masahiro Sakurai approaching Sonic about the Smash initiative, they should excite fans of the series just as much.I rate it 7/10

  • manuel-pereira
    manuel pereira

    This Film honestly stunned me how good it was Ben Schwartz is Funny as Sonic Jim Carrey Funny as Always and James Marsden a good character for sonic to be with I believe it is going to make families happy and most importantly sonic fans happy the redesign was really nice and Crisp and it captures the Sonic we all know and love highly recommended

  • malin-jorunn-andreassen
    malin jorunn andreassen

    Just watched the movie today and oh boy the redesign looks amazing it’s almost perfect. That’s the reason why i give 10 to the movie because they listen the fans. Now let’s talk about the rest. The story is ok we have to remember that the movie is for kids to, but it’s still enjoyable. Jim Carrey do a great job as usual and builds perfect into the eggman we know. The CGI looks very good. The soundtrack is feets perfect in the movie. For a guy that grow up with Sonic it was the first game I played when I was seven, I really enjoyed the movie is totally worth it. In the end you can see a really nice surprise.

  • vjekoslav-filar
    vjekoslav filar

    As a fan of the games in the 90s this movie make me smile, this movie have great humor,and for me is one of the best gaming adaption movies i see#catch sonic😎

  • naumov-sila-davydovich
    naumov sila davydovich

    I was a little nervous watching this movie but then I relaxed and really enjoyed it, the special effects are nice and im just curious what the sequel will be like, you cant go wrong with the sonic movie, and jim carrey was funny

  • lusis-santa
    lusis santa

    Hoping for the second movie. Animation was great. Glad they took the 3 months to redo it.

  • erkinel-ihsanoglu
    erkinel ihsanoglu

    It’s not the best videogame-portrayed Movie, but its also not the worst. I specifically loved it for the comedy, action, and heartwarming parts. There is a fortnite reference…but I only think that Sonic just thinks it’s a funny dance- He doesn’t know the bad side of the internet- Anyways, I highly recommend this for a heartfelt and hilarious experience, everyone did so well! Best movie I’ve ever seen!

  • anneli-heinonen
    anneli heinonen

    In my opinion this is the video game movie everyone deserves to see

  • carlijn-cammel
    carlijn cammel

    This is a genuinely excellent movie! I was a little skeptical at first given the fact that there would’ve been a chance that even though they fixed Sonic’s design, this movie was going to be too much like The Smurfs. But boy was I wrong! Jim Carrey absolutely steals the show as Dr. Robotnik, who will eventually adopt the name Eggman, and Sonic just looks so cute! The action scenes are excellent and some jokes are really hilarious! I’d highly recommend this movie to anybody!

  • vsiliauskas-kotryna
    vsiliauskas kotryna

    This movie is so good I took my parents who were going through a divorce to this movie and they decided to stay together.

  • lee-walker
    lee walker

    Overall – Had lots of laughs at the cinema with a friend. But don’t go in with high expectations.Having just watched Sonic, I can say that it was an enjoyable movie. Many of the elements that make up the movie has been seen before but the movie executes them well enough for them to be justified and certainly funny.Standout from the cast is Jim Carrey, who steals the show, especially in one scene in which he is experimenting with something that belongs to Sonic.Visual Effects and Sonic himself could have done with a little more polish but its adequate.

  • michael-keller
    michael keller

    I was skeptical about this movie but damn, it’s just great! Jim Carrey as always mastermind and Sonic looks like proper Sonic from 90s The story is great, CGi is great, soundtrack is great. Such a great movie for all family definitely one of the best entertainment movie of 2020

  • ivar-roos
    ivar roos

    A popular character like Sonic should’ve had a better introduction to the big screen audience. Nothing new in the story here, a redundant (Alien Meets a Kid) concept. For decades the typical story goes…alien lands on earth, meets a boy – in our case here is a man child – a cop named Tom, government seeks the alien to experiment on him, boy tries to help the alien to escape.The movie is mediocre on all artistic levels at best and without some laughs from the crazy comedy talent of Jim Carrey and some geeky Sonic dances, this movie would’ve been a disaster. On the technical level the movie feels rushed and needed a lot of animation tweaking. Sonic eyes looks fake, in some scenes he looks at the actors from weird angels! Not to mention for a character who’s mainly power is speed, his blinking is notably very slow. Also in some scenes the human actors interact with Sonic as if he was meant to be a bigger character and was replaced during editing.

