A job monger, Shiva ends up as a taxiwala only to realise that his ride is a beyond what anyone could have expected.::Santhosh

Also Known As: Taxiwala, Taxiwaala, Таксист

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  • diane-wong
    diane wong

    Excellent Movie. The Story Line Screenplay Comedy is Fabb… Vijay Deverkonda Next Level Performance

  • soledad-del-soler
    soledad del soler

    Amazing Movie, I just love it. I request all of movie lovers, just watch tthis.😍

  • dr-takacsne-katona-erzsebet-fanni
    dr takacsne katona erzsebet fanni

    A different movie with a different plot. Must watch. Entertaining thriller

  • catharina-hermighausen
    catharina hermighausen

    Taxiwaala…. Always Superbh ! Entertainment Movie ..I Loved More

  • joseph-collier
    joseph collier

    Another great performance by my man, Deverakonda Vijay Sai. I’m surprised that there aren’t many other movies like this out there, and I’m hoping this movie can encourage the Telugu cinema to produce more pictures with this interesting a premise and thorough an execution. This movie’s got it all: a well written plotline, a consistent performance by the lead, a gripping mastery of horror, well fought action sequences, and an impeccable sense of comedic timing. This is an easy type of movie to mess up, but the team not only wraps everything up consistently, but manages to breathe life into the vast majority of scenes. Would give it ten stars, but the characters and music could have some more emotional depth, and there a few other minor improvements that could have been made. Overall, would HIGHLY recommend watching!

  • shyaamaa-pusskr
    shyaamaa pusskr

    The movie genre just isn’t horror,comedy and thill it’s must sci-fi Mind-blowing phenomenal

  • matthew-walker
    matthew walker

    The movie was halirous, Movie cast is good. Vijay devarakonda acting is phenomenal, the heroine(priyanka) acting is good. There are 3 comedians. Comedy is halirous. In second half 10min lag. But overall movie was super.everyone should watch this movie.

  • anu-liiv
    anu liiv

    Superb amazing movie must watch. Romantic comedy and entertainment.. it is a mix of everything

  • stanislav-mikhailiuk
    stanislav mikhailiuk

    You know that “voila” moment when you wrap up a present neatly, and tie the ribbon with a flourish? That moment is missing in ‘Taxiwaala’. Like the character ‘Sisira’ who is struck between life and death, this movie is also struck somewhere between being a good film and a great film. The whole emotional drama aspect in the second part of the movie got too routine for my liking. If it was more smart rather than emotional, it would’ve been a great film. Nevertheless, the screams and laughs that this movie elicited must be duly credited for. The hilarity, in the form of Shiva, Babai and Hollywood, is the soul of this cinema that held it together, not letting it fall apart. Special mention to the actor who played ‘Hollywood’. Did not get the feeling that this was a movie as long as you were there. Also special mentions to the writer, DOP, and director in that order.

  • annika-svensson
    annika svensson

    A New age cinematic experience which can be enjoyed beyond piracy. Rocking Must watch and show the Hollywood that we are inching towards concept films which film lovers crave for n search in hollywood.

  • dr-mucevher-balli-akcay
    dr mucevher balli akcay

    Vijay Deverakonda’s latest film Taxiwaala is a cross genre movie that has supernatural, science fiction elements mixed into an entertaining story. It is a concept based film with an interesting plot and fairly engaging screenplay.A jobless youth Shiva (Vijay) buys a vintage car and turns cab driver. But the car turns out to be a haunted one. Why is the car possessed and how can Shiva get rid of it?Vijay Deverakonda plays a simpleton Shiva who is relatable and lovable too. He carries off the role without any starry attractions despite his rising popularity. Looks like the film was shot much before Geetha Govindam. He looks young and leaner than what he looks now. Priyanka is adequate. Malavika Nair is a fine actress and makes a lasting impression in her brief role. Madhunandan is good in a supporting role. So is the guy who played Hollywood.Rahul Sankrityan picks up a strong storyline and sticks to its strengths. He makes sure to sprinkle good doses of humor. He has very good command over all crafts of the film and made a quality film on his debut. He handled the emotions well too.

