On an idyllic day at the beach, Alison and her younger brother, Kevin, are saved from a vicious shark attack by the brooding and mysterious Daniel. To Alison’s mother, Diana, Daniel is a hero. To Alison’s boyfriend, Carson, Daniel is a threat whose stories don’t quite add up. Daniel charms his way into Diana’s heart and home, but Alison grows suspicious of his odd and protective behavior. When Alison’s loved ones start to go missing, she discovers Daniel isn’t who he says he is, and that he has a dark past with a body count. “Daniel” won’t stop until Alison belongs to him, and she must stop him before Kevin and Diana become his next victims.

Also Known As: A Predator's Obsession: Stalker's Prey 2, Stalker's Prey 2, A Predator's Obsession

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  • stankevicius-jurgita
    stankevicius jurgita

    I watched this movie under the title “A Predator’s Obsession”. Under either title, it’s a pretty good movie. It is, however, a little rougher than usual. I’m not complaining. It’s just that I was a little surprised at the amount violence. The cast is fine and they all do a nice job. The story took a couple of turns that I did not expect. The locations were great. I plan on driving to check out Niantic, CT this summer. It’s only a couple of hours away and the area looks really nice in “A Predator’s Obsession”. Honorable mention: a dreamy Sarah Wisser.