Thrilled by his experience with the Avengers, Peter returns home, where he lives with his Aunt May, under the watchful eye of his new mentor Tony Stark, Peter tries to fall back into his normal daily routine – distracted by thoughts of proving himself to be more than just your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man – but when the Vulture emerges as a new villain, everything that Peter holds most important will be threatened.

Also Known As: Homem-Aranha: Regresso a Casa, Спайдър-мен: Завръщане у дома, Spider-Man: Povratak kući, Людина-павук: Повернення додому, Человек-паук: Возвращение домой, Örümcek-Adam: Eve Dönüs, Spider-man: Les retrouvailles, The Summer of George, Spider-Man: Η επιστροφή στον τόπο του, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Nguoi Nhen: Tro Ve Nha, Pókember: Hazatérés, Spider-Man: De regreso a casa, Spiderman: ha'shiva habai'ta, Spider-Man: Homecoming Czech, Spajdermen: Povratak kući, Omul-Păianjen: Întoarcerea acasă, Žmogus-voras: grižimas namo, Homem-Aranha: De Volta ao Lar, Spider-Man: vrnitev domov, Spider-Man: De Regreso a Casa, Spider-Man: de regreso a casa, Köngulóarmaðurinn: Heimkoman, Spider-Man: Návrat Domov

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  • stephanie-ramirez
    stephanie ramirez

    The movie S-U-C-K-S. Not exaggerating one bit. Everything feels so generic, CGI is so bad it almost feels like watching video game cut-scenes during the action sequences, there is nothing really going on despite the fact that Peter wants to convince Tony that he is worthy to be an Avenger (childish all the way- what a hero!). Emotionally empty movie with silly jokes and Easter eggs, bad- indifferent cinematography, bad performances from everyone (Holland is NOT Peter Parker, Keaton did his Beatlejuice mannerisms once again, Marisa Tomei cute as always but miscast, the rest of the cast either underdeveloped or amateur at best). This movie is just suits and tech. I could go on bashing it forever not only for not being loyal to Spiderman comics but also for being more of a TV show rather than a movie. Forgot to mention that there is a lot of stupidity throughout the movie for instance no physics in there (plus more but I’d have to go frame by frame to discuss those). Never before in my life have I been so baffled from the critics’ and audience’s consensus. 93% on rotten tomatoes??? WTF! We deserve junk like that then. Since you like talking movie morals why don’t you all take a minute to think about this: If the cinema is going downhill maybe YOU are responsible too (since you like garbage like Spiderman Homecoming)

    • eli

      you are so stupid man

      • what

        stephanie blames a movie for her pathetic life.

  • vik-tor-abramishvili
    vik tor abramishvili

    I walked into the cinema with really high hopes for this film. I fangirled over the Metacritic score of 73 and was ready to be amazed. Instead I was very disappointed.Don’t get me wrong, the film definitely is entertaining and I probably would recommend that you go watch it, but I’m just saying that you won’t be missing much if you don’t see it. Tom Holland did do a very good job with the role of Peter Parker and I praise him for that, it was the writers and the casting directors that did a bad job.The casting choices for this film were absolutely ridiculous! I admit Tom Holland, although I was nervous at first, he did do a good job. However everyone else is an extremely poor choice. In the Amazing Spider-man with Andrew Garfield, the character of Flash was a butch jock who was very intimidating to Peter and was the school bully. However in Homecoming, he is an Asian science geek who is somehow popular and just awfully name calls Peter. I mean “Penis Parker”? Who wrote that?! The casting choice of Peter’s crush is interesting too. I’m not entirely against it but it was just a weird choice in my opinion. And Michael Keaton as the bad guy? Seriously?! Don’t get me wrong, Keaton is a fantastic actor and is incredible! But he is way too old to play a role like this and does not belong here.One of the things that really ticked me off was the Spider-man suit itself. Going back to Toby Maguire’s Spider-man, his suit was original. It didn’t have anything fancy, it was just a superhero costume with a good design. But in Homecoming, the suit comes with it’s own “Jarvis” like Iron Man’s suit, and it has gadgets as well which just isn’t how Spider-man should be! Even though the most entertaining part of the film is when he is wearing this suit, most of the film he isn’t even wearing it!! He wears a stupid hoodie and trousers and it just isn’t fun.I understand that I lot of people enjoyed this film but I just wasn’t impressed.

