While the First Order continues to ravage the galaxy, Rey finalizes her training as a Jedi. But danger suddenly rises from the ashes as the evil Emperor Palpatine mysteriously returns from the dead. While working with Finn and Poe Dameron to fulfill a new mission, Rey will not only face Kylo Ren once more, but she will also finally discover the truth about her parents as well as a deadly secret that could determine her future and the fate of the ultimate final showdown that is to come.

Also Known As: STAR WARS:天行者的崛起, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Zvaigzdziu Karai. Skaivokerio iskilimas, Star Wars: Tian Xing Zhe De Jue Qi, Star Wars: Skywalker Trỗi Dậy, Gwiezdne wojny: Skywalker - odrodzenie, Star Wars: Skywalker Η άνοδος, Zvaigžņu kaŗi: Skaivokera atdzimšana, Star Wars: L'ascens de Skywalker, 星球大戰: 天行者崛起 Hong, Star Wars: Vzostup Skywalkera, Star Wars: Der Aufstieg Skywalkers, Междузвездни войни: Възходът на Скайуокър, Star Wars: A Ascensão Skywalker, Star Wars: Episode IX- The Rise of Skywalker, Star Wars: Episodio IX - L'ascesa di Skywalker, 星球大战9:天行者崛起, Xing Qiu Da Zhan: Tian Xing Zhe Jue Qi Hong, Зоряні війни: Скайвокер. Сходження, Star Wars: Vzestup Skywalkera Czech, Star Wars: Episódio IX, Star Wars: Skywalker'in Yükselisi, Star Wars: Episodio IX - El ascenso de Skywalker, スター・ウォーズ スカイウォーカーの夜明け, Star Wars: Uspon Skajvokera, Star Wars: Episode IX - Der Aufstieg Skywalkers, Star Wars: Episódio IX - A Ascensão de Skywalker, Star Wars: Episode IX, Star Wars: L'ascesa di Skywalker, Vojna zvezd: epizoda IX - Vzpon Skywalkerja, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker New, スター・ウォーズ スカイウォーカーの夜明け, Звёздные войны: Скайуокер. Восход, Ratovi Zvijezda: Uspon Skywalkera, Star Wars: Black Diamond, Star Wars: Skywalker kora, Star Wars: El ascenso de Skywalker, Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker, Milkhemet Ha'Kokhavim: 'Aliyato shel Skywalker, Star Wars: L'ascension de Skywalker, Star Wars: el ascenso de Skywalker

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  • mr-aaron-thompson
    mr aaron thompson

    Definitely awfulOne of the most awful Mary Sues that i have ever watched

  • joshua-combs
    joshua combs

    A terrible movie for Star Wars, cinema or art fans. It crushes the force and takes Mary Sue-ism and unexplained occurrences to a new height. Frankly, and we have known this all along, the actors and actresses are poor.What is laughable is how the Disney contractors spamming here keep talking about how JJ Abrams saved the trilogy. Boys, tell head office to give you a new script, will you? JJ Abrams was the hack who ruined Star Wars in place. He was also the producer on the Rian Johnson impostor film.

  • ortansa-albu
    ortansa albu

    I can’t call this movie good. I yawned my way through the first half and when it finally started telling a story in the second half, I hated the story they told. I shouldn’t be surprised from what they did in the previous movies though.I just wish they respected the history of the movies and didn’t try so hard to outdo everything that came before.

