Dawn grows up in the shadow of a nuclear power plant. In high school, while her biology class studies evolution, she realizes she may have a hidden curse, an “adaptation.” She lives with her mom, step-father, and hard-edged step-brother. She likes Tobey, a guy at school, and he likes her. She takes a pledge to remain chaste until marriage, so they date in groups, watch G-rated films, and don’t kiss, but the power of teen hormones is great, so temptation beckons. Dawn has an admirer in Ryan, and when when things have an unexpected twist with Tobey, she turns to Ryan for help. Will he be her mythical hero and rescue her? Or can she find her way as her own hero, turning the curse into an asset?

Also Known As: Dentes, Δάγκωσέ με, Dinti, Zubi, Denti, Vaginalni zobje, Mély harapás, Diş, Vagina dentata, Dontia, Зубы, Vagina Dentada, Dagose me, Teeth - Wer zuletzt beißt, beißt am besten, Teeth, Zeby

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  • elizabeth-bond
    elizabeth bond

    I saw this film at the Melbourne International Film Festival. It was packed and the atmosphere was fantastic. The crowd loved it; it is not hard to see why.The story is relatively simple (coming-of-age story), the film contains stock-characters (sick mother, bad-boy brother etc), and the cinematography and special effects are basic: which some people here have whined about. As it happens, none of this matters.Jess Weixler is outstanding as Dawn; brilliantly and believably portraying an ostracised adolescent driven by her fear of sex to champion purity pledging. Dawn’s first sexual encounter goes horribly wrong, her ambivalent exploration turning, unexpectedly, to assault and dis-memberment (I do not need to explain Dawn’s special powers). Weixler convincingly portrays an utterly traumatised Dawn who (quite reasonably and, therefore, quite unexpectedly in a ‘horror’ film) turns to the Internet and then a doctor for help. The doctor, alas, is unprofessional. The audience expect something to go awry and it does, spectacularly and unforgettably. This gynecologist will never play the piano again.At this point, Dawn turns to a minor male character, a would-be suitor who has been sympathetically portrayed. So, although the audience is expecting more blood, when things go well for Dawn, really well, the audience is delighted. Weixler radiates joy, relief and contentment. And this is where the film really hits its stride. In the remaining encounters, the entire story is told by the expression of Weixler’s face. She is hurt, she retaliates, and then regrets her actions. She gets angry, plans, and then carries out, her revenge, and so on. She is perfect.For me, the two most memorable scenes are, first: the moment when Dawn first uses her teeth intentionally. She has gone from joyful, to hurt and confused, to angry and then vengeful in about thirty seconds. As soon as the audience sees the look of the steely resolution on her face they know, your ****** (i.e., in trouble); second, the moment when Dawn presents the evidence, as it were, to her victim, confirming the terrible truth of what has happened to him. Brilliant.

  • kristine-tangen
    kristine tangen

    It’s definitely not as intense as I Spit on Your Grave, but worth a watch. The premise behind the story is interesting, to say the least. I am surprised it got picked up at Sundance. Personally, I was expecting something with.. well… more “teeth” (pun intended). I would think this would be something that goes straight to video, but I guess someone thought this deserved more and brought it up from the depths of B-movie’dom. The FX and editing were horrible, but what do you expect considering the budget and who they probably had to hire to work on the job. It’s a rent when it becomes available in everyone’s areas, or a Video on Demand download.

  • leonel-arcelia-verduzco
    leonel arcelia verduzco

    Dawn grows up in the shadow of a nuclear power plant. In high school, while her biology class studies evolution, she realises she may have a hidden curse, an “adaptation.” She lives with her mom, step-father, and hard-edged step-brother. She likes Tobey, a guy at school, and he likes her. She takes a pledge to remain chaste until marriage, so they date in groups, watch G-rated films, and don’t kiss, but the power of teen hormones is great, so temptation beckons. Dawn has an admirer in Ryan, and when she breaks it off unexpectedly with Tobey, she turns to Ryan for help. Will he be her mythical hero and rescue her? Or can she find her way as her own hero, turning the curse into an asset?an urban myth turned into a horror/comedy, this starts off very well, but once you become used to the gimmick, it wears off very quickly.The message is simple, don’t mess around with women, treat them with respect, and don’t ring a friend whilst you are having sex, because you will lose it.The script is okay, and it’s acted quite well, but the novelty wears thin, and it becomes boring and predictable near the end.A sure hit with feminists across the globe, something for them to get their teeth into to.

