Also Known As: Take That: The Ultimate Tour - Live in Manchester, Take That: The Ultimate Tour

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  • dr-acilay-gurten-corlu
    dr acilay gurten corlu

    In 2006 we saw the tours of the newly formed Take That and one of those concerts was captured for this DVD. The four members of the original group that hadn’t managed to make solo careers take off reformed to a wave of nostalgia ready to be mined for a quick final shot of income and fame. This may sound a bit cruel but I don’t think I’m far off the mark as many bands are currently touring on the back of this same feeling of nostalgia and a quick scan of the audience as the camera moves around shows that this audience doesn’t have many teenagers in it – in fact the age range seems to start with those who would have been teenage back in the day and upwards. In fact if I was being cruel I would say that the audience did remind me of a thousand Blackpool hen nights all happening at the same place at the same time.Anyway, back to this show which I thought I would try since I am of the age when these guys were big in my teenage years. The show starts out all very obviously with the big hits bashed out to an audience all singing along. Of course this is the majority of the gig and it was OK I suppose. The guys themselves didn’t really engage with the audience that well though and I got the impression that that part of the group was perhaps absent from the stage. When they do try to talk to the audience they do come across as overly scripted. It probably didn’t help that they opened the show with basic costumes – Gary in particular looking daft in trousers that seemed too small and a shirt/tie that gave him a David Brent air.It gets a bit better with some big costume numbers that aren’t great but mostly do the business in regards big stadium gigs. I’m probably not really qualified to comment on this type of thing because the last few gigs I have been to have been hip hop, with the most recent and best being The Roots with only a crowd of about 1500. However the “big show” aspect is well done. The “making a boy band” bit was a nice try at something smart but it didn’t really work for me. The rest is a big light show with lots of extras, a few star guests and the obligatory fireworks display. If you’re not really into the band specifically then it might still do the job as a big expensive show but I must confess finding it a little bit anonymous and generic.Overall then, this is for fans and the fans will love it. As a casual viewer (one of very few I imagine) I did find it slick and professional but not really the sort of thing I personally would not really like to see myself. A slick DVD though and the target audience will enjoy it.

  • molchanova-angelina-sergeevna
    molchanova angelina sergeevna

    It was fantastic to see the boys back in action, after 10 years they still have it! The voices are the same, if not better. They have aged quiet well – it’s easy to forget that they were ever gone at all.The extras on the DVD include under-stage action, so you can see what happens during the costume changes between songs. As you can imagine it seems very hectic! They also include their new single ‘Today I’ve Lost You’ which is nice, but a bit of a departure from their pop hits. All in all they seem to be much more mature – of course being in their mid 30s might have something to do with that! Definitely recommended to any TT Fan.What about Robbie? I hear people say, well he isn’t part of Take That anymore (as you know) but, he has a part in this tour. You will have to watch it to find out!Check it out!