SuperGrid is set in a near future where mining conglomerates have turned Canada into a wasteland. Two brothers must travel the same road that claimed their sister’s life in their quest to deliver mysterious cargo. En route they must contend with road pirates, rebel gangs, and each other.

Also Known As: ワイルドクラッシュ, SuperGrid

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  • william-cox
    william cox

    Directed by Lowell Dean. Starring Leo Fafard, Marshall Williams, Jonathan Cherry, Natalie Krill, Daniel Maslany, Fei Ren, Amy Matysio, Jay Reso, Tinsel Korey.In a virus-plagued post-apocalyptic future, two brothers trek out into the lawless wilderness, battling rebel/robber gangs to locate and bring back a Macguffin (in this case, a mysterious cargo that turns out to be…well, it’s pretty obvious). Unexciting retread of a dozen grungy actioners before it, populated by grim, uninteresting characters that are forced into uttering obvious and clichéd dialogue; the filmmakers were obviously striving for a harsh, intense mood, but more comic relief (besides a couple of D.O.A. one-liners from Maslany) would have helped make the experience more campy, less tiresome. Shot on a shoestring (and it shows), only the most undiscriminating action junkies would find the ugly, formulaic chases and shootouts worth watching. Highlight: a grotesque baddie wearing a sack over his head like Jason Voorhies in the second “Friday the 13th” flick, though he disappears way too quickly. Sure, no one should be expecting “The Road Warrior,” but this Canuck crack-up can’t even approach the level of “Doomsday.”23/100

  • benny-kjaer
    benny kjaer

    So many mistakes and uninteresting scenes! I would only recommend this as something in the background, the only good part was with the turret on the truck, everything else is like so what just do whatever you want. I rarely bash on anything so you know I’m serious this is like a cool late night thing or bargain bin.

  • jennifer-english
    jennifer english

    In the future the Sino-Gazam company mines in the Northwest US and Canada. It is foreign owned and for some reason is allowed to violate all environmental laws. Their mining causes earthquakes or tremors which didn’t weigh into the film. It also poisons the water and has caused a lung disease which is treated with pharmaceuticals instead of natural products.The company needs people to make trips into and across the zone by vehicle because planes…well I don’t know why they didn’t fly, other than it wouldn’t make for an interesting movie. Deke (Marshall Williams) and his brother Jesse (Leo Fafard) are coerced into making the trip into the grid to pick up a mystery package. The Grid is occupied by a gang known as Jackals (Jacks for short) who are also infected. They demand clean water to pass through.This is an apocalyptic type action film. The truck has a thorium engine and I have no idea how a man at the other end of a radio can detect if it has a radiation leak and the levels. The plot wasn’t solid. The script incorporates the issues with fracking and adds in big Pharma conspiracy theory as well as right-wing misinformation about the Uranium One deal where a foreign country takes complete ownership and operates unchecked. On top of that, the dialogue was forced and the acting couldn’t support it.Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity

  • pan-jerzy-sidorczuk
    pan jerzy sidorczuk

    This movie was clearly loosely based on the novel Roadside Picnic. If you’re familiar with the STALKER games, you’ll know exactly what this movie’s about. Male leads were quite good and there was lots of action.

  • iris-nascimento
    iris nascimento

    Ok so post apocalyptic films will always get compared to Mad Max and this is no different. But with the obvious small budget it has to work with here Supergrid succeeds in delivering what you expect. The performances are passable but not high quality as are the effects and action. Nothing stands out here but the film is watchable and better quality than many I have seen of a similar budget range.