  • grete-solberg
    grete solberg

    I just got back from the Sundance Film Festival where I saw the premier of “Teeth” – a disturbing horror / black comedy written and directed by Mitchell Lichtenstein. This move was a spectacular mix of horror, comedy, and disturbing special effects which is a must see movie for all horror buffs.My favorite aspect of Sundance, apart from the Britney or Paris sightings (uhg!) are the independent horror movies. Every year I am pleased with the offerings – Blair Witch was entertaining (though over hyped by the time it was released); Wai Keung Lau’s “The Park,” was a blast, Neil Marshall’s “The Descent” was horror at its best, and now Lichtenstein’s “Teeth” was a bloody trip, which, because the vast majority of theater owners are male, I am not sure will see the wide release it deserves.The movie involves a high school girl named Dawn, played convincingly by Jess Weixler. Dawn possesses the condition called Vagina dentata (see Wikipedia). The condition exacts sweet, painful justice on the abusive men she encounters. Through the use of tense music, convincing acting, and prosthetic special effects real enough to make all of the men in the audience groan, the result is a horror comedy of top-notch caliber.

  • olahne-nemeth-gabriella-eva
    olahne nemeth gabriella eva

    After hearing what Teeth was about, I wasn’t the least bit skeptical to see it like most would be. To be honest, I was ever so ready to view it! It is a bloody good time and non-stop entertainment. The story is about Dawn O’Keefe, a shy and hazily personified girl who discovers she has a disease known as “vagina dentata”. . . she has teeth in her vagina! She later on uses her “gift” as a way of exploring her sexuality and also settling the score with some of her enemies. There are a lot of scenes that would be gut-wrenching to the average viewer, but I am not the average viewer, and I enjoyed myself while watching all the strange and gory events play out.Teeth is overall excellent fun and nothing more. Do not be expecting a deep, gets you right there story plot, because you won’t get it. The makers knew what kind of film they were dealing with, and they didn’t try to make the movie anything more, and that’s what makes this movie so wonderful. As a horror, girls will get a kick out of it, I know a lot of my friends certainly did, and guys will be praising that their “part” is still attached to them. This movie delivers, and it delivers very well. I especially love the ending, because she was so comfortable and bad-ass with everything she’s been through now and her look was so devilish it put a grin on my face. You’ll know what I mean if you’ve seen the film. Teeth is something new and definitely a movie I recommend horror lovers see, so go ahead and give it a shot, it is awesome and you won’t regret it. Just don’t be expecting too much from it, in a sense.

  • tor-sondre-arnesen
    tor sondre arnesen

    We saw this movie and it was hilarious. I think you have to take it from a woman’s point of view. The girl was constantly being taken advantage of by different men. There is a hilarious scene in a doctors office when she goes for her first exam. I felt they really touched (no pun intended) on the awkwardness of what we(as women) have to deal with in a gyno exam. Yes, my husband did find it disturbing to watch, but he loved it also.Out of the 5 movies I saw at Sundance this year, I felt it was one of the best. I saw it at the Eccles center, that seats over 1000 people… and everyone was laughing.See it with a bunch of friends, and take it lightly…

  • kitan-yilmaz-yilmaz
    kitan yilmaz yilmaz

    I just saw this at the Sydney Film Festival. It was a packed cinema. We all were screaming and laughing- explosivley. And now that I’m home, I’m kind of in shock and have a sick little knot in my stomach.Firstly, the premise is interesting- SPOILER MAYBE- i say maybe because it is actually a real hoot if you go into this movie not knowing anything about it…A Girl and her special vagina…END SPOILERBut its really the execution that pulls it off. Although it is hilariously funny, the filmmakers have played it straight and real. I’ve read somewhere on here that the cinematography and direction was horrible and this is totally NOT TRUE- they were grade A. I was actually impressed. You could see the budget- yeah, it was modest, but i really thought they classed it up. All of the performances are great, the effects grizzly, but not overtly exploitive- that said, the flashes of violence are of high impact. Someone on the boards compared it to I Spit on your Grave, which it does have some similarities too, but only obvious ones (trust me when you see it you will know), but it really is a different cake altogether. This film is more akin to Lucky Mckee’s May- which also had the strong humour . So what is this film exactly? Horror? Comedy? Drama? Satire? Well it is all of these. But although it is funny and at times very moving and the entire time the satyric jabs run hard and fast- it is in the end a horror movie, proud and true. Reminiscent more than anything, of Cronenbergs early stuff (Rabid especially). If your a man you may find the impact harder, if your a woman- well I don’t know. The girls I saw it with all loved it, but all for different reasons. Its really well put together, all the elements are there and working. This and Inland Empire were my favourites from the festival. Both left me feeling troubled and unable to sleep.Some may think the movie is mean spirited, but it’s not- there is a strong sensitive empathy with the prime family unit- this movie just has (pardon the pun- its worth it) BITE. See it:Warning, the following statement contains unverified judgements: if your a straight man, you will scream, if your a woman you will either go with it, perhaps even judging yourself for it later and as for the gay guys in the audience; well here’s another reason to steer clear of vaginas.

