A “Romeo and Juliet” story that takes place in the late 16c. Ukraine. Taras has settled into comfortable farm life after years of adventures and swashbuckling with his cossack companions. Though not wealthy, he is able to send his son Andrei away to a Polish school. At this time the Poles are overlords of Ukraine and the origin of the cossacks is struggle of the Ukrainian serfs to free themselves and their land of Polish domination. Toward this end Taras hopes that his son will be educated in the ways of the enemy. Instead, Andrei falls in love with the daughter of a Polish nobleman, setting the stage for a clash between love, family honor, and a struggle for national identity.

Also Known As: Тарас Бульба, I djävulens tjänst, Taras Bulba West, Тарас Бульба Soviet, Kosakken Taras Bulba, Tarasz Bulba, Тарас Булба, Taras il magnifico, Taras Bulba

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