  • nagy-tamas-jozsef
    nagy tamas jozsef

    With good CGI and an interesting take on The Vulture, but extremely cringy jokes forced in seemingly every line of dialogue, bad acting by everyone except Keaton and Holland, and the inexplicable reason to have Iron Man & his tech dominate a film that isn’t even his (and make Spider-Man seem weak/dependent). SM: Homecoming is disappointing. 4/10… *Spoilers* (Compensating for shockingly overrated reviews)I don’t want it to seem like I’m a hater. I love Spider-Man. He’s my favorite Marvel hero and one of the first ones I ever followed as a kid. But, that doesn’t mean I can just ignore this very flawed film, especially when critics are unfairly over-inflating reviews for Marvel movies again (literally every one gets 90%+ when maybe 1/3 of them deserve that high.. fishy) and even mentioning it in the same sentence as “greatest superhero film ever” when in reality, it’s not even the best Spider-Man movie.Let’s start with the bad. First, the jokes. Literally almost every line of dialogue in the movie had extremely cringy jokes forced in centering around immature and stupid things like puberty, Larb (you’ll understand once you see it), male body parts (repeatedly, Flash is soooo clever with that joke man), pretend-hugging to open doors, and Zendaya’s hipster girl hating on everything & flicking off the camera for no reason. I understand Peter’s in High School, but the jokes were INSULTINGLY juvenile & unbearable even by MCU’s joke standards (which have been bad). I really want to like Marvel’s movies and do for many of them like Civil War and Winter Soldier, but I cannot explain this weird trend they’ve been on recently to kill their own movies with overloaded humor and make the movies jokes instead of art.Also, the acting and characters except for Michael Keaton and Tom Holland were just horrible. Usually don’t go into superhero movies expecting Oscar-level acting unless it’s The Dark Knight, but this was so bad I felt the need to point it out. Spider-Man’s overly giddy best friend is annoying and overdone in superhero movies, while every other supporting character like Zendaya’s hipster girl who hates everything, Flash Thompson who is completely miscast, and Aunt May who people bizarrely crush over are dull, uninteresting, and badly acted.Next, the one I came into the theater fearing the most: Iron Man and his tech DOMINATED the movie when it’s not even his. I like Iron Man, but his forced shoehorning into a movie he had no business being in was a hated decision by many from the beginning (myself included), but was worse than I thought it’d be. He, Happy, and his tech in the suit literally make up 3/4 of the movie, so much that it’s made to seem like Spider-Man is weak and dependent on Stark’s tech when in the comics he doesn’t have an ounce of that sophisticated tech. Also, he is belittled by Tony constantly, a fact that as a Spider-Man fan, I find absolutely infuriating when Spider-Man is Marvel’s best/most recognizable hero.Finally, the film is riddled with plot holes, action scenes not nearly as wowing as other superhero films, and forced diversity. Spoilers- E.g., how could aunt May not see Peter’s suit when he reveals to Ned for the first time and puts it on the ground when she walks in? Also, the movie begins after Avengers in 2012, then jumps “8 years” to 2020 but is after Civil War in 2016??.. The diversity in the movie is so overly forced to copy WW’s praised real diversity that it ends up rubbing off the wrong way like it’s a last-second afterthought to increase box office #’s instead of cleverly working it in. Every single couple in the movie is biracial, which is cheating diversity-wise as it’s the easiest by FAR to write in. Finally, there were sequences that were just dumb, like the selfie video sequence that lasted a good 15 minutes in the beginning of the film. While there was a tornado of cons, I looked for positives too. There were bright spots. For one, the new suit looks great. Having an All-CGI suit was actually a good idea as it came out beautifully, even if I hate how they made it too tech-based. The CGI throughout the film was admittedly good as well, especially in Vulture’s case, although with an insane budget like this movie had, that should be a given instead of an achievement. Holland was a good Spider-Man, although he sometimes overplayed the role by talking too much.Also, Michael Keaton as The Vulture was great. Keaton is a gifted actor (Batman!) and gives a new light to a previously cheesy villain and makes him likable. His character was well fleshed-out and his take on the character fascinating, which is why he should be even more upset the rest of the movie did not perform to his level.Overall, I came in wanting to love this movie as much as I loved the originals, but was very disappointed. Convinced there is something going on here as I cannot possibly explain how the MCU gets 90’s every time from critics, influencing the public perception into wanting to agree based on the basic psychological want to agree with people of perceived higher authority like critics instead of thinking differently.Raimi’s Spider-Man 2 = still the best Spider-Man film by almost EVERY metric of cinema.Most Memorable Moment: Plane-side Spider-Man vs Vulture fightPros: Good CGI and a great Spider-Man suit, good performance by Holland although occasionally overacted, great performance by KeatonCons: Extremely cringy jokes forced in seemingly every line of dialogue, bad acting and characters except Holland/Keaton, Iron Man and his tech dominate Spider-Man’s movie and make him seem weak/dependent, plot holes, forced diversity by lazily making every couple biracial instead of writing in cleverly, action scenes not as wowing as previous MCU entriesRating: 4/10