  • kristin-mikkelsen
    kristin mikkelsen

    Okay, let’s review the evidence you have after you see a good movie.1) You know every character by name. You can relate to at least one of the characters. 2) You can remember some real cool dialog, whether it is funny or dramatic or meaningful. 3) You suspend your disbelief. This is especially important for science fiction. Although sci-fi is fantasy it should at least put boundaries on its physics so that even though characters have super human abilities there are still “reasonable” limits on them. If only a 4 year old can suspend their disbelief for 2 hours then something is wrong. 4) Some sort of classic story telling pattern is used. There is a well defined conflict along with information that tells you the context of what is happening. You should know how each character gives meaning to the story. The story should have some build up toward a climax and then a meaningful conclusion. 5) You feel that the use of emotion in the movie fits the story. In other words, the music isn’t super dramatic for someone brushing their teeth. The music and the story fit together, and you do not feel like you are being manipulated to feel things that the story does not deserve to invoke. 6) The movie is well paced. It does not jump from scene to scene like some crazy video game, and it is also not too slow. There is action where is make sense and quiet moments where thought and planning happen. Why is the necessary? Because this is how real life is, and in order for a movie to feel real the pacing has to be realistic. Furthermore, too fast of pacing is even worse then too slow because it puts the viewer to sleep with a barrage of information that causes the viewer to shut down mentally. 7) The movie can stand on its own. If this was the only movie that a viewer has seen from this story line then it should still be good. The movie shouldn’t be trying to pull all its meaning from previous episodes. This would violate the formula of good story telling. 8) The movie has original content, thoughts, ideas. Sometimes cleverness alone warrants making a movie. Everyone wants something fresh, even if it’s an extrapolation of previous ideas.This episode of Star Wars failed all of these criteria.

  • dimitri-tqeshelashvili
    dimitri tqeshelashvili

    They hired perennial corporate accounting hack JJ Abrams, didn’t they? Vision, integrity, hope, you know the stuff of Star Wars be darned. Then JJ brought in a bunch of cheap actors and actresses, including his girl Daisy (casting couch was before or after I don’t know), and voila a film to sell a billion dollars and sell Made In China toys.By the way, I know everyone keeps repeating the line, but as sure as the food at Burger king is actually vomit and not food there will be another trilogy in about 2 years.

  • sten-van-den-bosch
    sten van den bosch

    This will come down in history as a perfect example how to not handle a trilogy, movie just introduces absurd reveals out of nowhere and expects audience to roll with it. That results with the ending which should have emotional payoff, but it feels so unearned… Whole trilogy is a mess seriously, half of the plot points here should have been revealed in EP8… Skip the cinema and just wait for it to drop into streaming websites.

  • aashaa-mngt
    aashaa mngt

    It’s not a question of what kind of fans you are or not. It has nothing to do with conforming to world criticism and not, it has only one thing: to be objective. The film never takes off, it looks like a long, immense, endless trailer, with a story with a very strong potential, but treated as one of the worst stories in pre-production phases. If the other two chapters of the new trilogy (Episode VII and VIII) had disappointed you, then this will make you dream, but in your imagination, because the film does not help your imagination. It is true that there has been a need to rectify events that have already been treated badly, but the film lacks pathos, rhythm and appropriate characterization. Despite this, for the most avid nostalgics, the film will be bearable and watchable. A bitter conclusion, for a stellar saga.

  • horea-aanei
    horea aanei

    This new Star Wars trilogy is a tragedy, and the plot makes no sense in TROS, it just wasn’t built up at all from the previous movies and is completely disconnected. And this new trilogy (specially TLJ and TROS) totally nullify everything story wise before it. To put it short Space Balls had more respect for Star Wars than Disney, and JJ makes Michael Bay look like Steven Spielberg. So as a long time Star Wars fan i will just pretend the new trilogy never existed and stick with the first 1-6 movies and Rouge One.