  • dennis-davis
    dennis davis

    When I read the caption to this movie I was not sure what to await; when I read first comments I was even more unsure. I got into the screening at the Berlin International Film Festival since a friend’s friend was the cinematographer of this picture. I got to admit the movie starts a bit shaky in tone and setting, but does this always have to be such a bad thing ? Along the way it found it’s own -admittedly- intriguing to mesmerizing hybrid of style between social satire, coming of age and teen splatter…yet avoiding the pitfalls that each of those genres might have had. It is a strange, maybe estranging experience to watch – but what do you expect from a such a topic of ancient horrific myth ? All in all an entertaining experience.Very good performances not only of John Hensley but also of Jess Weixler, especially as her character tends to grasp and discover her “power” later in the film. I would’nt want to say who was better…Also one or two just incredible, uhhh, funny scenes. Yes, it borders on the kind of humour you would expect from teen pie-comedies. But it is definitely not exploiting these moments.Maybe not a date movie – maybe, too 😉

  • lic-alvaro-berrios
    lic alvaro berrios

    I enjoy horror movies but find that they are being churned out at a ridiculous speed and that quality suffers as a result and this is no exception.Looking beyond the ludicrous nature of the plot (all horror movies are a bit far fetched in general), this was simply one of the worst movies I have ever seen.The acting was terrible and Jess Weixler, who pays the “heroine?” Dawn looks embarrassed to be acting in it. The scene with her gynaecologist was the only highlight of the film and even that was because I was laughing as the acting was so bad.Seriously, this is a stupid, pointless and badly acted film that lowers the standards for shock horror flicks to a new depth. I would rather visit the dentist and have my teeth pulled without anaesthetic than sit through this garbage again…STAY AWAY!!!!

  • marc-duhamel-pasquier
    marc duhamel pasquier

    Quirky; offbeat; bizarre; demented: however you want to describe it, Teeth, by director Mitchell Lichtenstein, is certainly different, taking the age old myth of ‘vagina dentata’ and bringing it to life in the form of beautiful high school student Dawn (the lovely Jess Weixler, who is extremely talented and should go far).Subconsciously, Dawn is aware that she is different to other girls, and this has lead her to be afraid of her own sexuality. So far, she has successfully avoided mutilating males by taking a vow of celibacy until marriage, but when she takes a shine to fellow ‘abstainer’ Ryan (Ashley Springer), her resolve begins to weaken. Accompanying Ryan to a local beauty/make-out spot, she inevitably finds herself in a sexy clinch with the apparently not-so-innocent young man, but decides, at the last moment, to stick to her guns and not go any further. Ryan, however, has other ideas and proceeds to force himself on the poor girl.Big mistake! Seconds later, Ryan is clutching a bloody stump where his manhood used to be—Dawn’s voracious vagina has claimed it’s first victim!After a little research on Google, and a thorough examination (by a gyno who wishes he’d been a little gentler with his probing), it finally dawns on Dawn that she now needs to floss in two places. Still, an extra pair of gnashers seems to come in handy, since the comely lass has a knack of trusting the wrong type of man: slime-balls desperate to get into her knickers (even her own step-brother Brad, who was bitten on the finger by Dawn’s nether regions as a kid, wants a piece—although he is now understandably afraid of female genitalia and tends to opt for back-door action!).Teeth has taken a lot of flack from critics who claim that the film is unfair to men—that it is a pro-feminist movie which depicts all males as misogynistic sex-pests deserving of castration. Personally, I couldn’t care less how us guys are portrayed in the film because I had far too much fun with the whole twisted concept: any film in which a girl graphically chews off guys’ junk with her privates is a ‘must-see’ in my book!8.5 out of 10, rounded up to 9 for IMDb.