  • rosario-rolon
    rosario rolon

    Spider-Man is one of the most famous superhero out there. We’ve seen different reincarnation over time, many different cartoons, comics and even movies. But in the core, there is a “true” Spider-Man version, based on 70s and 80s comics. Both 80s and 90s cartoons were adaptations of those adventures. 90s cartoon had more modern and better art style and animations, Therefore, most fan take it as the most faithful adaptation of the comics.Spider-Man movie made by Sam Raimi had its polemical issues, like organic web shooters. With the second movie, he sorted the bad aspects of the first movie and only amplified the good aspects, and created a really good movie with the spirit of classical adventures. But at the third movie, he went into a wrong direction and it become the downfall of his series.When Sony wanted to reboot the series instead of a new sequel, they created a version more faithful to the Ultimate Spider-Man comic books. That movie was not bad, it was fun, but it was not “the classic Spidey” and there were mixed reactions for this one. Gwen Stacy in this movie was so good that they wanted to recreate the classic story about her for the second movie. But that movie failed hard, harder than the Spider-Man 3, even if it was not that bad.Sony had to reboot Spider-Man once more. This time, they went to Marvel for their help. But Marvel had its plans about “new version of Spider-Man”. They were pushing Miles Morales FOR A LONG TIME. In their mind, “real Spider-Man should be Miles Morales”. Therefore they were mocking with the Peter Parker for a time. For example Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon. They alienated their own fans with that cartoon and cancelled creatively beautiful version of Spectacular Spider-Man just for that cartoon.When this two forces collide, we got the Spider-Man: Homecoming. Everyone loves this movie, praises it, even in IMDb everyone believes this is the “best spidey” since the beginning of time. Why? Because Marvel tell us so. We must obey them and praise this shitty version of him.Don’t get me wrong. I also was hyped during the Civil War movie. We’ve seen a part of him there, it reminded us the Classic Spider- Man especially with that cool costume.However, they changed the “Classic” image in the movie really really much.One of the problem in the movie, they are trying very hard to be “SJW-friendly”. Most of the cast changed into “People of Colors” and of course that means African American or Mexican people. America believes “People of Colors” only means African American and Mexican. And of course, this is the current year, so, they put PoC everywhere. Flash Gordon, that “white supremacist” looking bully? Yes, he is a PoC hipster now. Liz, love interest of Peter Parker, of course PoC. Sidekick for Peter? Of course PoC. What about a MJ substitute, definitely PoC.Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect a yellow hair blue eyes white supremacy idealism in the movie. But I also don’t want modern day politics pushed even above Spider-Man. We didn’t have to hear how producers of this movie disapproves slavery by a very planned dialogue. Please leave us from your forced politics.This is because Marvel changed this movie into a “Disney XD” show. Even the “Aunt May” changed into a Disney XD style MILF mom. Where is our beloved Aunt May? Nowhere. This is the current year, old is outdated and hipster is the new cool.”OK cut the crap man, we understood you hate the SJW politics, What about the Spider-Man?” Sadly this Spider-Man version is even worse. He turned into whipping boy for Iron Man and his enemies. The famous loner Spider-Man is now an errand boy for Tony Stark. Every time he talks with his phone, movie feels like to do forced and rushed jokes to “entertain” its young audience. No, Spider-Man you are not funny, cartoon adaptation of this movie is even less funny. After all these years, we still stuck at high school level. Even in comic books, he finished high school very early and started a young adult life. Even 80s cartoons and 90s cartoon happens in that period. But hey, we need to do Spider-Man a teenager just to appeal teenagers. Right?The worst part of this movie is, following the modern movie style: everything is so staged, timing is planned and nothing happens natural. This stupid trend makes the movies artificial and synthetic. And it destroys the immersion for the audience.If you really believe this is the Best Spidey, then please at least go and watch the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon.

  • dr-luis-manuel-marquez
    dr luis manuel marquez

    I’m a huge fan of SpiderMan. I was grown up with this hero’s movies, animated television, etc. I’m the one who always likes Peter’s invention. I think many of you might think like me about his suit. It seemed to be a big nothing if Tony Stark wasn’t helping Peter with his tech support but if you watch this movie and open your mind. you’ll understand what he wants to prove himself like as Tony said “If you’re nothing without this suit, then you shouldn’t have it.” So In my opinion it’s this version that finally puts a truly portrayal of #PeterParker. Tom did great job. I love it.I’ve watched it in three projection systems. In my personal opinion 4DX is kind of exhausting.. but it would be more fun if you see it in the normal screen or IMAX first. I always prefer #IMAX as it enhances my movie going experience. Moreover, I’ve seen Peter’s face on big screen with full of my eye.

  • kenneth-dixon
    kenneth dixon

    I went to see this movie with no expectations and i’m glad i did. This movie was okey if you are not a classic spiderman fan or you read ultimate spiderman, otherwise is below average.Things that bothered me: 1_The movie tried very hard to make you laugh, like deadpool movie, it’s annoying. Give me some action! 2_I was hoping that trailer scene of the boat, but then Iron Man solved everything. 3_If you want to give spidey a great suit, okey give it to him because we are not in 1970, but WHERE IS HIS SPIDER SENSE? That’s the worst thing of the movie, no spider sense at all! 4_ Indian skinny nerd Flash? Fat Asian friend? 5_Nobody except Green Goblin or Doc Ock knew who spiderman really was, and it took several issues. But in this movie almost everybody knows. 6_ They used the same argument from Spiderman 1, Green goblin is his best friend’s father… The vulture is his crush’s dad. Come on!There are just too many bad things in this movie, but hey, people just want to see techy suits and laugh a lot so Go and see it! You might like it….

  • crystal-bailey
    crystal bailey

    I usually don’t don’t listen too much to critics or reviewers when I want to go see a movie, and I try as much as possible to not have any expectation or preconception. This time I regret deeply for not listening to users who have warn us not to go see this movie. It is the first movie where I felt I was being robbed and I wanted my money back. It was so bad that it took forever for it to end. I am SHOCKED when I see the rating of this mess. I just can’t believe people rated so high – it is beyond me. Does teenagers really accept this low standard? How could Marvel accept this nonsense production is another interesting thing to meditate. Side-by-side, Iron Man 3, The Amazing Spider-Man series or Batman vs Superman look like masterpieces when comparing to Homecoming. Some reviewers had the actual nerve to say this is better than Spider- Man 2. What?! It’s like comparing a Rembrandt to a kitsch painting – yes, it’s that bad. One IMDb user described exactly how this movie is: like a very long trailer for something cool – something that never appeared on the screen. Too bad, because I really liked Tom Holland. I refuse to go review on detail because it really doesn’t deserve the attention. I warn everyone that wants at least a decent flick: DON’T go see it, as you will regret it! I just really don’t get how this have 8 stars. HOW? HOW? HOW?