  • dora-valentic
    dora valentic

    … which is that there was no overarching story to this trilogy planned.Say what you will about the prequels -years later they aren’t considered secretly great or misunderstood. But they did one thing right. They expanded the universe of Star Wars with more world building and more lore, some good, some bad. The prequel story, while stilted, was the product of a single vision. In the end you had bad execution with good building blocks.The Sequel Trilogy doesn’t expand anything, instead it makes everything smaller. Star Wars has never felt so small and tired as it does after The Rise of Skywalker. Each movie exists just to tear down and apologize for what came before it. Anakin/Vader’s entire character arc is completely and unforgivably undermined after this film.Overall the movie was so bloated and overstuffed with choppy pacing to course-correct from The Last Jedi. It’s Flanderization in action. The original movies had so many little touches and so much atmosphere and craftsmanship beyond a few big reveals, neat action set pieces, and bizarre coincidences with the same ten people running into one another over and over. The original films built iconic imagery and characters in the context of them doing things and bonding and building. This was not always perfectly done, but it was done well enough to feel meaningful.You can’t just write a movie with the assumption you already have all of those things and skip the work it takes to get them. You can trick people for awhile by using the familiar imagery and beats and deconstructing the world with meta-humor (Abrams did that well for The Force Awakens if nothing else), but you just cash in that goodwill and cheapen all of that stuff by association.Oh well, the big action movies these days are indeed made for children and China – I can’t remember who recently said that, but it’s true.

  • ida-gustafsson
    ida gustafsson

    Don’t believe the good reviews. JJ and his contractors are spamming. Otherwise, don’t get why people are giving it good reviews. I also find it disrespectful towards good storytelling. The movie was also a sad insult to Carrie Fisher. I personally really disliked it and thought there was a lot of nonsense. Bad way to end it! How about next time you put a super slender girl in microskirt and boots in your movies, JJ?? That way I won’t hate myself for paying $15 for a ticket.

  • t-ina-tspnets-yan
    t ina tspnets yan

    What is the Disney Star Wars trilogy about? If you can summarize it in one sentence what will it be? You might say is the story of a scavenger girl searching for her origin. But was Ray really searching for her origins in TFA? Most likely her origins were encountered by luck; then denied in TLJ; then forced back again in TROS. So no, the trilogy wasn’t about her origins. You might say it was about the journey of becoming a Jedi. But that would be also incorrect since the main character is a Jedi since day one without any particular training. Finally, you might say it’s the sequel for the Skywalker family saga. But that also would be incorrect since in TLJ it is very clear stated that family and origins are not important and Ray is nobody. Anybody can be a Jedi. That fact is very well illustrated in the final scene of that movie where a kid without training is using the force with a broom. It’s about friendship? The characters barely get to know each other. It’s about the constant fight between good and evil inside our souls? The main character is flawless, saviour like, no real threat is summon upon her. So, what the hell are these movies about? My friends, you will find more character development in any Latin soup opera than in these movies. Sad ending for such a franchise.

  • iuri-goc-irize
    iuri goc irize

    A mess of a movie to end a messy trilogy. No explanation of Palpatine’s return. Ren serving Palpatine all of a sudden. No explanation for Knights of Ren. Redemption of Ren. Over powered Rey. Leia was apparently trained as a Jedi. Palpatine “long have I waited” to be killed by my grand daughter so she can be empress. Why would he wait to rise again to give up all his power by saying “kill me”. So much trying to fix Ep 8…THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DONT MAKE AN OVER ARCHING STORY FOR THE TRILOGY. MOVIE MAKING 101. WRITE YOUR STORY. THIS TRILOGY IS A MESS AND BACKED JJ INTO A CORNER & NOW WE END UP WITH AN AWFUL FINALE FOR A 40 YEAR SAGA. Characters are dropped from Ep 8, irrelevant new characters. Hated her saying Rey Skywalker & Ben/Rey kiss….Just SO disappointed. Only thing K Kennedy has done I’ve liked is Mandalorian and Rogue One, her trilogy is AWFUL. MAKE A PLAN WHEN ATTEMPTING A TRILOGY.

