The American secretary Jane Hudson (Katharine Hepburn) travels from Ohio to Venice. Jane is a middle-age single and lonely woman that has saved money for her dream trip. On the arrival, she immediately befriends the owner of the boarding house Signora Fiorini (Isa Miranda). During the night, she goes to a café and an Italian helps her to call the waiter. Jane feels sort of uncomfortable for being alone and on the next day, she sees a red glass goblet in the window of an antique store. The owner, Renato de Rossi (Rossano Brazzi), who is the man that helped her, explains that it is an ancient goblet from the eighteenth century and therefore expensive. Then he also explains that she should always bargain for a lower price in Venice. Jane recognizes Renato from the previous night and becomes clumsy. Soon Renato woos her, but the needy Jane is afraid to love.

Also Known As: Summertime, David Lean's Production of Summertime, Venetiaanse nachten, Kesäinen romanssi, 旅情(1955), Het gebeurde in Venetië, Венеция през лятото, Locura de verano, Summer Madness, Sommarens dårskap, Loucura em Veneza, Locuras de verano, Velence, nyár, szerelem, Vakantie te Venetië, Summer Madness South, Vacances à Venise, Venedik Tatili, Letnje doba, Bogeries d'estiu, Traum meines Lebens, Tempo d'estate, Летняя пора Soviet, Xufsha B'Venice, Quando o Coração Floresce, Diakopes sti Venetia, Urlop w Wenecji, En sommers dårskab, Traum meines Lebens West, Лятно безумие, Verano en Venecia

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