  • julia-gustafsson
    julia gustafsson

    I am a huge Marvel and DC fan, not crazy about the accuracy of things as long as the overall story is told.I actually loved the original Spider-Man movies with Tobey Maguire and even though there was no need for a reboot the ones with Andrew Garfield were pretty great too. Both versions had Gwen Stacy (first love) and Mary Jane (2nd love) and both versions had the Spider-Man origin, which more or less stuck to the actual comics.Spider-Man Homecoming takes everything everyone knows about Spider-Man and throws it out the window. As others have commented no idea how Stan Lee accepted this… if he had any choice at all. Bear in mind that the Marvel hero rights is a complicated matter, they belong to different groups and they could have the last say. Spider-Man belongs to SONY Pictures and not to Marvel Studios, obviously this latest film was a collaboration of the studios. Most of the X-Men stuff and fantastic 4 belonging to 20th Century Fox. Seeing an Avengers/X-Men/Fantastic 4 movie crossover is highly unlikely… shame as the comics did it.Going back to this movie, they simply bastardised Spider-Man, everything that made him special is gone, his back-story and origin is gone. If you have no idea who Spider-Man is, if you did not watch any of the earlier movies then you will love it as there is nothing wrong with the film besides Spider-Man’s non existent sense of responsibility towards anyone or anything. Destroy that family’s house, sure who cares; blow 100 cars up, yeah why not; almost killing 100’s of people go ahead Spidey that’s what makes a hero. Everyone finding out your secret identity hell why not… As an added bonus and insult, Spider-Man now has an approved Stark suit on, just remember never to enable KILL MODE!!! No idea what would happen if you do, would love to see it though:) OH and of course as many other reviewers have said, throw in the politically correctness, use every race and mix it all up (Red Heads, Blondes and big white jocks… make them all clever, Mixed Race, African-American and Asian-Indian).They could have just simply done a Spider-Man Origins movie… AGAIN and then crossed over with the Avengers. They could have used either Tobey Maguire or Andrew Garfield without upsetting the fans. Simple, Iron man needed help during the Civil War and Spider-Man was a Pro-Registration or whatever. The Civil War was a lot more complicated than the previous Captain America film with a lot more heroes including Fantastic 4 and the Spider-Man group but hey at least that was more or less on point.P.S. Two of the people I was watching the movie with fell asleep:)))

  • mtro-maria-del-carmen-alonzo
    mtro maria del carmen alonzo

    I’d have given this film a rating no stars had it have let me. A lot of the reviews on here have said that this film is only enjoyable for 12 year olds. Well, as the mother of a nearly 10 year old who hero worships Spiderman and has done for most of his life, he certainly didn’t find this enjoyable. He is annoyed at how feeble they have made Spider-Man in this film. A few minutes into the film, I asked my husband if this was a parody, and unfortunately it just got worse.

  • dr-sevdinar-zorlu-aksu
    dr sevdinar zorlu aksu

    1. Where’s the Spidey Sense??? 2. Annoying and irrelevant characters with weak sense of humor 3. Villains are least intimidating out of all Spiderman movie villains 4. Spiderman identity exposed so easily! Why is he so careless? 5. What happened to Aunt May?? Why is she sexualized? 6. No connection/chemistry between Peter and love interest –> weak plot twist 7. Lame jokes everywhere! 8. Too teched up Spidey suit + too many gadgets!! Why is he like Iron Man all of the sudden?!? 9. Too little web-slingingWeak story + weak characters = 4/10 movie

  • mr-billy-nelson
    mr billy nelson

    Oh Spider-Man, we meet again. It’s been a long time since we saw tantalizing Tobey Maguire in the suit. Spidey was in need of a comeback- oh wait, I forgot that already happened…Andrew Garfield this one is for you! Okay but for real, this movie was great. It hit on every truthful aspect of Peter Parker. Geeky high school teen with great angst, a need to prove himself and get the girl he supposedly loves. I would 10/10 recommend it to anyone as one of the greatest Marvel movies every made (it definitely lived up to it’s reputation), but what about the greatest Spidey movie every made? I agree that there has to be major differences between this movie and the other two heart-throb tales because Spider-Man is now official in league with the Avengers. But caught in the crossfires of the Marvel Legacy, was the movie even about Peter Parker? I mean, did they even have to try to make it about him? Everybody already knew the story so why bother retelling it? I believe a better title for the movie may have been Iron Man 4-Tony Stark’s Coming of Age. The Marvel makers seemed to have realized that they already created a vast empire so adding in Peter Parker shouldn’t be difficult at all; if we remember to keep the main stars close behind… I may still be a little too attached to the previous web of spidey movies to believe that Spider-Man is now part of something more than just himself, but it may have been nice to stick a little closer to the reality of Spider-Man’s true nature. He is a lonely, angsty teen from queens, but he seemed to be still on the back burner to the bigger starts cameo-ed in his own film. Maybe that was the point though…right?