  • gregory-durham
    gregory durham

    I was really looking forward to the new sequel. Now it’s done I can only marvel at the stupidity of those in charge.Apparently, George Lucas sold them his own outlines/treatments for the sequel trilogy – Disney binned them. They thought the talent they had/could hire would do so much better… However, it is now perfectly clear now that Disney didn’t even have solid narrative arc defined for 7, 8 and 9. Not one they committed to at least.Perhaps Abrams had written one, but Rian Johnson was not required to follow it. Perhaps the powers-that-be thought placing any creative shackles on their super talented hire would stifle their genius. Whatever had been the original plan, TLJ took a wrecking ball to it.Perhaps the new trilogy might have worked if they had contracted one person to lead the story through the three films – but no. IX was only helmed by JJ Abrams because the Colin Trevorrow left due to ‘creative differences’. So ‘The plan’ was to hand each film a different director/writer – except the panic button was hit and they got Abrams back to try to dig the Trilogy out of the narrative hole it was in.Such a mess…

  • noah-aarden
    noah aarden

    JJ Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy made their buck off the back of the fans and George Lucas’ vision. They are smiling, laughing, celebrating and downing champagne. Star Wars, vision and the force be damned. Who cares about that crap? We have a quarterly dividend and stock market to satisfy.How do I know?When fans laughed or shook their heads at The Force Awakens’ rip off and gender switch of A New hope JJ Abrams did it here again with the resurrection of a long dead character.When fans demanded the magic and Mary Sue-ism stop. JJ did it again with inexplicable and unexplained occurrences.When fans demanded that the new trilogy respect the rules of the force and respect the jedi what did this episode do? Ignore all that and give us new skins for stormtroopers in games instead.That is all that counts with The Rise Of Skywalker: the rise of hordes of cash at Disney headquarters.

  • michael-barker
    michael barker

    One of the first movies I remember seeing in the theater as a child was Return of the Jedi. I can still remember the loud applause of the crowd at the powerful scene where Darth Vader saves his son and throws the Emperor to his death. My dad stood up and cheered as did many others in the audience. As I got older and watched that entire trilogy (and later on, as a young adult, watching the prequels) I realized the overall theme of that franchise and the importance of that moment: A person’s fall from grace because of the seduction of evil and their redemption through the light. It made the moment of Vader’s/ Anakin’s redemption at the end of ROTJ that much more powerful; the emperor was destroyed and Anakin fufilled his destiny as the chosen one.Well, that powerful theme of the original was destroyed by this one. Like others, I was somewhat disappointed by the Force Awakens and the Last Jedi. However, I didn’t hate them, enjoyed them for the entertainment they were, and figured we judge a trilogy as a whole. Well, the judgement is in and Rise of Skywalker not only fails on it’s own right, it brings down Disney’s entire trilogy as the story didn’t even continue of the themes of it’s own sequel trilogy, nevermind the originals. Here are some of my issues, especially as it spits on the spirit of the originals and even prequels:1-The Emperor- We find out suddenly, within the first seconds of the “opening crawl” of the movie, and out of the blue, that the Emperor is alive. That erases the entire story line of the first six movies and erased the emotional impact of the end of ROTJ and Anakin’s redemption I just spoke of. Ok, well, at least we can get a cool backstory of how the Emperor survived being thrown down a shaft of a soon exploded death star? Nope, not a one mention of how he survived other than the throw away line of “unnatural abilities.” And other characters in the movie don’t seem shocked about his sudden return. It’s just a simple, oh, Palpatine is alive….so anyway. Remember, he was the ultimate bad guy of the universe. The universe celebrated the end of an evil empire upon his death. It shows the poor writing, in the same way we never find out how Kylo got Vader’s helmet or how Maz got Luke’s light saber. The “story for another time” line gets even weaker if the trilogy comes and goes without the explanation or the story. And what did Finn want to tell Rey? I guess we don’t need to know. But I do guess good writing doesn’t matter as long as you have cool CGI special effects and “woke” characters.2- Rey being Palpatine’s granddaughter. The whole theater laughed at the reveal. Yes, laughter. Not the gasps of the “I am Your Father ” line of Empire. There should be laughter as this is just another example of poor writing. When did Palpatine have time for a child? I must have missed that in the prequel trilogy. If we do the math, he would have to have been the older man during his time as chancellor when his son was born. As simple as Rian Johnson’s explanation in The Last Jedi was, “your parents were nobodies”, I can even accept that over the Palpatine connection. Heck, at least that showed any average person can have force abilities.3-New force powers- No one studies them, but rather they just learn them out of the blue. Giving objects through the air. Lol A sudden ability to heal and bring back to life. Wow, Anakin sure could have used this to save Padme. Again, bad writing.4-The character of Rey-I like her character and she really could have been a strong female character for young girls to look up to in the same way Leia was in the original trilogy. However, they, in modern Hollywood fashion, had to go to the extreme and pander and make her a perfect character, more powerful than anyone in Star Wars history, without the need to train or have flaws. It’s almost like they brought the dead Emperor back for the sole purpose of her being the one to kill him.5-Kylo’s redemption. This was also handed too quickly. And the ending kiss with Rey, the theater laughed at this part as well. Kylo also spent three movies trying to talk to the spirit of his dead grandfather Vader…how powerful would it have been to have the Force ghost of Anakin appear and talk to him about his own errors and redemption. That could have really tied three trilogies together.5- The whole final battle- Horses running on star destroyers, Sith lightening into space, all destoyers lined up in a row for an easy target, I could go on about the mess of the whole ending. Or how about Palpatine sucking the life force out of Rey and Kylo. I mean, he should have just done that to Luke in ROTJ and moved on.I’m done with my perspective. I don’t blame the actors, they only read the lines they are provided with. Given better writing, this could have been a great trilogy. You wonder if these people even “got” what the old movies were about? Even John Williams’ amazing score couldn’t save this one. Everyone is free to have their own opinion, but as for mine, this movie will not be judged well. This movie lacks the heart and soul of George Lucas, which is clearly missing. This is the first and only review I have ever written on imdb, which shows my disdain for what they did to this once great franchise. For anyone wanting a true sequel to the original movies, read some of the old novels, starting with the Thrawn trilogy. They build on the Star Wars and Lucas legacy, without trying to destroy it.

