It feels good to be bad…Assemble a team of the world’s most dangerous, incarcerated Super Villains, provide them with the most powerful arsenal at the government’s disposal, and send them off on a mission to defeat an enigmatic, insuperable entity. U.S. intelligence officer Amanda Waller has determined only a secretly convened group of disparate, despicable individuals with next to nothing to lose will do. However, once they realize they weren’t picked to succeed but chosen for their patent culpability when they inevitably fail, will the Suicide Squad resolve to die trying, or decide it’s every man for himself?

Also Known As: Yekhidat ha'mit'abdim, Suicide Squad: Gerçek Kötüler, Samoubilački tim, Bravo 14, Odred otpisanih, Samoubilački Odred Bosnia and, Отряд самоубийци, Legion samobójców, Odred odpisanih, Ομάδα αυτοκτονίας, Intihar Timi, Escuadrón Suicida, Esquadrão Suicida, L'escadron suicide, Savižudžiu burys, Jednotka samovrahov, Sjálfsmorðsteymið, Brigada sinucigasilor, Suicide Squad - Öngyilkos osztag, Sebevražedný oddíl Czech, Suicide Squad, Escuadrón suicida, Samoubilački Odred, Загiн самогубцiв, Samoubilački tim Bosnia and, Omada Aftoktonias, Task Force X, Отряд самоубийц, Biet Doi Cam Tu

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  • say

    I love this movie but it was kinda glitchy and most parts have sound and then after it would stop.

  • dime-lord
    Dime lord

    This movie is jaw dropping it’s incredible exzirating

  • ermakova-oksana-albertovna
    ermakova oksana albertovna

    Just awful -horrible dialogue, zero premise. Stereotype Squad as far as characters concerned…in particular the Asian ‘character’ which was obviously a laughably cynical afterthought and the Boomerang Joe or Pete (I didn’t care) – I mean, come on! Will Smith seemed embarrassed or wincing delivering his lines -hard to tell -and as for Jared Leto’s OTT indulgent ‘acting’ -sheesh. Margot Robbie was probably only one whose character had a few good lines. Sad to see the otherwise incredible actress from Secrets and Lies reduced to the ridiculous boss character. The CGI was awful, particularly the monster at the end. Didn’t make me feel anything toward the characters -no emotional resonance whatsoever.

  • sheila-reyes
    sheila reyes

    The whole plot of the movie was a mess. It really confused me what all the characters in the film was fighting for, I mean there was no real goal of the movie for the first 70% of the time. Then they set up the story in a way where the friend turns into the foe, and those friends are now facing this foe as their primary enemy and not the one it was shown at the beginning of the movie. I think the whole script was written by a total non professional guy who needs to again go through the basic levels of a film school. This movie made DC lose its fame towards its fans and I hope they bounce back in their next show. Thank you

  • catherine-hogan
    catherine hogan

    A soppy movie, full of sentimental suffering, mourning and all that popular now emo-stuff. In some episodes it does work, anyhow (Rick Flagg’s relation with the Enchantress has poor chemistry, but the tear- jerking does save the day). In some episodes it just annoys (there is a little hope for some better Harley-Joker sequences in the extended cut, but I’m speaking now only of the theatrical version).The film has many action scenes, not to say great, but definitely proper ones. And there are some interesting personae, Cap’n Boomerang for instance (though he is a petty copy of Dedpool, some unpleasant charisma about him can be felt). And there are idiotic scenes with the Joker. If you came to see how Harley Quinn became his true attendant, you will not see it. She just falls in love with her psycho patient, because — Well, because it was in the script. And so ends the story of the greatest love ever between two quirks: just not shown. As if there was nothing to show.I can’t say the movie is really bad (Margo Robby does all to turn it from a foolish, sentimental story into something more interesting, even at the count of simple fan-service). This is just a movie to watch when you want rest and relax. Almost no sense, absolutely no idea, characters, as it were, are to be judged only by their outlooks. Turn off your brain, just enjoy a nicely-made show.

  • taylor-holmes
    taylor holmes

    Talk about corny jokes, this movie is full of them. The story is so predictable and the characters are not good at all. Will Smith as Deadshot, bad, Harley Quinn, annoying, Killer Croc unbelievable, boomerang dumb, Joker just ridiculous.How did this movie get a 6.8? This was just dumb and the plot made no sense. Where are all the regular super heroes that originally caught the ss? Flash, Batman, etc…I really didn’t want to see this to begin with cause even the previews looked corny and bad but my son wanted to go so I took him. Save your money and watch it on video, it won’t be long.