  • irma-galdikas
    irma galdikas

    I was a little worried about this going in, even as I loved the joke that was the premise: a vagina with razor sharp fangs inside the walls. How much could be done with something like this? As I found out, a lot more than I expected, but especially surrounding it as a nifty satire on the world of abstinence pledgers in high schools. There can never be enough room to make fun of these ‘abstinence-only’ folk who wear the “Promise Rings” and are amid a self-made desensitized cult that, in essence, dissuades those who do have romantic connections from giving in to their desires. And there’s mythology to boot! If anything, the burgeoning relationship between Dawn (Jess Weixler) and Tobey (Hale Appleman) shouldn’t be something they should ever have to avoid. But they do for “purity” sake, despite each others’ curiosity about each other’s bodies. The first attack is the most savage, and perhaps though the most anticipated, and with a sweet twist: it’s a shock to each of them, as she has no idea what is “down there” (all the sex-ed textbooks have the vaginal area censored, this despite the penis right in diagram, a possible reference to how it turns out in visual-style in the picture as men may grab their crotches in unified pain).To be sure, some of the satirical jabs and slight plot twists aren’t totally effective. While the brother character (effectively played as scum by John Hensley) is needed to move the plot along at a crucial point, there’s never much explanation to how he’s such a sex-psycho with a big dog. There’s also a touch of familial drama that feels a little forced (though, again, as part of disbelief that must be upheld throughout). What I liked, and at times even loved, as the pure abandon, like a talented filmmaker tackling the sexploitation genre with some juicy under-cutting to the society that this springs out of. Somehow this guy in his 50s- his first feature no less after years of acting gigs- has crafted some of the funniest penis jokes that could never be fathomed by, um, most people. To say it’s a guilty pleasure doesn’t do it justice, be it the most obvious jabs or the visual gags and symbolism (the cave opening, the phallic rocks, etc).One more note: this is truly a “breakout” performance as Weixler plays Dawn for all its worth as a character who truly has an “arc”, if you could call it that. Whether it’s the sexually confused innocent early in the film, to the totally mind-f****d soul who realizes an old myth called Vagina Dentata may be why she has this via nuclear radiation, and then onward as someone who can use that tunnel of love for all its worth. She’s someone to look out for in the indie world, and leads this film along like it’s worth every minute. 7.5/10

  • subbotina-ivanna-kharitonovna
    subbotina ivanna kharitonovna

    Its not that this movie is graphic. I’m fine with that. It was just a bad movie.The writing was amateurish at best.The direction and cinematography was worse than the writing.What you really have here is a clever idea without the substance to back it up.Only thing saving this movie is the solid performance by John Hensley as the troubled brother. We will be seeming more good things coming from this guy.Really disappointed by Josh Pais. He phoned in his portrayal as the doctor. He misread the need for overacting and stood out as being somehow out of sync with the rest of the cast.I can’t believe this movie sold for $2.5M I’m quite sure that the people buying didn’t watch it or didn’t car because they could make some money just on the topic.It generated a lot of buzz just because the topic makes you curious to see it, but you will be disappointed when you do actually go and see it.

  • phaidon-mperedemas
    phaidon mperedemas

    a friend of mine told me there was this crazy movie about this chick who has teeth in her vagina and ‘bites’ off guys dicks. of course, i jumped at the chance to see it.yeah, that kinda is what its about, but i thought it was going to be this joke to just make the porn more interesting. i didn’t think it was a serious movie.i was surprised when i watched it because it was actually pretty good. they made the character likable and didn’t go about it just for sex scenes. It had an actual story behind it that in a twisted way is kind of warm-hearted. a weird choice of words, yes, but thats what i got out of it.The main character, Dawn, is this sweet girl who’s part of a chastity group. ironic, right? anyways, she seems to meet this dream guy who’s also in the group, which doesn’t even believe in touching yourself. now, i’m a girl, but i understand a mans need to do what he’s gotta do. its no wonder this kid ends up raping her in a cave with the excuse that he hadn’t jerked off since easter. but, karma’s a bitch. So, in Dawn’s first encounter, she ends up biting off the guys dick, but with her vagina. isn’t it genius?! But Dawn learns that if she wants the sex to happen and she enjoys it, nothing gets bitten off. But as soon as it goes sour… CHOMP.so even though its not the greatest movie in the world, you have to give props to the writers and directors, cause you’d think a premise like that would be impossible to make. i’m in awe. cause seriously! a girl with teeth in her vagina biting off guys dicks! you know whenever you go to a superhero movie, afterwards you always think about how cool it would be to have those powers? after this movie… you(well, referring to girls)kinda wish you could do that. a guys rapes you… no problem. just ‘bite’ that puppy off.I’d really only recommend this movie to someone for its crazy story and how well they made it seem less crazy. plus its pretty enjoyable, especially for women with hit-lists. maybe not for men though…i gave it 7 out of 10 stars.