  • irina-baida
    irina baida

    This just came in over the wire: The Skywalker family is suing Jar Jar Abrams and his sugar mamma Kathleen Kennedy. Also named as accessory is the CEO and entire board of directors of sith central (Di$$$ney).According to court documents the lawsuit revolves around two facts:1- Bad Robot and Disney have slandered the name Skywalker and dragged it through the mud. The name is now derided and worth nothing.2- The events depicted in this feature are so nonsensical and stupid that physical pain and mental anguish has been inflicted on the Skywalker family and their former fans.Legal experts we have interviewed are unanimous, “The Mary Sue, sugar mamma and the sith director have 100% probability of losing this lawsuit.”

  • tiit-kilk
    tiit kilk

    Let us be frank with one another okay? This film is not needed, the whole trilogy was unneeded,there is no rule that says that Star Wars or any film needs to be a trilogy.Star Wars under Disney is a series looking for a reason to exist. Lucas, before he became a greedy sell-out, had a vision and an idea. he also had talent. The current crew are uniformly sad. There is no reason for the emo, masculine Mary Sue, fake clone or the impostor emperor to exist and they all require us to suspend disbelief anyway. The current gang has no story to tell.This film is stitched together to plug the holes JJ and Disney themselves created. Do not watch it.

  • marianthe-basilopoulou
    marianthe basilopoulou

    I had a thought watching this, “How did Disney allow this clusterfk to happen?” But then it all made sense (or cents). It’s the Disney approach to commodifying our childhood stories and fantasies and turning it into a production line, churning out identical, packaged goods all in one colour. (In other words, the same crap over and over again).Admittedly, I wasn’t terribly shocked watching this, I had time to process all the disgust from Force Awakens, so I had very low expectations. Yet it still didn’t fail to disappoint.I mean, WHAT trilogy? It’s like a cringe-worthy email spat between two directors, each trying to cancel out the other’s points, yet pretending to be civil. Rian Johnson at least had the balls to try to have a vision, but failed spectacularly in execution. But then again, he’s inheriting the mess started with Abrams.Now Abrams, if you remember at all from Lost, is not a trustworthy storyteller. He hoodwinked all of us into believing his increasingly tangled web of plots and subplots was going to be somehow resolved in a brilliant ending that will cement his place as one of the truly great auteurs of our time. Of course, now we know better. This is not a storyteller who is faithful to the narrative. He’s a music video director, creating tantalising plot points only to dismiss them with silly or lazy answers.And that’s what Rise of Skywalker is, a music video/ 2-hour trailer. Scenes are just stringed together without rhyme or reason like Rey jumping over TIE fighter. (that’s in the trailer so not a spoiler). Cool for the sake of being cool. Emperor and a huge fleet pops back out of thin air because the plot calls for it. Ending is a joke. Nonsensical action, some witty banter, some emotional moments – what a mess in the hands of a mediocre director.Zero original ideas, zero vision. Zero emotional investment in the story. Zero chemistry between leads. Such forgettable, inconsistent characters. Can you believe this is George Lucas’ Star Wars?