  • olivia-medina
    olivia medina

    Suicide Squad is a tedious movie. I saw this last night and I’ve tried to forget it ever since. From the get go, the Suicide Squad anti-heroes are introduced one- by-one. Then, once they’re all given their backgrounds and clichéd introductions, they are delivered to their new boss, one . . . by . . . one. This consumes about the first 45 minutes, just before the meaningless action takes place. What’s really ironic, More time is spent describing their ironic natures than explaining their first mission. Consequently, their first foray just seems pointless, because it is. The character development was weak and I really didn’t care if they came back alive or not.HACK: In a fiction-writing context, the term is used to describe writers who are paid to churn out sensational, lower-quality “pulp” fiction such as “true crime” novels or action centered “super hero movies”.Batman Begins (screenplay/director: Christopher Nolan) is a study in character development. Suicide Squad (David Ayer writer/director) is a hack job if there ever was one. And yet it has a 6.9 as I write this, so I see shills at work. Time will water this “dog” to it’s real valuation, about 4.7 is my guess. I gave it a 1/10 because it’s was insultingly bad. PS – Will Smith is interesting as usual, but not nearly enough to recommend this. This movie is a study in rote-cliché, predictable and plodding screenplay development, and extremely poor dialogue. Dead Pool is SO much better, that is if you want to laugh at super heroes.

  • petra-karlsson
    petra karlsson

    Where to start…woe is me…where to start?!?! First I’ll say I was looking forward to this movie for a long time..like many people. All I really cared about was of course…the resurrection of The Joker!I think Jared Leto has the kind of God given talent that can never be taught to any actor. He was born with it, like Nicholson and Ledger before him. So needless to say I was absolutely stoked to see what he would do with such an iconic character. I didn’t really care much about anything else. Which leads me to say WOW! The marketing on this film was the definition of false advertisement. There were so many interesting story lines to play with here. The Joker and Harley Quinn with their demented love story wouldve been my first choice. It was Jared Leto and Margot Robbie that shouldve been leading this movie…NOT WILL SMITH! guys I can’t stress enough how much i dislike Will Smith. Guys this whole movie revolves around Will Smith playing Will Smith in a movie where he’s supposed to be playing Deadshot.God I can’t stress enough just how much he ruined this movie for me. Basically he did his whole schtick from Hancock but threw on an extra layer of “stereotypical hood black guy” and called it Deadshot. As an African American..I cringed every time he opened his mouth.Sorry about my Will Smith melt down…he is just really awful.I really would’ve liked to understand more about Enchantress..there was definitely not enough time to establish her at all. The “Villains” were literally moving props whose only purpose was to slow our heroes down.Also, I’m not sure Cara Delevigne has the gravitas to really dig into Enchantress…but I could be wrong…The fail on June Moone could very well all be on David Ayer’s shoulders. Also the CGI for Enchantress and her movements in the final sequence were actually laughable. I couldn’t take her seriously.Diablo was the only actual Metahuman and they didn’t explain his origin whatsoever. Not in a meaningful way anyway. Captain Boomerang wasn’t terrible..not memorable either. Killer croc was there…could barely understand anything he said…but he was there…and apparently loves BET(GTFOH). Viola Davis was solidly cold hearted as Amanda Waller. Davis, Leto and Robbie were the only strong points of the film and there was not nearly enough of them.Personally, I really enjoyed Batman V Superman. I know the plot was a bit of jumbled mess and the bat vs supes was like 5 mins long and then there was Doomsday..ugh. But I still really liked it. There was a lot of it that dealt to me very believable circumstances. I can’t say the same for SS…I never bought it. Not once did I sink into the story of the characters…I was always very aware I was in a movie theater watching the fresh prince flap his lips.To the folks at Warner Bros..ya’ll need to step your game up..and do it quickly. You cannot keep making sub par movies like this. I’m this upset and I didn’t even have to pay to see this movie. I can’t even imagine the folks that are shelling out hard earned money for the 2 hour crapfest I just sat through. Jeez man…What a waste of Jared Leto. Save your money guys and pirate this crapfest in a week.

  • leah-garcia
    leah garcia

    I have literally not seen a worse movie than Suicide Squad in my entire life and if I could give it a 0 I absolutely would. There was not one part of this movie that I enjoyed even sort of. When I first saw it, I turned to my friend about 5 minutes into the film and asked “Why are they playing a trailer for the movie before they play the movie?” When he told me the movie had started, I didn’t really believe him for another 5 minutes. The dialogue was absolutely terrible the entire time, rendering the characters less comic super villains and more of a small collection of mildly angry people completely disconnected from popular culture that still make references to it anyway that also happen to have super powers, and only some of them actually have super powers. The only character that wasn’t playing an overblown edge lord or a boring solemnly angry character was Will Smith, who played Will Smith (again). The editor was schizophrenic and watching enough money to feed the entirety of Sub-Saharan Africa go up in flames in the form of low quality effects invoked one of the strongest emotions I felt watching this film, just second to pure anger and frustration. Characters with no lines or importance to the plot were introduced and killed off completely at random, including the character that was advertised as one of the biggest aspects of the film, the Joker. The visual tone of the movie portrayed something incredibly dark, which was, of COURSE, complimented by the incredibly bright and “funny” dialogue and tone of the characters. In action scenes, it was so dark that you couldn’t see what was happening if you were in the best seats of a high class theater. The plot is completely formulaic and uninteresting, and the ending was like the pinnacle of every criticism I’ve mentioned. All in all, I hated watching this and you would have to pay me to watch whatever trash they come out with as a sequel.

