The film tells the story of Russian émigré, and the only survivor from ship crash Yanko Goorall, and servant Amy Foster in the end of nineteenth century. When Yanko enters a farm, sick and hungry after the shipwreck, everyone is afraid of him, except for Amy, who is very kind and helps him. Soon he becomes like a son for Dr. James Kennedy and romance between Yanko and Amy follows.

Also Known As: Amy Foster: Swept from the Sea, Роден от вълните, 輝きの海, Traído por el mar, Mannen från havet, Zrozeni z moře Czech, Mannen fra havet, Amy Foster - Im Meer der Gefühle, Naufragiatul, To doro tis thalassas, Lo straniero che venne dal mare, Érzelmek hullámain, El hombre que vino del mar, Swept from the Sea, Meren huuhtomaa, Amy Foster V'Ha-Eesh M'Ha-Yam, Унесённый морем, Uljez iz mora Bosnia and, Au coeur de la tourmente, Το δώρο της θάλασσας, Trazido pelo Mar, Kochankowie sztormowego morza, Balayé par la mer, Amy Foster

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