  • pocius-domantas
    pocius domantas

    Horror films have long used myth and psychological demons as a basis for gruesomeness. Teeth takes an underused legend (vagina dentata) and eats into the late night chick-flick gore-fest market with gusto and relish.Hold on – late night chick-flick gore-fest market? Isn’t it just guys who go to see slasher stuff? Instead of vampires deflowering virgins we have a virgin de-penis-ing sleaze bags. Not so much I Spit on Your Grave as bible-thumping-bimbo-eats-willies.In one of the South Park episodes (‘Red Hot Catholic Love’), that asks ‘why Catholics must molest children,’ we had a sect of Catholicism made of dangerous aliens. Their females have vaginas lined with razor-sharp teeth. South Park, of course, is unashamedly anti-everything polemic. Whereas Teeth is just entertainment. The lasting impact of such materials however, can be influenced by how well writer-producers have done their homework on matters psychological.Blonde high-schooler Dawn is a prominent representative of a chastity-ring -style movement. She discovers she has unusual anatomical ‘adaptations’ down there’. (She also has that expression that says something is permanently lodged up her butt.) But after she has alternately repelled and then encouraged a sweetheart who then rapes her, she is not unreasonably convinced that the bloody stump he is left with – and the dismembered member subsequently eaten by crabs – is the result of her deformity. Notwithstanding this, she manages to attract a series of pervs who get their fingers or manhoods lopped off.Teeth has the potential to deliver some biting social comment on the ‘chastity’ movement which has infected some American schools. In the classroom, Dawn’s biology textbooks have stickers obscuring diagrams of the vulva – for ‘obvious’ reasons.At one point there, is a chance Dawn could become the crusader with a moral calling (rather than faith obedience). Much like the Troma legend, Toxic Avenger, who hunts down the city’s bad guys. In a scene where a serial seducer drugs Dawn and then offers candlelight and romance to conclude the deed, is mistakenly seen as a ‘good guy’ by our heroine. She amazingly has successful sex with him, and willingly. She thinks he has fulfilled her dreams. But, when he boasts to mates on the phone in flagrante delicto, she changes her mind and chops it off. If the punishment was a little heavy for just being a loudmouth, there is a sense of justice as we know his intentions had nothing to do with consent. But although Dawn feels remorse over a similarly lecherous gynaecologist, she has no compunction about deliberate entrapment of males that she credits with evil intentions. And she does so as the heroine of our film.The vagina dentata myth is, as the film rightly points out, based on men’s fear of sex. Compounding it with the modern craze by some youngsters for ‘chastity’ blurs the underlying psychology, even as a crowd-pleaser. The chaste woman in the sense upheld by Dawn’s religious beliefs is the opposite of all that is pure about the symbols of womanhood. A shutting up, a mental ‘castration,’ to be reversed only by marriage. A cult that possibly even exacerbates sexual crime resulting from frustration, while denying a woman her own sexuality (A more extreme form is the barbaric practice in some countries of ‘female circumcision.’) The clarion call to support the heroine (who is depicted sympathetically) rests on an idea of female dominance as repugnant as the male domination of old patriarchal societies. It has developed, particularly in the USA, where American wives may even speak of husbands as men in the past spoke of a ‘good, hard-working drudge’.The end credits quip that, “No man was harmed in the making of this film.” But this reviewer at least feels that women who are psychologically conditioned to think in terms of ‘chastity’ or ‘castrating men’ are indeed harming themselves.To its credit, Teeth handles the difficult acting challenges with considerable aplomb. Jess Weixler’s portrayal of Dawn is well-nuanced and brings much needed humour, ambivalence and self-doubt to her character. That the film succeeds at all is remarkable, and this first feature by writer-director Mitchell Lichtenstein bodes well for his capabilities in handling difficult subject matter in the future commercial market. He succeeds in breathing life into a well-worn genre, but at the expense of ditching his moral compass. While the film is entertaining, it fails to achieve its full potential, or the cult status of indie classics like Liquid Sky (which was written by women rather than a man). But it certainly beats yet another slasher re-run with female protagonists enthusiastically chopping carrots.

  • dr-richard-toft
    dr richard toft

    A new evolution of horror as arrived with the new film, Teeth. Teeth tells the story of Dawn O’Keefe (Jess Weixler), a young abstinent teenager who comes to find out that her “family jewels” are much more special than everyone else’s; her vagina has teeth. When she comes to realize her “differences” she starts to battle with her sexuality and wanting to act on her impulses.This has definitely revolutionized the horror genre along with some awkward comedy, Teeth holds interest for the viewer throughout. From a woman’s perspective I’m not sure how the film would be received, but from a man, to put it plainly simple, it scares the ever living crap out of me. The film holds nothing to the imagination as it shows the most graphic images I’ve seen on film in quite sometime.Other than graphic imagery, the storyline isn’t as strong as images. There’s no flow to the story and pretty random at times as it conquers the steps of gross and unfortunate adolescence. The performances are enough to suffice but its John Hensley who plays Brad, Dawn’s perverted step-brother who wants to take his sister’s virginity that stands out. Young Dawn takes on some new attitudes throughout the film and Weixler attends to her with grace and ease.Not sure if this is a must-see for people, but it compares to The Matrix scenario when Morpheus presents the red pill and the blue pill. You can take the blue pill, the dream ends and you can believe whatever you want to believe; you take the red pill, you get to see how deep the rabbit hole goes.**½ /****