  • carmen-klein
    carmen klein

    Suicide Squad was a disappointment to me. May be I got hooked on the hype or was expecting too much from WB. This movie had a great concept that we saw on the small screen, both TV series and animated. For some reason, those formats did it better than this theatrical release. This movie suffered from all fronts, poor writing which is the number one problem for me. The story was just all over the place with such in coherency, it’s visible at every point. Not enough time was spent in developing these characters for their introduction to the big stage. Poor dialogue was another major problem which is just so stupid at some points. But Suicide Squad still could have been saved with the main plot and a great villain. Sadly that too was a major problem. The main plot didn’t make sense because the movie itself went in so many directions that none of it could have come together and gel.The villain was a total failure. Nothing about this person was intriguing and just falls so flat. Story and main purpose was so awful for a big summer blockbuster. This movie probably only had about two things going for it. Majority of the casting was great including Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Viola Davis, Jared Leto, and Jai Courtney. Yes Jai Courtney, I’m shocked too. I really think his role should have been expanded. Notable miscast would be Joel Kinnaman and Cara Delevingne. Joel Kinnaman portrayal of Rick Flag was out of touch of what that character should be and for Enchantress, someone, more older with more acting depth should have been chosen over Cara Delevingne. The other thing would be, through and through it’s a much better movie than Batman V Superman. I know that’s not really helping but still. A weak six stars and a onetime watch.

  • ene-treier
    ene treier

    Awful direction and screen writing. This movie is plagued with awkward and anticlimactic scenes. Seriously, can this David Ayer suck less?Making a movie about illogical people is no excuse to deprive it of ANY LOGIC at all.First of all, the non-villain characters are completely unlikeable. Flag and Waller act like condescending scumbag all the time. Waller is worse. She’s like begging to be hated in every single scene. Why would David try so hard to make people hate a black woman??The whole disaster of the movie that the Suicide Squad had to fix was caused one of their members – Enchantress. If that project X (that creates the Suicide Squad) was not initiated in the first place, then there’d be no such disaster.Enchantress caused the disaster by releasing her brother, an almighty being that could wipe out the whole city, even the world. However, ever since she was released by June Moore, she had plenty of chances to do that because she could instantly teleport to anywhere. But she ended up waiting all the time. That means she’s one of the strongest but also dumbest creatures on Earth.Harley Quinn proved her love to Joker by plunging into tanks of chemical toxic from at least the 5th floor, then was saved by just one kiss full of Joker love.When Waller found out Enchantress betrayed, she stabbed its heart multiple times, but didn’t destroy it at all (!!) so that Enchantress could retrieve it later effortlessly and revive. If Waller simply destroyed that heart, the movie wouldn’t happen. There were no character development and some characters were treated like trash. Slipknot as a Suicide Squad member appeared just to be killed disgracefully right at the beginning. Boomerang is also an insignificant character because the movie wouldn’t change at all with or without him.Joker heroically appeared to save Harley Quinn just to be shot down immediately. Isn’t he smart???Enchantress’s brother, a Godlike being who devastated a whole city, was killed in an instant with a bomb that barely punched a hole on the ground.Almost all scenes with Waller were unpalatable, awkward, and anticlimactic, especially the ending of the final boss was defeated. Can David Ayer make the lasting moment of his movies less suck???Overall, I can’t stand this state of plummeting movie standards anymore. I would vote a 1 and encourage everyone not to see it.

  • terry-morgan
    terry morgan

    After sitting in the theater, about 30 minutes into the movie, i asked myself: “Why the hell did this pile of vomit make it to the big screen? Why did I pay full price for this straight to DVD shoot-em-up fest?, why do I like that deranged blonde so much?”. Plot of the movie: Get a bunch of deranged psychotic freaks to team up, shoot a bunch of generic freaks to get another big freak to stand in a corner so the humans blow it up with a generic bomb, that is the whole movie right there.Congrats to the marketing team behind this movie, getting so much people to watch this garbage is a big accomplishment.I imagine I would have enjoyed this movie if I was drunk as a skunk or high as a kite. Waste of time, waste of money, waste of talent, waste of resources, waste of life.

