Matriarch Mama Joe has held her family together for 40 years around a Sunday dinner of soul food. When diabetes hospitalizes her, the dinners stop and tensions among her three daughters start to break the family apart. Two of the sisters feud continuously: Teri is jealous of Maxine’s marriage and irritated that everyone assumes her corporate salary is open to the rest of the family’s uses. Maxine resents Teri’s bossiness and insensitivity to family tradition. Bird, the youngest, newly married to an ex-con, accepts a favor from an old lover that leads to her husband’s arrest. Mama Joe’s grandson Ahmad cooks up a scheme to bring the family together, back to the table.

Also Known As: Líos de familia, I sapori della vita, Alimentando el alma, Hrana za dusu, Duminica in familie, Przepis na zycie, Hrana za duso, Soul Food, Alimento da Alma, ソウル・フード, Oikogeneiakoi desmoi, Sielun ruokaa, A mama főztje, Пища для души

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