  • melanie-marfell-waugh
    melanie marfell waugh

    Who says vagina dentata isn’t an interesting subject?Teeth is a horror comedy about the myth of vaginal “teeth”. Theatrical trailers said that it made men squeal – a similar way Fatal Attraction 20 years ago was received. It’s great to see a horror movie this brilliant at the same time funny and gross.Three penises and four fingers were cut in the story but it was clear in the film that no man was harmed in the making of the movie. I like Teeth not because of those cutting-edge (hahaha) scenes but because it’s a movie that made men check out their wives, mistresses and girlfriends and see if they have teeth in their vaginas. It’s good to see an original intelligent horror movie made at the time where stupid remakes and gornography destroy the entire horror genre.I like the horrifyingly funny script (Tobey’s sexually frustrated declaration “I HAVEN’T EVEN JERKED OFF SINCE EASTER!” was a real teenage example of reasons to have sex) and the simple but unique direction by Lichtenstein. Teeth isn’t as serious as the screamer Fatal Attraction but it does manage to scare men… leave them jerking off rather than having sex. But maybe Teeth is also a gory example of STDs and AIDS.A horror film that can cut right through you!

  • jorma-laitinen
    jorma laitinen

    “Teeth” is a coming-of-age tale done in the spirit of “Carrie” (1976) in that it carefully examines a young girl becoming a woman. But “Carrie” had a twist: the protagonist Carrie White developed psychic powers, which she then used against the classmates who persistently tormented her. “Teeth” has a similar premise, one that’s likely to instill castration anxiety in any oversexed male who watches it.”Teeth” introduces the concept – for a wider audience – of “vagina dentata” (when translated from Latin, literally means “toothed vagina,” as in females having a nifty set of teeth between their legs), the same vagina dentata of ancient mythology given to women as a physical advantage during sexual intercourse and is meant to ward off men from having sex with strange women and instill harsh feelings of castration anxiety in those oversexed men. Writer/director Mitchell Lichtenstein takes his cues from “Carrie” and that ancient mythology to form the basis of his directorial debut; many may not know that “Teeth” is itself a remake of a small Japanese film called “Sexual Parasite: Killer Pussy” (2004) (I actually had to laugh at that title).As a 22-year-old male virgin, some of what I saw in this picture is quite shocking and had me squirming in my seat on more than one occasion, trying to hold on to my manhood (so to speak) and enjoy a well-crafted coming-of-age horror-comedy. But the movie isn’t about male-bashing, nor is it really about female empowerment. If you look hard enough, the movie is really about sexual violence, that is violence perpetrated by men upon women and vice versa. In this cinematic battle of the sexes, no one is really favored to win, although it’s obvious that most men, young and old, will think twice about having sex with the film’s female protagonist by the time the credits begin to roll.The young heroine of “Teeth” is Dawn (Sundance Award-winner for Best Actress and – who some have called – Meryl Streep-in-training, Jess Weixler), a “pretty but prim” high school virgin who is hanging on to her sexual purity for dear life. In a tightly-knit Midwestern community that has ominous smoke stacks from the local chemical plant looming in the background, Dawn is the shining Christian example of abstinence at her school, where young men and women alike face all sorts of pressures to explore each others’ bodies and let go of their virginity. In sex education courses, textbooks are featured that have taped-over diagrams of female genitalia but not male genitalia (a sexist double-standard?).Things aren’t much better at home. The film opens with a rather disturbing childhood incident between Dawn and her step-brother Brad that renders him without the tip of one of his fingers. Now an adult, the psychotic and heavily tattooed Brad (John Hensley) spends his days doing his girlfriend in his bedroom while harboring incestuous feelings toward Dawn.Dawn only feels the sexual urges to let go of chastity getting stronger when she begins dating the like-minded Tobey (Hale Appleman), who eventually confesses to her that he’s not a virgin; she isn’t put off by the news, however. One thing leads to another and the two wind up in the sack, but when she rejects him, he forces himself upon her and – chomp! – no more Mr. Willy-Willy for Tobey. It is at this point that any males in the audience are likely to start squirming in their seats when they realize that Dawn has been gifted – or cursed? – with the Toothed Vagina of ancient mythology, and she then begins to use this new physical ability to her advantage against the horny young men who try to get in her pants without her express permission.”Teeth” is not a particularly well-written first feature, since it can’t decide what it wants to be – a horror film, a comedy, or a mix of both – and this is the film’s only really big weakness. So, we have to take it for what it is: a horror-comedy. Jess Weixler is phenomenal; I’m not sure if she’s really a young Meryl Streep-in-training, but she is a young actress to keep an eye out for and her Sundance award for Best Actress was well-deserved. Like Carrie, you sympathize with the heroine, even as she comes to terms with her new physical ability and blossoming sexuality, and uses them both against her tormentors. I’ve already pointed out the parallels to Carrie White, but it is pretty clear Lichtenstein is familiar with that story to at least draw some distinctions from that and “Killer Pussy.”The film never really explores the extent of Dawn’s Toothed Vagina or how she even achieved it, although there are a few clues here and there. It can be inferred that the vagina dentata are perhaps the next stage in the evolution of the female body (as explained in biology class). Or, are they simply a mutation caused by exposure to harmful chemicals put in the air by the local chemical plant? It’s never really explained, and that’s a good thing. Lastly, “Teeth” also has a lot of exposed flesh – male and female – and some pretty gruesome special effects sequences (though, weirdly enough, we never actually see Dawn’s gift) that’ll have any oversexed guys out there thinking twice about asking that pretty but strange new girl out for a date.10/10

