Jenn has washed ashore a small tropical island and it doesn’t take her long to realize she’s completely alone. She must spend her days not only surviving the elements, but must also fend off the malevolent force that comes out each night.::Production

Also Known As: Sweetheart

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  • jaanus-sutt
    jaanus sutt

    I enjoyed it. Plot that I hadn’t seen before. Lead actress had to carry a lot with her gorgeous and interesting face. After watching her learn a lot all by herself, being crafty and industrious, we find out later that she has a negative back story as a pathological liar and drama queen, that was all fine for character development. A reference gets thrown in about her lying before about being mugged, shades of J. Smollett, a biracial black person like this one, not sure that was needed. Enjoyed the film, though. Recommended.

  • joso-mahnet
    joso mahnet

    This movie was an absolute stinker… I guess if you have the IQ of about 40 it may be somewhat enjoyable but sadly for everyone else it’s garbage. The lead actress is horrid and can’t act at all,I’m surprised to see that she gets so many roles because she can’t act! The best supporting cast member dies 5 minutes into the film.He was not bad.The rest of the cast were also horrid,glad they killed them off. I have nothing good to say about this film at all,it’s just dreadful. Best scene is where the lead actress gets KTFO with a paddle. Yep,that was the highlight for me. Have at it if you want to see it,don’t say you weren’t warned.

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  • george-roy
    george roy

    It kept me entertained the whole time! That’s all I look for in a movie. Great lead actress.

  • tammy-adkins
    tammy adkins

    I give this 7.5. The lead is very good, particularly as there is literally no dialogue for the first half of the movie. Emory Cohen is his usual charming, moderately miserable self, and Hannah M. Lawrence is lovely and perfectly fine. The monster isn’t great, but is gorgeous in the underwater shots. I liked it. Perfect for a gloomy afternoon.

  • ana-labaze
    ana labaze

    I did not hate this movie. I rented on demand as I was bored and looking for something to watch, just the kill a little time, and I ended up watching it again.Our protagonist, Jenn, who is very nicely portrayed by Kiersey Clemons, manages to keep her wits about her, despite finding herself in dire straits. She washes ashore a tropical island with a badly injured friend, Ben. He dies fairly quickly, leaving Jenn on her own. After her friend dies, Jenn scouts the island, looking for whatever resources that she can find. While searching, she finds an old Igloo cooler and a canvas bag, ostensibly left behind by previous inhabitants. Some of the items are useful, and some aren’t. She makes the best use of what she is able to salvage.Shortly thereafter, while combing the beach, she finds the mutilated remains of a small shark on shore. This gives us our first inkling as to the threat that she will see n be facing.Jenn comes to discover that some sort of creature comes ashore seeking prey every night. She manages to avoid it, and gets the opportunity to bury the friend that washed ashore with her. Later, she is combing the beach again, and finds that something has stolen her dead friend’s body, which understandably freaks Jenn out.I will spare some details here, in the event that you decide to watch this movie. Suffice it to say that Jenn proves herself to be crafty, resourceful, and rather gutsy. She does not shy away from doing what needs to be done in order to survive. Along the way, she manages to avoid the usual stupid decisions and pratfalls that most horror movies are rife with.I will spoil the ending, mostly because Jenn does something that most characters in these movies almost never do; she makes damned sure that the monster is dead. She doesn’t just hurt it, drop her weapon and flee. Once the creature finally succumbs, she keeps cutting and tearing at it until she is absolutely positive that it is dead. There are no cliched jump scares, where the monster has one last surge of life. When Jenn kills ’em, they stay dead.Despite the spoilers, I left a lot out of this review. Even knowing the outcome, it would be worth your while to give “Sweetheart” a chance.

  • klara-stastna
    klara stastna

    It’s not bad but it’s not good either definitely a mediocre film. Yes it delivered some degree of suspense large in part due to the concept and topic but the big reveal looked like something crafted from the 90’s and with a very miniscule amount of backstory revealed on every character which counts up to be 5 it all just unravels like a run of the mill monster movie. The actor wasn’t bad she has better films in her repertoire as a co-star but she handled the role well enough. I would recommend this film as something to see on a rainy day but nothing here was amazing or great.

  • piererminio-giordano
    piererminio giordano

    This was a movie I didn’t know I wanted until I saw it. I didn’t know anything about it when I got the ticket at Sundance and the genre reveal was a pleasant surprise. I’m not saying it’s perfect and there are some incoherent scenes, but the Castaway meets Predator concept makes for a great time at the movies and it’s a Blumhouse film so I’m expecting for a wide release.p.s. Charlie is really cute!

  • arkadii-eresko
    arkadii eresko

    Blumhouse straight to digital release is a cozy one, perfect for an cold autumn evening. It had one of the aspects that make some of the best horror, in my opinion. Isolation…(I.E. Alien, Predator, The Thing) Better than just a cabin in the woods. This story unfolds on a deserted island. You can run, but in circles.I appreciate never getting a full daylight view of the monster. My imagination fills in the blanks just fine thank you.

  • daniel-jarvinen
    daniel jarvinen

    Most of this film involves a woman trapped on an island, alone. Still, don’t expect this film to be boring. The use of visual storytelling is quite impressive, and while it’s not quite a masterpiece, it doesn’t drag the way the premise implies it may.Highly recommended for anyone who loves horror, or has a Castaway fetish.