  • gonzalo-alcantar-aguirre
    gonzalo alcantar aguirre

    OK.So I’m a senior.But I’ve seen lots of Marvel/DC Comics movies. I really liked Ant Man last year because there was a story to it.Suicide Squad was filmed in my home town, Toronto.There was so much hype.But even my grown son hated it when we saw it.There’s no character development. We wasted our money.Don’t go to this disaster. You’ll regret it no matter your age.During each scene, I was wondering what is happening.Because the lighting was so dark,I couldn’t make out the action. There were times I kept asking myself why I had agreed to come to this film. The character,Harley Quinn, had this Brooklyn accent which didn’t really fit in. The joker was a joke,not even scary or comical.This was the worst movie I have seen this year.

  • anthony-hayes
    anthony hayes

    Great cast and a big budget couldn’t save this from being an inevitable flop by critics. There was just no substance to the story. Cringe-worthy moments. Basically you watch a whole bunch of villain misfits walking down the street having moments with each other while on their little silly quest that brought them somehow together. Nice try DC.

  • suzanne-douglas
    suzanne douglas

    I was really looking forward to this movie and only ended up with a huge deception. The script is messy and there are way too many characters that are too quickly introduced. Many of these “villains” would require a whole movie to give intensity to their character… I really feel like DC just wanted to have as big an audience as possible without spending a penny on the script. Some good things are the special effects , the movie is overall very beautiful to watch. Some characters need a bravo for their wonderful roles: Harley Quinn mostly… The others are kind of empty to me. And some are very very bad like enchantress who mumbles in a foreign language all along and whose only 3 lines in English SUCK (when she asks Flag to destroy enchantress instead of saving her blabla). The Joker doesn’t have a place in the movie, his role does not add anything to it and half of his lines are… awkward moans. El Diablo’s behavior is predictable from the very beginning, Batman really wasn’t necessary, Katana’s few lines are desperately cheesy, etc… As a conclusion, the viewer is unable to feel a link whatsoever to any of the characters since their stories are disappointingly and quickly told. The acting of many characters does not help, whether they were just bad or the director asked them to play in that un-subtle fashion. The script is disjoint, flashbacks don’t add much quality or intensity to the movie, and the “big plot” revealed at the end is… not much of a secret since the viewer KNOWS enchantress escaped from the hands of Waller. I feel like this is a big commercial move from DC to attract people… However, this will only disgust the people who were fans of the heroes/villains in the beginning. Money over quality

  • artemis-tourna
    artemis tourna

    If you want to enjoy this do not ask logical questions. Of course if I wanted a documentary movie , but logical inconsistencies here are too much…How a camera mounted on boomerang would not flip?How the boomerang was capable to hover?Why the enchantress didn’t took the Amanda Waller’s phone and killed the whole suicide squad?How the El Diablo didn’t triggered the explosive when he went full fire?How the explosive was capable to kill the ‘brother’ but combination of fire, bullets and katana cuts was not? Explosion didn’t look so powerful…Why at her final appearance Amanda Waller had her fingers on the touch screen of her phone and this didn’t kill anyone? Who gave Harley a cell phone? And did’t spy her communication at least? This could save few marine’s life and a helicopter.Why Deadshot,Boomerang,Slipknot,Harley Quinn (and even Katana) were considered as meta humans?Why Amanda took the helicopter as it was the helicopter? There was no helicopter operational more than 2 minutes , before it was took down.Does the enchantress has two hearts at the end? How nobody recognized her brother’s statue as a dangerous thing? Was his heart hidden somewhere? And what kind of archaeologist was June? She brook the potential precious artifact?And she was alone in the jungle?Why Slipknot was not present in the initial intro of the ‘metahumans’. He came out of nowhere and died stupidly.How the squad attached so fast to each other? Especially the boomerang who killed his biddy during the robbery.And even a simple pistol is a superior weapon than this stupid boomerangs.What was the point of captain boomerang , except the hovering boomerang with the camera?And the joker was a joke. Who the hell thought that a joker without eyebrows will be a good idea. His face is so expressionless without the eyebrows.And these flashbacks were so chaotic….

  • terrance-castro
    terrance castro

    I think the IMDb user rating of 6.5 perfectly encapsulates what to expect. I use the site mainly to calibrate my expectations before watching a blockbuster or decide to invest my time in giving an indie feature a chance.Suicide Squad has such star power and superhero connections that I was going to watch it no matter what the user reviews said (I always disregard critic reviews as they rarely are helpful) and feel like many viewers were going to as well.The movie has cool set pieces, action scenes and fantastic costumes. However, the plot is so muddled and choppy it detracts from the viewing experience. Another weak link is the enemy – no real backstory to draw us in, almost no explanation on what the enemy is building, and almost laughable minions for the “heroes” to combat.There are so many cool characters, I think the movie and plot would have been better served if this had been Part I of a series, rather a stand alone movie.I read an article that stated David Ayer only had six weeks to put a script together and it unfortunately it shows. I felt like I was watching a long trailer – cool and fun scenes that were disconnected from each other.I certainly won’t say to pass on this, especially comic book fans, but be warned it is a let down. Especially, considering the awesome source material the director had to work with.

