City of Madrid, Madrid (center to Spain). José Miguel Salcedo, nicknamed “Makey”, is a veteran Local Police’s officer with 25 years of carrier. Naive and good-hearted but stubborn and all-by-the-book, a peculiar incident with Real Madrid’s soccer team (he stopped the bus when it was traveling to the most important Spain’s sport event, causing its defeat by absence) does that his superior and lifelong best friend, Comisaría Cortés, be forced to give Makey bad news: chose between to retire, or to be transferred as far as possible from Madrid. Moving to Estepona, Málaga (Andalusia, south to Spain) Makey meets not only his new superior, Comisaría Bonet, but Willy, a former CEO fallen on disgrace turned in bon vivant and scrounger who lives permanently stoned. Unfamiliar with the high technology and new police methods, Makey feels like an alien lost on Earth, specially with Lola, his twenty-something and resented daughter who works on Estepona as tour guide. When by chance Makey arrests a dangerous Russian mobster named Kolya wanted by Europol, the news opens an opportunity to reconcile father and daughter, and a communicate to reward Makey with a medal from Russia. However, in the day of the reward, Makey’s auditory translator is interfered by Batista, a Kolya’s associate, to give an ultimatum: if in 96 hours Kolya isn’t released from the jail, Lola will be killed. Pretending a robbery to go into the prison, Makey and Willy meets with Willy’s former employees Rober, Toño, Nico and Trompeta, making an escape plan to free Kolya. But when the plan goes terribly wrong, Makey and Willy will must to make a new plan to save Lola before it be too much late.

Also Known As: Superagente Makey

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