  • jort-wilcken
    jort wilcken

    Unfortunately, this movie somehow reflects the way society’s been going on for the last 15-20 years – the ever growing trivilialization, consumerism and regurgitation of works of genius from past generations who paid blood, sweat and tears for their works to be seen, heard and fealt – all of this now to get a quick buck at the local mall. Shameful…shameful…

  • susan-myers
    susan myers

    1- to save us from paying for mary Sues2- to save us from Hollywood’s lack of creativity and laziness via sequels, prequels and franchises3- to deny JJ Abrams’ ex-wife more settlement money

  • hynek-blazek
    hynek blazek

    Thanks for your input and all the upvotes here.Now back to reality and a review for us viewers and Star Wars fans:The film is bad, as bad as the rest of the trilogy that was wholly unneeded and attempted to reboot the whole thing for Disney’s kiddie demographic via copying what Lucas had done albeit with weak actors and actresses, no character development and cheap directing.Face it: the dark side won. The emperor is back and can return anytime, Yoda is dead and his vision has been quashed and a Mary Sue is running around magically Mary Suing the universe. The minions of the dark side are deep inside Disney and Bad Robot headquarters and making a billion dollar a pop from their evil visions and hordes of lemmings pay it to them.PS: I love the ignorant and the spammers constantly writing ‘oh JJ fixed it.’ WHO DO YOU THINK RUINED IT IN THE FIRST PLACE? Your beloved sith JJ was the director of 7 and producer of 8.

  • arnfried-hande-pruschke
    arnfried hande pruschke

    For me Star wars have allways been about good storytelling.The original trilogy had a simple but strong and surprising story.The prequels had their faults but they still told a great story about how evil could rise to power under the nose of the good guys.The story in the rise of skywalker, is not existing. It just chaos. People running around doing stuff in a pace which seems to be an attempt to hide an incredible high amount of plot holes and inconsistencies. Even the ideas which could have been awesome fall flat due to the lack of an overall structure in the story and what seems to be a fear of surprising the fans.The use of the force and the depiction of the power structure in the galaxy, is so vague and not in line with what was established in the previous movies, that it almost break the logic of the franchise.If you just want a movie with stunning visuals, high amount of fan service and where everything happens as you predicted, then the rise of skywalker may be a good star wars movie.I liked the music and the visuals, but the lack of good storytelling and respect for ALL the previous movies mad me sad.