  • andrea-hopkins
    andrea hopkins

    Where to start, where to start? This is probably the main problem of the DCU at the moment. They’re playing catchup to Marvel, they see Avengers they want in. The problem is, Marvel have spent 4,5 & 6 movies setting it up. We care if Cap gets hurt, we understand the Hulks turmoil and we saw Starks motivation for donning the suit. But here we’re introduced to a whole new cast, backstory and all, in 30 mins tops. It just doesn’t work, it’s rushed, it’s lazy and it has no effect in making the audience care about these characters; which in a movie where the stakes are so high, does not bode well. So here’s what I thought of each character:Will Smiths Deadshot – has by far the most screen time and manages to annoy in every single scene. He hits all the clichés, slo-mo gun catch, CHECK. Says the movie title, CHECK. Even when he’s playing a cold blooded assassin, he’s a good guy. Rating 2/10Margot Robbies Harley Quinn – looks the part, has the voice, has the insanity. It works well. Some of the jokes miss and some of her stuff is very repetitive but she’s the best of a bad bunch (pun intended) Rating 7/10 (let down by the writing, she’s great as Harley)Jai Courtney’s Boomerang – here’s something I never thought I’d write. Jai Courtney acted well in this film. Criminally underused, could have been such a Deadpool-esque self aware character but again the writing (and Will Smiths screen time) sold him short. Rating 6/10Jay Hernandez El Diablo – starts off boring, does some fire stuff and some CGI stuff. Lame. Rating 3/10Viola Davis Amanda Waller – the best part of this film, even if her motivation is kind of all over the place. She’s menacing, but justifies it. Rating 9/10Cara D Enchantress – Abysmal. She can’t act, simple as. Why she got the job is beyond me. She’s monotone, she has no emotion, she just can’t act. Stop. Stop giving her parts. She’s awful. Rating 0/10Joel K Rick Flag – Insipid. Boring. Tom Hardy would have been miles better. But I wouldn’t want to hurt his career by being in this trash. Rating 2/10Killer Croc 4/10 pointlessKatana 3/10 pointlessSlipknot 0/10 pointlessBatman 0/10 pointless (just in it so he can be in the trailer and sell more tickets)Jared Leto Joker – Pointless. Again only for the trailer to sell tickets. He’s weird, he’s creepy, but he is NOT the Joker. He’s Scarface with mental problems and a fetish for tattoos. They used very similar imagery to Heath Ledgers in some scenes. But then went batshit crazy (pun intended) in others. Unlike Heaths Joker who had a clear plan of just wanting chaos, this Joker is just meh. Take him out of the scenes he’s in and it wouldn’t change the scene, take his scenes out of the movie and it wouldn’t change the movie. He’s hardly in it but he gets a 10/10 for disappointing in every scene he’s in. Rating -10/10Finally, it wants to be the avengers, it wants to be Guardians of the Galaxy, it wants to be the Dark Knight, it wants to be Deadpool, in the end it was just another DCU film. A ringing endorsement if ever there was one.

  • khristina-barannik
    khristina barannik

    This movie tries to be so much but ends up being a real mess.Where do I begin? Character introduction runs for almost 40 minutes and I still don’t end up giving a damn about anyone.Jokes are often very misplaced and feels extremely forced. Many scenes feels like they were made solely for sake of the trailer and also the trailer resembles nothing of what the actual movie is like.CGI is so off that I divide the movie into 2 teams, CGI-team and real team, and I keep ending up thinking how the ***k is human team going to beat world consuming superman-like characters.However I do like the look of the Villains, especially Enchantress.Maybe this film is the best thing for DC Universe superfans, but for the casual viewer it’s very hard to get a grip of this movie, at least for me it was.

  • hillevi-bengtsson
    hillevi bengtsson

    I am really really disappointed to be honest. I was waiting for this movie for so long, I loved Suicide Squad in Assault on Arkham and I was so happy when the news arrived about the live action movie. And as a massive Jared Leto fan I was extremely happy they chose him for the role of my all time favorite character, Joker. So I was hyped to see him, but the whole gang too. And what I got from the movie was equal with pure sadness. I mean, Jared was in it for a total 10 minutes and his role could have been easily left out, I only knew the characters because I read the comics and watched the wonderful animation (which by the way a 100 times better), the story telling was HORRIBLE, the actors could have been wonderful but they kinda lost in the terrible script. Will Smith, Margot Robbie and Viola Davis were fantastic but we didn’t really get to know them… and the other characters were only there for… who know why? WHY DC, WHY? This story had so much promise and you ruined it… You should have adopted the Assault on Arkham into a live action movie… All these characters would needed a stand alone movie, and once we’ve got to know them then put them together… sure it would take years to build up a universe like that, but come on, that’s what Marvel did and their movies are amazing! I am so, so sad right now… All of the actors deserve way better than this and they all have great potential

  • michael-harris
    michael harris

    Is this movie terrible? Absolutely notIs this movie great? Absolutely not.I always heard from people that they either HATED or LOVED this movie. And for me it was neither.The audience for this film is served with a classic action movie/comic book. “The world is in danger! There must be a solution! Although there are bumps between the characters along the way, eventually, we’ll solve the problem”The interesting twist is *supposed* to be that instead of classic superheroes, we have bad guys. To that I say “so what?”. The movie didn’t really establish why I should care about much of what was going on on screen—it was all just classic popcorn movie action and sequences that were occasionally broken up by half-attempts at character development.