  • ilona-hirvonen
    ilona hirvonen

    The movie plot was so basic and they still had to explain through dialog what was happening, so you’d know…Very little character development. Not even for this Parker… You cling to what you know of spiderman of past stories to fill in the gaps, but, then the new character disappoints.Like all new movies, they can’t seem to write things actually happening. They need to look at old movies and remember how to shoot and edit things so that actions happen. planking on top of a building shouldn’t eat up 2 minutes of movie time…Can you imagine what editing and shooting must have been like with real film ?? And they still can’t even come close to older flicks in terms of content and story… What is this? Lazy? Cheap? No longer any talent in the industry? Maybe they should stop focusing on politics and learn how to make movies again.Spoilers….The suit thing is dumb, he becomes a “soft” version of iron man.. with webs.. What happened to spidey sense? Maybe I missed it.Sorry, but, you need an actress for aunt May, not a body… just sayin.For all that happens in this movie, he saves like 2 people. He has to be saved by iron man and his best friend. By the end of the movie, who doesn’t know he’s spiderman?

  • gema-aznar-berrocal
    gema aznar berrocal

    Did the Homecoming writers actually think that pushing together the 2 split halves of the ferry boat would stop the boat from sinking? And why did Iron Man just fly away after pushing the 2 split halves of the ferry boat together, without even checking if any of the passengers might be injured and need to be air-lifted to a hospital? And why were there cars on the Staten Island Ferry? Don’t the writers know that cars haven’t been allowed on the Staten Island Ferry after 9/11? And why doesn’t Spider-Man have Spider-Sense in MCU? When Peter ditched Liz at the Homecoming dance and leaves the building, he gets ambushed outside by 1 of the bad guys. No way that should happen with Spider-Sense. So he definitely doesn’t have Spider-Sense in MCU.Also, the absurdity of the Washington Monument scene. The elevator of the Washington Monument gets blown up by a bomb that the fat kid had. DHS would’ve interrogated the fat kid about where he got the bomb and the fat kid would’ve been held in custody until he gave up Peter as the guy who gave him the bomb.Then DHS would’ve investigated Peter and would’ve been suspicious as to why Peter at the last minute decided to re-join the Academic Decathlon after quitting the team earlier and travel with the team to Washington, D.C. only to skip out on the Decathlon competition and the skip out on the team’s trip to the Washington Monument on the same day that his best friend blows up an elevator in the Washington Monument using a bomb that Peter gave him. And DHS would’ve gotten a warrant to search Aunt May’s apartment.Just more bad writing, as is usually the case in MCU movies.In addition to the bad writing, SMH’s shallow and uninspiring portrayal of Spider-Man’s motivations make SMH the worst movie adaptation of Spider-Man ever. Without outright mentioning Uncle Ben’s death, Peter being Spider-Man is reduced to a simple show-off. There’s nothing driving him other than wanting to look cool and impress Tony Stark – and that’s a shallow reason which betrays his true comic origins.Superman is shown by Jor-El how he can unite the human and Kryptonian species and bring hope to Earth. Batman is driven by the death of his parents and vows to do everything in his power to stop crime in Gotham. Wonder Woman feels that it’s her duty to end war and bring peace to Mankind.Those are noble reasons which are inspiring. Spider-Man is in 1 of the 4 most iconic comic-book superheroes along with Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. But his motivation for being Spider-Man in Homecoming isn’t because he believes he has a “great responsibility” to use his powers for good (as he learned from his failure to prevent Uncle Ben’s death when he could’ve) but simply because he’s hoping to get a reply from Happy Hogan.