  • katie-walter
    katie walter

    When did Star Wars become Micheal Bay’s Transformers? I know it’s pretty much impossible to consistently follow-up the train wreck of The Last Jedi, but is this really the best they could come up with?This also might be the most inconsistent trilogy I’ve ever seen in my life, and I’ve seen a lot of movies. They didn’t have a plan from the start, and it’s super obvious just from watching these movies. JJ Abrams wrote The Force Awakens with no intention of finishing it, then Rian Johnson comes with The Last Jedi and selfishly says “F epsiode 7” and does his own edgelord thing. Not only ignoring JJ’s setup, but ignoring all Star Wars lore in general. Now with Rise of Skywalker, we have JJ clapping back at Rian, making most of Last Jedi pointless. Movies in this trilogy constantly retconning each other, it’s beyond than just a mess. Calling it a mess is a massive understatement. It’s like JJ Abrams and Rian Johnson rap battling each other, except in movie making form, and a huge brand loved by millions is no time for an immature rap battle.This movie’s plot is bad rip-off of Empire Stikes Back and Return of the Jedi combined. Rey finds out she’s Sidious’ granddaughter, similar to how Luke found out he’s Vader’s son. The entire final battle is a rip-off Sidious throne room scene in Return of the Jedi, except with none of the heart, and even cringe in some parts. And they already ripped off that same scene in Last Jedi, LOL! How many times are they gunna rip-off the same scene? Do they not have any orginal ideas? They also have Death Star returning again, kinda. Except they now put Death Star weapons on smaller ships, but it’s the same concept and makes no real difference, SMH! It also makes no sense, because there was a legit reason why the Death Star had to be that big in order to support a laser that strong to destroy entire planets. Why do these writers lack any tiny bit of creativity?I’m aware they say they stick to familiar things to play it safe, but that doesn’t means they should copy and paste everything from old movies. Have orginal ideas, but still has the heart of Star Wars, and keeps consistent with previous movies, that’s all they had to do, and obviously you can’t please all fans, but if they did they, they would please the majority of fans, way more than they pleased with this non-sense trilogy. It feels like these movies are made from a committee, rather than a man or team with a real vision, and are true fans of Star Wars.The action is also boring, bland, and forgettable. I’m willingly to forgive a bad or okay plot if the action is amazing, like John Wick for example, but this? No way. There isn’t one decent light saber fight in this entire movie. The Rey and Kylo rain fight was the best in the movie, but still mediocre. I know Star Wars is more than just light saber fights, but every movie should have at least 1 iconic light saber fight, especially when there’s no good plot to fall back on.It beyond boggles my mind how a billion-dollar franchise can be handled so poorly, and by one of the richest companies on Earth with almost unlimited resources. How are JJ Abarams and Rian Johnson such awful writers? How are they paid millions to do this? They should stick to only directing, and stay FAR AWAY from writing. I swear, I’ve seen way better and consistent writing from regular community college students. How did hacks like JJ and Rian gets so high up? I guess this is just further proof of, it’s just about who you know and what connections you have, not actual talent.Overall, boring, convoluted, boring characters I don’t care about, and very forgettable movie. I refuse to call this the end of the Skywalker saga. The real end of the Skywalker saga is the end of Return of the Jedi.

  • samuel-zijlmans
    samuel zijlmans

    This trilogy was horrible. Terrible story, universe continuity and ending. Such a disappointment. Typical results of big corporation making decisions based on executive KPIs rather than producing a great product.

  • dr-yurtseven-mefharet-gulen-soylu
    dr yurtseven mefharet gulen soylu

    The good: Cinematography MusicThe bad: No storyline. Palpatine came back somehow, was confronted by Rey and died again. It took her less than 2 minutes to finish him in the end all because dead Jedi suddenly decided to talk to her, comfort her she wasn’t alone.The ugly: Poe’s speech before going into battle reminded me of every medieval movie I can remember. Then, 2 minutes later I saw a bunch of horses running across the deck of a Star Destroyer, freakin HORSES!Rey dies (why??) then Ben resurrects her (how??), they kiss (why??) and then he dies (vanishes), how&why??The RISE of Skywalker?? The 2 last remaining Skywalkers DIE!! There is NO Skywalker left.PLOT-BLACK-HOLESI remember downloading the storyline of all 9 chapters 16 years ago. The final trilogy was supposed to be about Leia & Han’s kids, Luke’s kids, a cloned version of Luke, a cloned version of Vader/Anakin and Luke eventually becoming the most powerful Jedi of all time after finally defeating the Sith in their ancient temple. The entire trilogy felt mystic, dark and after reading all 9 chapters the final 3 were undoubtedly going to be a “save the best for last” scenario. I am so disappointed. Star Wars is dead. Count me out.