  • daniel-morgan
    daniel morgan

    I just got back from the movie and have a few feelings about it. It started out solid enough, we get to know the characters/motivations/weaknesses. Yes it was hurried but necessary and stylish.Then things drastically started to go downhill. DC’s answer to Samuel Jackson is the stony faced Amanda Waller. She decides she needs to get these people together in case of another meta-human attack and by doing so she instigates the attack itself.So now we are faced with the big bad enchantress who we know nothing about and really aren’t that committed to as a movie baddie. But that’s OK… the bad guys aren’t that important if our protagonists have good charisma with each other on screen. Here was my biggest issue. They just don’t.The enemy ends up being a barrage of blackberry-headed minions and it begins to feel like an annoying video game. Step into a room, kill all bad guys, move on to the next room and repeat. To add insult to injury Rick Flagg even gets dragged away twice and has to be rescued like those ridiculous ‘keep them alive’ missions in video games. The action feels more suited to a war movie than to a comic book movie (perhaps the directors past is showing here)I wanted to like this movie, I wanted to like the characters but there were points where the dialogue was just so bad. TWICE, characters randomly hit on Katana to which she does not respond. It’s not funny. TWICE everyone ends up ogling Harley Quinn. The attempts at humor in the movie were weak at best. Killer Croc utters so many pointless one liner’s that are neither funny nor useful. It just didn’t work. You want humor? When the characters are being shown their wildest dreams, give us a ridiculous seen with Boomerang. Give us some funny scenes with Diablo and stop saying ‘esse’ at him.I loved the romance with Joker and Harley.. give us more of that, don’t squeeze the joker into a bunch of different personas.The bar scene was lovely, you felt the characters come close to something like a bond. Don’t give us that at the end… give us that at the start of the movie, make us actually feel like these people mesh together well. They call themselves a family at the end but they have done nothing to merit that.Diablo had a cool scene at the end and Will Smith played an amazing Deadshot but I feel Rick Flag was just badly cast. I never really cared for the Rick and Deadshot scenes together on screen… It never felt like it really worked. Overall, I’ll still watch DC movies, but I do feel like they are missing something that the Marvel counterpart has got right. Maybe it’s heart, maybe Marvel just have more practice but I hope DC can redeem themselves next year.

  • robert-maly
    robert maly

    I don’t get the ratings here. This is a cut and dry poorly made movie and fans of the DC universe deserve better. I don’t normally post my reviews here. But I have to share my take on this movie because it just wasn’t good. I didn’t even have to go into spoilers to show how terrible it is. Movie goers shouldn’t mindlessly consume these films. Christopher Nolan set a high bar, but producers and studios need to step messing with auteurs and maybe we can get a quality DC movie:There is nothing in Suicide Squad that shows any hope that an auteur filmmaker can do anything distinctive with the current cash cow of the Hollywood machine: the super hero movie. What Christopher Nolan once made his own has devolved into a predictable pastiche whose charms should be wearing thin on audiences. It doesn’t help that the movie is also an example of how bad one of these films can be when it becomes watered down and designed to refrain from shaking up anything in the so-called DC Universe. Suicide Squad, a PG-13 film, was supposed to be DC’s entry to rival Marvel’s R-rated Deadpool. Even though Deadpool had its own problems as a self-aware action movie, it still had focus and a bravado that is nowhere to be found in Suicide Squad.Suicide Squad follows a group of villains with super powers released from prison as part of a government plan to protect the world from terrorists or whatever sign-of-the-times fear currently plaguing society (Zika?). Starring Will Smith as the hit man Deadshot and Margot Robbie as the Joker’s manic girlfriend Harley Quinn, alongside several other less familiar DC baddies, these guys are supposed to be complex people who have long fallen from grace and are supposed to rise above to find their humanity and gain the audience’s sympathy. But writer-director David Ayer tries so hard to take a safe route, you can see the gears trying to manipulate audience emotion, revealing the inherit problems of these comic book adaptations straining to catch up with decades of printed storytelling.You can’t totally blame Ayer, who last gave moviegoers Fury, an incredibly strong and startling war movie featuring a better fleshed out motley crew of characters. The preciousness Hollywood has for its ongoing world building of interconnected comic book films creates such tight restrictions on storytelling that anything that might upset that world has no room to prosper. At one point, toward the end of Suicide Squad, one character asks another, “Shouldn’t you be dead?” Of course not, this is the DC universe, and it’s gotta be milked. That means no major players should be written off in one movie.The result of these storytelling restraints is a soulless kind of filmmaking hampered by pussyfooting. It’s like a syrupy glaze that drowns out any possibility to shine above what has become a predictable pattern of storytelling. Characters dole out uninspired lines that play superficially to feelings, like, “Dad, I know you do bad things, but I still love you.” Then there are the clichés, like “fight fire with fire.” Sometimes the script inadvertently deflates the tension by spelling things out. Someone over a radio says, “Use extreme caution,” and someone in the action responds, “I don’t like this.” But in case you miss that, someone else says, “I don’t like it either.” A kid playing with his action figures can come up with better chatter to establish tension….

