Liam is a young, restless teen struggling to realize his dream in the gritty and dismal streets of Greenock, where unemployment is rampant and little hope is available to the city’s youth. He is waiting for the release of his mother, Jean, from prison where she is completing a prison term for a crime that her boyfriend actually committed. Her boyfriend, Stan, is a crude and obnoxious drug pusher is partnered by Liam’s equally rough and foul-mouthed, mean-spirited grandfather. Liam is determined to rescue his mother from both of them, which means creating a safe haven beyond their reach. But first he’s got to raise the cash–no small feat for a young man. It’s not long before Liam and his pals’ crazy schemes lead them into all sorts of trouble. Finding himself dangerously out of his depth, Liam knows he should walk away. Only this time, he just can’t let go.

Also Known As: Sweet Sixteen, Afili delikanlı, Glyka dekaxi, Huoleton nuoruus, SWEET SIXTEEN, Słodka szesnastka, 甜蜜十六歲, Сладките 16, Felices dieciséis, Édes kamaszkor, Милые шестнадцать лет, Felizes Dezesseis, Солодкі шістнадцять

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  • wrong-movie
    Wrong Movie...

    This is the 1983 version of Sweet Sixteen..
    A completely different plot & movie (worse) than the 2002 version of the same title.