  • elizabeth-bowen
    elizabeth bowen

    Another try to show us the same angsty story about power and great responsibility? Wrong! Peter stuck in the middle of the teenage drama? Not quite! Spider-man as an Avenger? Well…. let me stop you there. My first impression when the trailer came out was, well I had a lot of doubts. For instance why there is no Uncle Ben, why Peter’s best friend knows his best-guarded secret (that has been reviled in the comics only to help Iron Man’s team during Civil War). Aunt May who is even less aware of everything? Iron Man in the background? No ‘Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-man’? But then I went to see the movie and to say, I was pleasantly surprised. We got the whole need look at Peter Parker’s life. First of all, we’ve never got to see Peter so young, though Andrew Garfield and Toby Maguire tried. He looks young and he is young. His life isn’t exactly defined by his uncle’s death. Sure it is implied but at the same time, it doesn’t imply that this is why Peter became Spiderman. What we also got to see is Peter who learns how to be a hero. This kid really got one of the most solid moral core among the heroes. And now we can see how he learns how to do his job. It’s no longer than 5 minutes of speeded process of embracing the powers, where in one moment he breaks the tap, can’t control his ‘sticky’ powers and performs superhuman reflex and the next scene he has his suit made and his powers under control. No. And that’s why it’s good. It’s funny, comical even, but true. Peter is true, he eats larb, builds lego Deathstar, studies for Spanish quiz, and saves the day. The other thing that surprised me was how well Tom and his real friend Jacob played the dynamic duo of Peter and his ‘guy in the chair’ Ned. It gives us a bit of fresh view, innocent even when it all is a game, an awesome adventure. And it also gives us A LOT of good humour. Then next we’ve got Aunt May, who is building a new life with Peter, starting over. She also has some kind of different innocence than we’ve seen before. She supports Peter and is just a bit more than an episodical character needed for the plot. Another character that has been rebooted is Flash Thompson, Peter’s bully. Of course, he still is a bully, but the writers decided to expose the other side of him. For me, it gives a glimpse at the future where after all Peter and Flash became friends and Spider-man’s ex- bully becomes a hero, Venom. Additionally, we had a chance to witness Happy’s great return, yay!? And finally RJ, we are here. He did good, what did you expect. But he didn’t steal the show, oh no. it was A Spider-man movie from the very end. Another pro of the movie is that there is no romance-centric plot. It’s not always about getting a girl people! Moving on, that scene! You know which one! You didn’t see that coming? Because I didn’t. Simple yet great plot twist. But enough about the plot. Then again, the marvellous Marvel logo that constantly gets better and SPIDER-MAN THEME! That’s right! The music was good, even though I was hoping to get another catch and a great soundtrack like we had in GoTG and GoTG vol2. Another thing that got me surprised was the camera. We’ve been served with a whole lot of scenes from new, and different angles. We got lots of different perspectives. General, big, from point of view and the best of all Peter’s vlog from Germany. Last but not least brilliance of the credits. It really makes you want to sit there and wait for the credits to end, not like we wouldn’t do this anyway. 😉 I heard someone saying that they were disappointed with Peter. He was making a fool of himself. He was constantly saying: “I’m sorry but I gotta go” and couldn’t get the job done right from the take one. But isn’t it just how his life goes? because from what I know it is. Peter is one of the most relatable and at the same time tragic (ok, maybe not that tragic) comic characters. Because of he always, always does what is right. No matter what. he sacrifices his personal life, his love his happiness to make the world a better place. This is the reboot. This is the beginning. This is young Peter learning to be a hero. Him learning about power and responsibility. Learning to stay closer to the ground. And even though teenage Peter being pulled into high schools drama does sound cliché it paradoxically isn’t. It’s good. It’s funny and it’s just simply Peter Parker’s life.PS. Don’t miss the extra Cap’s message, straight from Middletown High.

  • katie-pennington
    katie pennington

    This movie is a joke. First twenty minutes was a snooze fest. Michael Keaton was awesome but that’s just it. A millennial spiderman is what we have here folks. The selfie taking, amateur video making, overly enthusiastic and needy little puppet of Tony Stark. Not that millennials are silly but this shits on millennials. This was an old guy’s understanding of what goes through the mind of millennials. Aunt May is much younger and so attractive, the men are all after her, creepy, even tony stark was a slobbering mess upon seeing her. We get the point she’s hot.Even halfway through the movie spiderman’s a mess. OK he’s human so he makes mistakes got it but still its ridiculous. I did not get why the folks in this marvel universe were impressed with the youtube spiderman. Captain America’s fitness program lol. This spiderman is a loser that no one can depend on and the same goes for peter parker. All this guy did was get bit by a radioactive spider and really is nothing without the suit that Tony Stark made for him. Homecoming? Again lol. Plus she was peter’s date. That is all they were never really boyfriend and girlfriend. This had to be said because when peter was fighting vulture guy, Peter was like “fighting your girlfriend’s dad during the homecoming night”. Also dare I say, Peter is bad news to all his girlfriends or love interests. Only the cameos and the link to the marvel universe is what redeems it. The almost use of the F-word twice was kinda funny I suppose. In the end when Captain America says the key to a great superhero is patience and something about being disappointed. I totally have to agree with him. This spiderman is very impatient and a big disappointment. The Green Lantern movie was better than this and I know you all hate that film.

  • domingo-ferrari
    domingo ferrari

    Spider-Man Homecoming is a great Spider-Man movie and a great MCU movie and a great movie in general. I like how they made this film more of a teen comedy, it really works well. Tom Holland is not only a great Spider-Man but also a great Peter Parker. Tobey Maguire was a great Peter Parker but not a great Spider-Man. Andrew Garfield was a great Spider-Man but not a great Peter Parker. But Tom Holland is both. Vulture is also a great villain as well. One of my nitpicks with the film is that the spidey sense doesn’t seem to be present. And it can be a bit predictable at times as well. Overall Spider-Man Homecoming is a great Spider-Man film and a great MCU film.