  • mathilde-delahaye
    mathilde delahaye

    Story line: what story line? – Wasted really good characters. Literally just threw them in this big pile of crap. – Should’ve just made the movie about the joker and harley quinn. Perhaps a cameo by deadshot instead of this 123min waste of time and money. – Joel Kinnaman… why? seriously, who the hell put this guy in the movie? – clichés. clichés everywhere. – the ending was good. because I finally got to go home, watch netflix and forget about this horrible, horrible thing.Please, do not watch this movie at the movie theater. Not even at home. Just make a new movie in your head and pretend that this one does not exist. Trust me, whatever you imagine gets an Oscar compared to this thing.I love movies, and consider myself with a decent amount of knowledge to rate a movie and this, my friends, is a total disappointment.

  • alfred-cuevas
    alfred cuevas

    Trying to keep up with the plot of this movie is like chasing a moving train. Except even when you think you’ve caught up to it, you’re not sure you want to get on board. As someone who went into this movie with tempered expectations thanks to negative critical reviews, yet also hope it would have some redeeming moments due to the overall positive IMDb user reviews, I can honestly say that the critics may have won on this one. Suicide Squad has a number of issues, but is not a total loss for comic book fans. The performances by the actors is not what stops this film from being a success, but it doesn’t stop their characters from going in the wrong direction. 1. THE PLOT: The plot was pretty much a mess. This was a common complaint about the Batman V. Superman movie: the plot defied logic and had too much trivial sub-plot due to the amount of characters. Suicide Squad runs into a similar problem. I feel like they compensated logic to simply include scenes that would satisfy comic book fans, however it’s at the sake of the film’s success as a whole. Nothing is ever explained that you want explained. And somehow the movie is a confusing blend of predictable yet unclear. I found myself constantly asking “Why wouldn’t you just do____?” 2. Not enough screen time for the other squad members: The rest of the squad (Other than Harley and Deadshot) are not fleshed out well. And the movie’s feeble attempts to add background, dimension or complexity to the characters fails, with flashbacks and random monologues that don’t elicit any sort of empathy from the viewer. I found myself easily not caring about the squad or its success at all. (Example in point 6)3. PACING: I think the attempts to flesh out the characters failed also because of the way the movie is paced. It’s about 2 hours, yet feels like a 30 minute movie. Scenes jump around quickly and what they do choose to drag out (flashbacks amongst other things) may be fun to watch but is unnecessary. 3. Overuse of Music: A little more nit-picky, yet nonetheless something I noticed. Now I’m for every character having a cool theme, and soundtracks are great but… Suicide Squad utilizes loud, distracting, CONSTANT music… over dialogue, over key scenes…. music accompanies everything. Or at least that’s what it felt like. Don’t get me wrong sometimes it works. 4. THERE ARE NO STAKES INVOLVED WHEN YOU’RE FIGHTING MONSTERS MADE OF GOOP: I worried about the antagonists of this movie when I saw the trailers. None of the fight scenes have any real tension or meaning, because of the type of monsters they’re fighting. Faceless, CGI, magical goop. 5. Uneven Dynamic of Power: This is a big issue I have with the movie. A lot of the characters seem extremely unnecessary and frankly misplaced, due to the disparity of power between all of them. In Batman V. Superman, people worried about how Batman would stand next to Superman, Wonder Woman and Apocalypse. In Suicide Squad it just felt wrong that a girl with bat and a guy with a boomerang were even within two feet of a guy who can breathe fire and a woman who can tear a hole in the sky. You simply don’t believe Harley, for example, is needed in the group, which throws the logic of the film out of wack. Or that her bat can rip apart monsters, when Waller’s bullets don’t pierce them or Katana’s sword. Not sure if this is a popular opinion, but the thought definitely occurred to me. 6. Katana : Out of all the characters in this movie, Katana’s character was the biggest wasted opportunity (Boomerang is a close runner up). I’m not too familiar with her character in the comics, but I’ve looked up a couple strips and she’s speaking English. THEY FREAKING SUBTITLE HER IN THE MOVIE. She can’t even communicate with the damn squad. She could have been a character that could bond with them and be pretty cool, but she’s reduced to a non-English speaking, body guard. And the film’s attempts to humanize her couldn’t be more ineffective. I had hoped this character would be utilized stronger and better.7. The Joker : I never thought I’d say this in my lifetime, but this film should not have included the Joker. He should have full gotten his own movie or only been in certain scenes. Jared Leto does a great job, and he’s definitely a scene stealer. In fact, I could see people leaving this movie thinking he was the best part or the only redeeming quality (Which in my mind is actually Will Smith), but I did enjoy watching the Joker. But his appearances made no sense in the context of the plot and felt fairly forced and random. I was expecting complex schemes from him or maybe an interesting sub plot, but that’s not what I got from the movie.8. Still Fun to Watch : The movie with all its faults is nonetheless fun to watch at times and the performances aren’t bad. There are particular moments that I think are done well or include nice cinematic details. Batman v. Superman is overall a better film, but Suicide Squad is definitely more exciting. In conclusion: It was difficult to keep this review fairly spoiler free, but I think I did it. Suicide Squad may become your next “guilty pleasure bad movie” film, but I think the average viewer will definitely find the film to be subpar. I did, and I hope this review helps you.