  • makar-adamchuk
    makar adamchuk

    If you like art movies that move you and make you think yet aren’t too lazy or self-obsessed to take the effort to entertain- not always an easy trick to pull off- ‘Teeth’ is for you.After hearing a bit about the movie and expecting nothing more than a crotch-grab-inducing B-horror flick, I was frankly curious to see how this subject matter could possibly be handled without an X-rating. In the process of getting my answer I was treated to a refreshingly unflinching examination of teen mores, unrequited love, revenge, and feminism all wrapped up in a coming of age story brilliantly headed by Jess Weixler.John Hensley is equally absurd and on-target in the role of her troubled brother Brad and the disturbingly believable cast of characters takes the viewer from one unexpected place to the other while always ringing true.Underneath its veneer of teen/horror camp, ‘Teeth’ is intelligently accessorized with the kind of ticking subtext that pumps the narrative through with humor, spunk, and heart. It pulls you in with all of the heady energy, truth, and blinding optimism of an ill-advised teenage crush.

  • liza-melk-aze
    liza melk aze

    Not sure what all the kvetching on this board is about….TEETH is gore-comedy at its best and it turns the misogynistic “vagina dentata” myth on its head. After its hilarious first act parodying evangelical sexual repression, scene after scene delivers with jaw-dropping “can’t-believe-that’s-happening” hysterical intensity.Yes, it’s campy, but it pays careful respect to its lead character. Jess Weixler shines as the young abstinence advocate who discovers her rare gift, receiving the much-deserved Jury Prize for Acting from the Sundance Film Festival. If you appreciate cult, camp, or horror with a feminist edge, this is for you!

  • david-bailey
    david bailey

    The trend of imbuing horror films with a quirky sense of irony cribbed from the hell that is adolescence (think “Ghost World” with gore) may have finally run out of steam with “Teeth,” a moderately impressive (though unspectacular) yet overly precious and self-aware stab at subverting the genre’s gender roles. Writer-director Mitchell Lichtenstein’s concept (a puritanical virgin who grows up next to a nuclear power plant discovers a mean set of incisors below the waist when her sexuality blooms) is intriguing, and some of the film’s best moments possess a surreal quality that almost transforms the material into a metaphorical extension of Dawn’s (Jess Weixler) awkward adjustment to womanhood. While much has been written about gender roles in the horror genre, “Teeth” cleverly manages to have its cake and eat it, too: Dawn is treated as a haplessly naive girl by every male she encounters; the males are predatory, would-be rapists. In films like “I Spit On Your Grave” and “Ms. 45,” the female victims recover to enact revenge in an extreme manner–“Teeth” playfully subverts Freud’s notion of “penis envy” by transforming male genitalia into a literal kiss of death; Dawn’s encounters (while tinged with a sometimes groan-inducing, “Clueless”-styled humor) eventually contribute to her growth and maturity as a woman, to the point where she finally becomes master of her domain. While not great, “Teeth” is a worthwhile little sleeper with some food for thought.

  • thomais-manta
    thomais manta

    In a small town nearby a nuclear power facility, the chaste Dawn (Jess Weixler) is raised with her dysfunctional stepbrother Brad (John Hensley) by her mother that is sick and her stepfather. Once in high school, she participates of a meeting called “The Promise O” that preaches purity and virginity for the members. When the newcomer Tobey (Hale Appleman) arrives in town, the naive Dawn feels that he is her soul mate and stays close to him. The proximity becomes attraction and Tobey does not control his hormones and forces Dawn to have intercourse with him in a cave in an isolated lake. However, he is castrated by her vagina and vanishes in the lake. The desperate Dawn runs to the library and discovers that she has the mythical “Vagina Dentata” and only a hero can rescue her.”Teeth” is one of the most refreshing horror tales that I have recently seen. The story of a chaste teenager that finds that she has a “Vagina Dentata” is simply hilarious and surrealistic. The legend does really exist, and in accordance with the Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vagina_dentata), “various cultures have folk tales about women with toothed vaginae, frequently told as cautionary tales warning of the dangers of sex with strange women and to discourage the act of rape”. There could be also a subtle interpretation that could be the difficulty of Dawn to self-adjust to the womanhood, but I believe the intention of the author was simply uses the myth to make a gem of dark humor. The beauty of the sweet Jess Weixler is awesome. My vote is seven.Title (Brazil): Not availableNote: On 06 April 2015, I saw this movie again.

