Jonathan Cooper is wanted by the police who suspect him of killing his lover’s husband. His besotted friend Eve Gill offers to hide him and Jonathan explains to her that his real lover, actress Charlotte Inwood is the real murderer. Eve decides to investigate for herself, but when she meets the detective in charge of the case, she truly falls in love.

Also Known As: Plankenkoorts, Félelem a reflektorfényben, Страх сцены Soviet, Hrůza na jevišti Czech, Desesperación, Le Trac, Ridån går ned, Rémület a színpadon, Panique, Pânico nos Bastidores, Pahud Bama, Sahne Korkusu, Ponemeno romantzo, O dolofonos erhetai kathe vrady, Stage Fright, Lampefeber, Tréma Czech, Esirippu laskee, Rampfeber, Det store alibi, Alfred Hitchcock's Stage Fright, Trema, Die rote Lola, Pànic a l'escenari, Le grand alibi, Het groot alibi, Die rote Lola West, Pavor nos Bastidores, Πονεμένο ρομάντζο, Pánico en la escena, Spaimă pe scenă, Paura in palcoscenico, Misdaad achter het voetlicht

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