  • xenia-albu
    xenia albu

    What’s Good : Screenplay, Vijay’s performance, pace of the movie.What’s Bad : It has almost everything which we’ve seen earlier in this genre.Last Word : Not as good as someone may have expected from the trailer but you can watch it.

  • jerry-williams
    jerry williams

    What a movie what an acting vd lived in a character i have never seen such a best film

  • boris-siraze
    boris siraze

    First time I felt the kick of seeing thriller with quality camera work and screenplay. Comedy is spontaneous and too good. I’m sure everyone will enjoy it, thanks to writer Sai Kumar reddy Edula for such spontaneous comedy and quality screenplay. VD (sweet heart) performance is ever green and he is the life of every scene. Heroine adds fresh air to the thrill. Hollywood is Fantastic (what’s this?? you will understand after watching the movie). Lastly, the captain the Director of Taxiwaala has done marvellous job in visualising and taking the ship in right direction with such sensible script. Sorry… forgot, this man JAkes Bejoy’s given truly awesome music (loved the background scores in the movie for the first time after AR Rahman and MM Kream)

  • razvan-tudor
    razvan tudor

    It’s a movie filled with a lot of Comedy, a few horror and emotional and a concept of Paranormal science Best entertainer for movie lovers

  • diana-lowery
    diana lowery

    Waste movie I have ever seen but this film is overrated I can’t understand why it is like this imdb have to give 6.2 but it had given 7.9

  • anita-da-cunha
    anita da cunha

    A fantastic horror comedy movie! Interesting first half and serious second half dragged but coverEd with few humour scenes..finally another blockbuster from VD.

  • ene-koit
    ene koit

    One of worst movie in tollywood very dissapointed vijay fails to do acting in that taxiwala nota is better this movie wasted my time and money requesting don’t go please

  • kristen-wolfe
    kristen wolfe

    It is too good and it is a good scientific horrer movie with good comedy.

  • amaliia-zabashta
    amaliia zabashta

    Super Natural thriller with comedy thread. First time in Telugu movies. 3.25/5.

  • monique-juliette-pineau
    monique juliette pineau

    EXCELLENT Story & it is told in an AMAZING way. Superb screenplay, cinematography & direction !!!! I personally feel that the making of this movie matched to the way & range of Hollywood. I liked the story telling, all elements were there – science, fiction, suspense, emotion – and you have used all these to make the audience feel engaged with your story & to connect the dots… GREAT !!!KUDOS to you Rahul, Saikumar, Sujith & Sreejith !!!!Vijay – You are a VERSATILE actor. You are TOO GOOD at choosing scripts and being part of the best films. I mean – pellichoopulu, arjun reddy, mahanati, geeta govindham, nota, taxiwala – I liked all of them.God bless you guys & all other members who worked in and for the film with more success in your future.

  • agnes-andersson
    agnes andersson

    Music and background score is backbone of the movie. Hats off to Jake’s for beautiful work. And although its a debut Rahul’s direction is flawless.Vijay as usual rocked in the movie by doing his best to what character demands. As Vijay mentioned in event.. Hollywood role in movie is hilarious..overall, it’s a good science fiction movie which Telugu audience has never before experienced.In a nutshell, Bottomline is People who are not tired of routine hero centric movies are welcome to hate this movie in a very usual manner

  • sarmite-vitols
    sarmite vitols

    Super movie of vijay devarakonda I saw it very super movie don’t see reviews and waste time see movie first and then review the movie as 5 stars

  • alyssa-kirpenstein-karels
    alyssa kirpenstein karels

    Overall it’s a good movie with all the ingredients in required amounts. A very good attempt from vijay. He proves his skill once again. No lag and if u go to movie for the entertainment not just for Vijay, u need to watch this. Not a different story but a good narration involving sci-fi elements, comedy, bit of horror, sentiment and love makes it a complete entertainer.

  • tariel-ch-xartishvili
    tariel ch xartishvili

    Excellent movie super story screenplay direction this type movies should be made.