  • robert-king
    robert king

    Disappointment. That’s actually far better than what I felt after watching this movie. I wanted to leave the cinema about 30 minutes before the end but that’s against my personal policy so I tried plan B but found nothing to poke my eyes out so I watched, and cried…-First, where is Deadshot? No, because all I saw from start to end is goody Will Smith playing the good family guy, very far from the cold hearted hired assassin he is supposed to play.-Second, what was that false publicity? The Joker appeared a lot in the trailer but he has absolutely no purpose in this movie apart from being the background story of Harley Quinn. Really, you remove him, you get the same movie but with only half of the theatre full.-Third, while I’m on her, the guys who made this movie obviously didn’t get the relationship between Harley and the Joker. The Joker don’t give a damn about her, she is his tool, he can throw her from a bridge without a second thought while Harley has developed a serious Stockholm Syndrome toward him. In this movie they are all lovey-dovey, at the end of the movie I nearly expected to see them leave in a car with “Just Married” written on the back with a “And they lived happily ever after.”-The first half of the movie is actually not that bad, the villains really look and act like villains most of the time but everything started to fall apart after Will Smith reunite his troops after they failed the mission the first time, each one of them just want to drop everything and leave but then Will Smith says they can’t give up and of course all the bad guys listen to him because he is Will Smith (God?). That was when I did my first face-palm.-This movie is 50% Will Smith, 40% Harley Quinn, and 10% the others. Really, apart from the first two, the others are just background characters, to make a comparison, in Guardian of the galaxy, you got one hero but you know the background stories of every members of the team, and they get their fair share of screen time. In this movie, they just don’t care.-The jokes, sorry… The “jokes”, well, I think the quotes speaks for themselves. Sometimes it’s funny, most of the times it’s not and sometimes they even try to explain the joke you understand but don’t find funny. I think Warner tried to be more funny and less dark in this movie after they got some bad reviews about Batman Vs Superman being too dark but that’s just ridiculous, they remade some scenes to add jokes and sometimes it even breaks the action.-And while I’m on it, Batman vs Superman had an impact in the DC Universe, it starts with the consequences of what happened in Man of Steel and at the end of it, the world has changed. In this movie, there is no progression of the DC Universe, it feels more like one of those filler episode you don’t want to watch in any series.-I won’t talk about the end of this movie because, as a sadist, I want you to go watch this movie and suffer during the two hours needed to finally reach the end credits. Just know that the last minutes are actually way worse than the rest of the movie. Enjoy ;)Anyway, as a DC fan, I wanted to see Harley Quinn in a movie but certainly not in this one. I really, really, REALLY hope that Warner won’t use this movie as a reference to make Justice League because if they do I’ll have to formulate an official request to DC so they can let Marvel do their movies 😀 See you all in 2017.

  • eva-lourenco
    eva lourenco

    My god, that was AWFUL. Just random made-for-trailer tiny scenes that add to nothing, have zero depth and don’t make up a coherent plot. Wall-to-wall inappropriate songs that come at random times. Boring plot (if you can even call it that), boring and indistinguishable flat characters. Harley Quinn was annoying. Jared Leto did his best as The Joker but had absolutely nothing to work with – he just appears at random times for a few seconds and disappears. There’s no depth and no story. If you’ve seen the trailers, you basically saw all the one-liners and “money shots”.If all that isn’t enough, the last third of the movie is simply unwatchable.I don’t think David Ayer is a bad director (I liked HARSH TIMES and FURY), but this is definitely his worst movie yet and I’m pretty sure it’s due to massive pressure from the producers.