  • ashley-sparks
    ashley sparks

    Sonic definitely exceeded all my expectations. The film has excellent music, cinematography and acting, with an incredible battle between Dr. Eggman and Sonic. Jim Carrey is the king of comedy, he really made Dr. Eggman scary and dangerous. Don’t listen to critics, it’s great!

  • akira-sorrentino
    akira sorrentino

    1- Love the voice actor of Sonic.2- Love how they use different references from different movies and tv shows.3- The Comedy is on point whether you’re an adult or a child.4- The animation of Sonic is way better than the previous one.5- There are some heart-felt moments where you’re drawn to the emotions that Sonic is going through.6- Love the fact that they’re continuing the movie with a second part.7- I enjoyed Jim Carry’s role as the villain due to his clumsiness in some situations.

  • mark-salazar
    mark salazar

    A movie that I thought was going to be a trainwreck really surprised me. Jim Carrey really steals the show with a phenomenal performance. An excellent film to take your whole family to the cinema and have a good laugh. Very funny!

  • mark-bailey
    mark bailey

    It’s not the next masterpiece of cinema, but I genuinely think it’s an enjoyable watch if you don’t go in expecting the stars.I enjoyed it a lot more than I have a lot of other “Video-Game cash in movies” anyway. Yes, It’s a genre that’s been done a lot, but that doesn’t make this film inherently bad.It had some enjoyable moments in it.I have immense amounts of respect for the crew who worked on this movie, due to how much the internet kicked up a storm and how they worked tirelessly to try re-jig the movie to make it work. That doesn’t mean the movie is perfect, but the respect for the craft is there.Long story short; It’s not a perfect movie, but you can tell that effort was made in it’s creation. Had some enjoyable moments and would definitely encourage people to watch.

  • laimonis-polis
    laimonis polis

    I live in Asia so we got to see the movie 1 day earlier than the U.S. And no Corona-chan is not a problem in my exact location.I can tell you with all certainty that Sonic the Hedgehog Movie does not suck. It’s actually a decent family movie. A little basic for adults, the pacing and a certain plot in the middle is rather poorly executed but on the whole, the main plot is fine, the acting is fine, the jokes are okay-ish, the music is fine, the production is really good, the animation is really good and the movie is fun.It’s not going to win any awards but it’s good enough for casual movie-goers and more than good for Sonic fans. I gave it an extra Star from a 7 because the creators actually listened to fans and gave a good-looking Sonic which in all honesty, is what made the film because Sonic looked good. Real good. Sonic’s animation is quite a joy to watch and doesn’t take you out of the immersion.

  • kevin-crosby
    kevin crosby

    This was funny, fast paced and family friendly. They have plenty of comedic moments and nods to the game franchise. Loved it. Gotta go fast.

  • genaro-longoria
    genaro longoria

    Honestly this was a movie I was never really planning to see. I thought it was another cash grab at our nostalgia. But when the initial trailer came out with the original sonic, I partook in the hilarious and frightening memes and joined in on the criticism. When I found out that they were redesigning Sonic due to the backlash – I was shocked. I never thought a studio would listen to our voice, and oh was our voice heard.So after I saw the second trailer I thought to myself, well, I guess I gotta go see it now. “Put your money where your mouth is.” If the studio took the time to do this for us then I will gladly pay my money to see this.And I’m glad I did. It’s a fun movie. It’s not perfect by any means, but it’s an enjoyable film for the family. I love the new Sonic, I love the cast, Jim Carrey is spectacular as always. It was a fun movie from start to finish. And it was really entertaining. I love the voice character for Sonic too, I think he fit perfectly. I would’ve given it a 7/10 but like I mentioned before, an extra star for caring about the fans and the audience.

  • dida-ene
    dida ene

    When I saw the original trailer I was genuinely horrified in Sonic’s design, like a person in bad cosplay. After the redesign many like myself felt the need to support this movie to honour the fan service and genuine care. I’m sure glad that I did. A funny movie, Jim Carrey was amazing like always and of course Sonic looked great. A very fun movie for the whole family.