Taylor Tomlinson: Quarter-Life Crisis-2020
Genre: Comedy
Director: Marcus Raboy
Writer: Taylor Tomlinson
Stars: Taylor Tomlinson
Countries: United States

She’s halfway through her 20s – and she’s over it. Too old to party, too young to settle down, comedian Taylor Tomlinson takes aim at her life choices

Also Known As: Taylor Tomlinson: Quarter-Life Crisis, Тейлор Томлинсон: Кризис 1/4 жизни, Τέιλορ Τόμλινσον: Η Κρίση των 25 και Κάτι

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  • mustafa-de-boer
    mustafa de boer

    There are not a lot of really good female stand-up comedians, it’s still a mostly male dominating industry, but every now and then you get some nice surprises. I didn’t know Taylor Tomlinson before watching this show, never heard of her, but she’s worth watching. Her material is funny, not Ali Wong funny (but she’s my favorite), but certainly better than a lot of other stand-up comedians. Since Netflix it seems like there is an abundance of stand-up comedians, which I applaud, so to make it in that industry isn’t easy. Taylor Tomlinson has a funny bone, a good stage presence and she’s easy on the eye. It was not all perfect, for me there was too much mentioning that she loves her parents, at one point that gets repetitive, but other than that futile detail it was entertaining, and entertainment is exactly what the audience came for and got.

  • ing-hanspeter-jantsch
    ing hanspeter jantsch

    I must admit that I had no idea who Taylor Tomlinson is but I will certainly be looking for more comedy from her.’Quarter-Life Crisis’ covers so many topics the average person experiences daily and she shines her comic light on them. She’s young, very pretty, talented and I hope to see her talk more about her take on life in the future!Catch this show!

  • vanessa-mason
    vanessa mason

    While I would hesitate to say that there are funnier men than women despite absolutely agreeing from what I observe of the world, that men are simply required to be so and the world doesn’t require that of women, this is the first time I would name a female not as my favourite female comedian, but as my favourite comedian, PERIOD. No waffle about rights and equality of what have you, just a comedian that happens to be a woman, presenting excellent material in a fantastically genuine and relatable human way. I would give this show eleven stars if I could.

  • lisa-callahan
    lisa callahan

    It’s nice to finally see a woman do a stand up show that feels like a stand up show and not a ted talk about feminism. Hopefully Taylor keeps this up and don’t walk in the footsteps of Katherine and Iliza.I don’t think this deserve a 4.9 rating but I guess it will change when all the snowflakes find another target to downvote. I had many laughs in this one and I hope to see many more specials in the future… Taylor is now my favorite female comic.

  • regitze-olsen
    regitze olsen

    I did not know Taylor Tomlinson before I watched this special. I do now, and I am very happy about that! Great observations and punch lines delivered with confidence. Absolutely hilarious!

  • marino-martino
    marino martino

    Her manerizum remind me a lot of Iliza. But her jokes are awesome and real.

  • jan-zarzeczna
    jan zarzeczna

    After watching this my husband and I just sent our millennial age kids the link! This is so damn relatable to our lives right now having kids that are 25 and 26 years old and us being in our early 50s. She’s witty with storytelling and building up a joke. Throughout she’s also cleverly calling people out on their stereotypical behavior in everyday life. Her self deprecation isn’t something I would say is degrading at all, it’s just honest. We can all related to everything she talks about on some level. A must watch!

  • ulla-britt-larsson
    ulla britt larsson

    I never heard of Taylor and man was she funny. like legit “lol” funny. She didn’t use her set to make political or feminist statements and not one time did she set up a joke for the sole purpose of getting a pat on the back. Nearly everything she said was something you could totally relate to and if you couldn’t, she has a charm about her that makes her stories fun even if it’s something you haven’t personally experienced. And even at 25, she has this hilarious cynicism about people her own age that just cracks you up but also makes you wonder how someone so young could be so self aware too.She was refreshing in the sense that her set wasn’t this hour long female empowerment session and hilarious in the sense where everything about her made you laugh; from her jokes, her expressions and movements. If you have an hour, check this out. It’s definitely time well spent. Taylor is an absolute breath of fresh air to stand up comedy.

  • edoward-abdoyan
    edoward abdoyan

    One of the best stand up specials I’ve seen in a long time. Taylor performed a great show. Combining original, relatable material and awesome delivery. I was laughing the entire way through.The pace was impressive. So many quality jokes crammed into one special. I’m definitely a fan now. Super excited to see what she comes up with next!

  • manole-ene
    manole ene

    This show is the best answer to those who believe stand-up comedy is men’s business. Taylor just nails it!I should say there is nothing extreme, but it just makes you smile, if not laugh, throughout the show. Her routines are very honest and relatable, always catching you somehow. Very good observations and punchlines. Worth watching for sure!

  • stephanie-watson
    stephanie watson

    Not a minute in this special is wasted. I was laughing from beginning to end! Taylor is clearly an incredibly talented comedian and very comfortable on stage. I can’t wait for her next special!!

  • dr-toth-e-rebeka
    dr toth e rebeka

    I didn’t really knew Taylor Tomlinson until this netflix special and I have to say I am pleasantly surprised. A very good show, funny jokes and if you were raised in a Christian family you can totally relate to all the jokes. Don’t trust any 1, 2 stars review, this show has nothing to do with feminism, Taylor really did not use this special to make it about that which I think was a great choice and that’s why I think she is one of the best female comedian. Totally recommend watching this show! P.S The first part of the show its funnier then the last part but overall very good Netflix special.