Paul is transported to a mysterious world where he is surrounded by strange and beautiful women, led by Tara. She initiates him into their world of bizarre erotic rituals; however, she and her minions are actually practitioners of black magic who are trying to snare his soul through their sexual mischief. Will he realize the evil he has fallen into before it is too late?

Also Known As: Φονικός Πειρασμός II, To apolyto kako, Misteriosa Sedução, Sorceress II: The Temptress, Büyücü Kadın II - Kışkırtıcı, Legion of Evil: Sorceress II, La legión del mal: hechicera 2, Magische Kräfte des Bösen, Φονικός Πειρασμός II: Το Απόλυτο Κακό, Sorceress 2

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