  • rodolfo-zoe-amador-barraza
    rodolfo zoe amador barraza

    This movie was straight garbage. I think that it probably was the worst superhero movie in the last 10 years. The only positives in the movie were some special effects and The Vulture character, who was the only one with a compelling story in this movie.Now, before I get into the negatives, I want to point out that Spiderman is in my top 3 Marvel superheroes. So the fact that I hated this movie says a lot…First of all Peter Parker is supposed to be 15 in this movie and in reality he looks like he is 11. How am I supposed to take a superhero seriously if he looks and acts like an 11 year old? Second mistake made by this movie is that they completely changed all characters in the Spidey universe. There is no Mary Jane here (except for that stupid MJ thing at the end which almost made me vomit), there is no Gwen Stacey, Flash Gordon is an Indian geek guy that for some reason Peter is so afraid of (he even backs out from him at at some point), Peter’s best friend is absolutely worthless and is just a complete pain in the ass, we have almost no interest for Peter’s love story cause the director fails to make us care, the battle scenes are average, almost every joke in the movie is juvenile and cringeworthy (I think I only laughed one or two times) and the most important thing of them all, Spiderman is made to look like he is worthless. That last thing is my biggest problem with this movie. They made Spiderman wear a high tech suit that talks to him and has all kinds of fancy gadgets and as a result they made him look like a less useful version of Iron Man. Tony designed his suit, his webs and essentially every other thing that this suit has. The only ability Spiderman has, is his ability to be able to climb walls since they also took away his spidey senses… So by that, anyone could have been Spiderman and that’s just wrong since, for most people, Spiderman is Marvel’s biggest hero and the movie COMPLETELY fails to showcase that. Highly disappointing film and I recommend to avoid watching it since it will be a waste of your time…

  • vladislav-simek
    vladislav simek

    Please take my review with a grain of salt. I don’t really write reviews, but I really felt compelled to say something about this movie and it’s decaying genre.I’m conflicted, because I know my opinion is getting more and more jaded with every new superhero flick- but I am quickly reaching the end of my rope here. All these movies feel so predictable and cliché anymore, and as much as I truly want to enjoy them it is becoming more and more difficult.The main actors in this movie were pretty good, but what can you do with yet another weak story that has already been rehashed in other films. The writing felt subpar, and in the end it came off as being full of gimmicks and convenient sub plot.It just doesn’t feel real anymore, it doesn’t feel believable. It feels like a fantasy world created for superfans who never take a step back and critique.These superhero movies are becoming more and more uninspired, and while I try to give them all a chance I am just getting tired of it all. It feels like the quality is being diluted, all that matters anymore is the quantity. All that matters is the money.I still hold out hope- just look at the ‘zombie’ genre. Just because there is dilution within the genre doesn’t mean a sporadic gem can’t be made. However, if you are of a similar mindset as me, you might want to keep looking elsewhere.Thanks for reading!

  • phileine-van-waas-van-herstal
    phileine van waas van herstal

    Seriously the worst Spiderman movie I’ve watched. The first three movies in my opinion were the best. In this film Peter Parker is portrayed as a hyperactive, silly, and immature teenager. They make him seem very weak and unimportant compared to other avengers. Furthermore I disagree with the use of gadgets and high tech suit. This is not how Spiderman should be portrayed and remembered. Honestly Spiderman is my favourite superhero and I grew up with him, but with the original Spiderman not this silly version and I’m just sad that people will now have this view of Spiderman instead of how Spiderman used to be and SHOULD be.

  • kifaye-yildirim-karadeniz
    kifaye yildirim karadeniz

    Jon Watts (Director of Clown and Cop Car) perfects the character and charm of Spider-Man that we all love from the comics without doing disservice to either fans of both the Raimi and Amazing Spider-Man franchises with a fun superhero movie oozing with joy with its great cast and characters, big and small, as well as an ‘amazing’ performance from Tom Holland who brilliantly combines what Maguire and Garfield brought to the character by truly demonstrating the differences and similarities between the awkward nerd Peter Parker and the quippy crime fighting Spider-Man. The film also gives many critics of Marvel’s lack of great villains what they want most, a relatable villain that is as, if not more, interesting than the hero itself and not only is great adversary physically but also psychologically and we see this with Michael Keaton’s excellent portrayal of the Vulture. What Spider-Man: Homecoming does best, however, is its attention to detail and world building put into the town of Queens, which feels more real and believable than any other fictional world we have seen in the MCU, making Spider-Man: Homecoming one of the best chapters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and another great example for future superhero movies to learn from.

