Elmer is a dry cleaner. He is madly in love with stage star Trilby Drew; for each of her 35 performances, he dons someone else’s tuxedo and races to the theatre. When Trilby’s co-star boyfriend gets engaged to a socialite, she marries Elmer to get even, assuming Elmer is a millionaire (since his clothes are so snazzy.) But she’s clearly still in love with her scoundrelous co-star, and her manager makes her leave Elmer, trying to pay him off so the papers don’t hear about her marriage to a “cheap pants presser.” Can Elmer win her love? Maybe a sea voyage will help.

Also Known As: Die unvollkommene Ehe, Брак назло Soviet, O Figurante, O Noivo Cara-Dura, Trotzheirat, Galop-Skræderen, Le figurant, Małżeństwo na złość, Matrimonio forzado, Io... e l'amore, Marido por despecho, Bleka grevens bröllop, Spite Marriage, Kiusanaimiset, キートンの結婚狂, Kalpean kreivin häät, El comparsa, Busters vilda fru, Házasság dacból, Gabros apo peisma

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