Pivoting around the lively Truvy Jones’ Louisiana beauty parlour, a tightly-knit band of friends, confront griefs, loss, life’s unforeseen tragedies and heartaches with what they do best: gossiping and sharing. The spirited diabetic and bride-to-be, Shelby; her always supportive mother, M’Lynn; Truvy’s gawky assistant, Annelle; the city’s curmudgeon, Ouiser; and the town’s former first lady, Clairee, are the warm Southern belles who know how to survive life’s challenges with their unwavering friendship. But when Shelby decides to conceive, things will turn upside down..

Also Known As: Flores de acero, Čelične magnolije, Celicne magnolije, Acélmagnóliák, Blommor av stål, Ocelové magnólie Czech, Teräskukat, Jeklene magnolije, Plienines magnolijos, Magnolien aus Stahl West, Стальные магнолии, Magnolias de acero, Passions tourmentées, Terasmagnooliad, Steel Magnolias, Ανθισμένες μανόλιες, Magnolien aus Stahl - Die Stärke der Frauen, Сталевi магнолii, Fiori d'acciaio, Стоманени магнолии, Blomster av stål, Potins de femmes, Det stærke køn, Stalowe magnolie, Çelik manolyalar, Magnolien aus Stahl - Die Stärke der Frauen West, Flores de Aço, Anthismenes manolies

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