  • ltaa-anupm
    ltaa anupm

    Spoilers and review coming from a Spider-Man fan. I want to say if I knew nothing about Spider-Man, this movie was good. But sadly I loved him and grew up with spidey. The movie was a typical marvel movie and funny at parts. But the rest, they hurt my inner child ruining spidey. Tom Holland was a great Peter Parker and Spider-Man. But the producers and creative team behind this, ruined Spider-Man. I don’t know how Stan lee could could happy with this. My god. They ruined Spider-Man. Spider-Man never needed a high tech suit, with all the gadgets and a damn voice helping him like batman and iron man. They made him look pathetic and took away his intelligence. Spider man relied on his abilities, not tech. This movie made iron man look responsible for the creation and power behind Spider-Man. Any kid could have been potentially Spider-Man with iron mans help then. Other than sticking to walls according to this movie. No spidey sense and no further explanation on his abilities. Next, the flash. My god what were they thinking with him? A small Indian kid, smaller than tom Holland even?? Not a jock and hardly intimidating. That’s not flash. He’s suppose to be a dumb jock and bully. Not a hardly noticeable nerd bully on a math team picking on Peter. Aunt may. What…why they make her a hot mom figure. She’s suppose to be old, not long luscious hair and sexy. People hitting on her all the time. Why?? Spider-Mans webbing was lame and made him look oblivious to using it. He barely created it, tony did all the work. Other than a moment in class we saw him making some and the end where he used his old webbing. His love interest was lame and they made the vulture her dad??? Really? And then end put a nail in the coffin. The Michelle random character….calling herself MJ. Please no. She cannot be or replace Mary Jane. And can’t even nod to Gwen Stacy. There was so much political correct crap in this. I don’t mind changing the characters into other races, but doing it just for the sake of doing it was lame. Making flash Indian, making his friend who also could be the hobgoblin Asian, and probably maybe getting rid of Mary Jane as Michelle who is black. Does Hollywood have something against red heads?? Every girl or hero who has red hair in the comics is never ginger. The shocker was terrible. No custom and lame. And they needed two of him too? Stupid. Just everything about this movie killed my inner child and spat in my face for making comic book and cartoons of my beloved Spider-Man a waste of time. Oh and people figured out who Spider-Man was quickly. The vulture, his friend, iron man obviously, and drum roll….his aunt may. Already aunt may?? Unless they make another movie and add a dumb excuse like, oh I just like the costume and I made one. How stupid. I’m sorry to tom Holland for being involved in this. This was not a true version of Spider- Man. If you know nothing of Spider-Man then you’ll probably enjoy this movie. But if you know anything about him, his story and who he is, Hollywood shat on it. RIP spidey in the movies. They can’t get a simple concept down of him. They have to add a bunch of garbage. This is my one big review of a movie and I never bothered to make one this in depth, but I couldn’t keep it in. Plus the post credit scene was even lamer at the very end. To add to that, they brought back the ugliest captain America costume that made him look like a joke in the first avengers.

  • fazekas-sandor-attila
    fazekas sandor attila

    After the more adult cliff hanger of the last film, one would expect Spider-man to follow a more mature & intelligent return than this spin-off slop! What is this? Spider-Kid?All the action is virtually impossible to follow as per the trite “shaky cam” technique & the score is forgettable. Characters exclaim at one another as the script kills brain cells. But seriously! This toddler looks so silly in the custom I’m surprised his sleeves down drape over his hands!

  • hnumaan-luuthraa
    hnumaan luuthraa

    Its Ferris Bueller’s Day Off meets Spiderman! This movie truly captures the fun of high school. A lighter superhero movie that is less of a save the world story and more of a coming of age story for Peter. The arc is fantastic, and the villain is one of the best. One of the most rewatchable films in the MCU because how fun yet heart-warming it is despite its lack of gravitas.

  • tuula-vayrynen-aho
    tuula vayrynen aho

    As a lifelong Spidey fan I was expecting good things of Homecoming. Sadly – and I appreciate that I seem to be in the minority – it did not deliver for me. Let’s start with the positives: Michael Keaton’s Vulture was everything a villain should be with an added layer of charm and depth. The high school setting and our youngest Peter so far was definitely a step in the right direction (Tom Holland is a very capable actor although though his voice did grate after a while). Even the menacing Mac Gargan, a potential ‘Scorpion’, was a great addition.Now the negatives. I think the casting for Flash Thompson, Liz Allen and Ned Leeds was absolutely ridiculous. Flash is supposed to be a jock who bullies Peter – not a smaller Asian guy who is also a member of the same quiz team! And that throwaway ‘M J’ comment at the end – unforgivable!!! The costume AI also didn’t work for me. I appreciate that this is a tool to integrate Spidey into the MCU – but for me he works better when he is on his own, a guy in a cloth suit overcoming the odds with a mixture of bravery and science. I can appreciate that Homecoming had some issues to get over, especially as the other movie incarnations covered his unique origin in such depth. Was it brave to avoid the origin altogether – or did it detract from really getting us onside? Maybe a 20 minute opening section with Peter narrating, recapping his origin might have helped…I’ve no doubt that younger viewers would have enjoyed this movie (and maybe that was the aim), but fans of the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s Spidey might have wondered what had happened to their favourite wallcrawler.For me, the first 45 minutes of Raimi’s ‘Spider-Man’ nailed it and SM2 was equally as good. My GF, who has no knowledge of the Spider- Man lore, left the cinema with me and remarked ‘that was the worst one’.Though I don’t necessarily agree with that comment, I certainly wasn’t ready to hail SM:Homecoming as an all conquering triumph, instead a rather weak chapter in the MCU series.Sorry Spidey, I so wanted to love this movie! Maybe better next time…

  • joseph-morris
    joseph morris

    First of all, I could not recognize Michael Keaton as Adrian during viewing this film. Actually I surprised everybody is getting old without clear notice… American comic style differs from Japanese one. And I’m quite familiar with Hayao Miyazaki’s animations. Although I have allergy to see American comic films, I really love this one! This is a kind of story that a super hero who is hiding his true identity and mission lives normally student life of his own. Only an incident happens, he becomes a hero to deal with villains. And villains are searching his whereabouts for revenge. A kind of student version of Bat man. The most interesting plot is Peter’s girl friend’s father is the antagonist, Adrian! The action line and emotional line of story are perfectly combined into one at the end of Act 2. The result of the battle is Peter=Spiderman wins over the antagonist. And the filmmaker did not have Adrian survive. I think it is too realistic, and everyone wants Adrian do not die as a father of Pete’s girl friend. Anyway, the entire expression of film art is perfect!