  • pan-daniel-zaton
    pan daniel zaton

    The general formula for getting a new movie recognized in America nowadays tends to be by means of a clever gimmick or craft in advertising and hype (Cloverfield, The 300, etc.). Teeth is an interesting addition to this formula, as it is a B-horror movie that is generally marketed to an indie comedy audience. Iif you’re interested in seeing it it’s almost guaranteed you know what it’s about before walking into the theater. Unfortunately for Teeth, it manages to give you just that and absolutely nothing else for 90 minutes, and I mean that in the worst possible way:The movie is about a teenage girl who discovers teeth in her vagina.That’s it. You can basically write the rest of the story yourself.Yep, there’s pretty much nothing else to the movie beyond that. The film milks its premise of the audience knowing what’s going to come for nearly 45 minutes before anything involving the plot actually happens. By the time she discovers her problem, half of the movie is gone and any opportunity for interesting character development, sexual commentary, dramatic tension, or remote intelligence is thrown out the window.Teeth milks as many plot devices for cheap comedic payoff as possible as well: the young, innocent Christian girl who takes a vow of chastity, the boyfriend who wants her to break that vow, the difficulties between being either a prude or a slut in high school… without ruining whatever story there actually remains to ruin. There’s a subplot involving her negligent and completely cookie-cutter character of a brother being a jerk to her parents as well, but it fails to develop that at all for the sake of throwing in more jokes about biting and vaginas than Mr. Freeze has jokes about ice in Batman & Robin.By the time her character is thrown any interesting development and drama in the way of this bizarre plot, it’s already turned into a generic rape/revenge B-movie and the credits have come up the screen. I’ve heard some women say they felt “liberated” by this movie and to those women I would advise them to seek therapy as soon as possible. To say that is no better than saying as a sexually frustrated male I felt “liberated” watching pornography, which of course cannot be said due to political correctness.It could’ve been an interesting study of womanhood, of growing up, of men’s sexual fears and the relationship between loving someone and having sex with them… but it’s not. It’s a sleazy, stupid exploitation flick that doesn’t spare any opportunity to show its violent acts in gory detail. It also proves, sadly, that indie movies suffer from the same marketing gimmicks and worn-out clichés as mainstream movies. If you want something better but along similar thematic lines, I would recommend Hard Candy, Lady Vengeance, and of course the classic Virgin Spring. But please, avoid this at all costs unless you just enjoy dumb, sick thrills.

  • jan-cerny
    jan cerny

    The premise alone can speak for the originality of the movie. Most audiences will be rushing to this film out of sheer curiosity, I know I did. While this movie is graphic, the conflicting tones of horror and comedy give it a playfulness and a freshness that any true movie-lover could appreciate. Now, its not by any means the best movie ever or the funniest or most horrific but it shines its light. The story and characters are all cheesy/campy but thats what gives this movie its charm. Its almost like whats going on is so absurd and awful and awkward you have no choice but to laugh! I don’t recommend this film to the faint of heart but if you are in the mood for something new and will keep you talking for weeks, then I say this is the film for you. If anything, just to say you saw it is quite enough for most people. Women, you’ll appreciate it more than you think. Men, you’ll be more careful out there in the real world.

  • nicola-todd
    nicola todd

    If all you know about ‘Teeth’ is the premise, you probably think it’s a typical B horror film. In fact, this movie is very good and very fun. I don’t mean so-bad-it’s-good, I mean good.The key is that the movie is restrained. You get the shots that will make you cringe–the filmmakers don’t skimp on the juicy stuff–but nothing outrageous. More importantly, ‘Teeth’ is well acted and written. In some indie films, the dialogue is so bad it’s distracting. Not this one. In fact, movies in this genre can go overboard at almost any point–a rogue scientist arriving to explain everything, buckets of blood, or just a scene that goes too far and makes you laugh instead of scream. ‘Teeth’ deftly avoids the pitfalls. It is scary, funny, and never too much, at least not for me.This movie isn’t an Oscar-worthy drama, but it could be a cult classic. I, for one, left the theatre with my money’s worth and then some.

  • guntars-jaunzems
    guntars jaunzems

    This movie is like a crossover between a feminine horror story and a black comedy, better yet satire. Teeth succeeds because it doesn’t take itself too seriously and it gives as well fleshed out characters. The lead actress is an amazing find. She knows exactly what to do with her character and how far she can go with it. She is believable from start to finish. I wouldn’t recommend this movie to people with high morals, because you do get to see a lot of ‘genital gore’ in the movie. Just look at the plot keywords, if one of the things bothers you this movie isn’t for you. All in all this movie is for people who like to see something different for achange, not that manufactured sh!i from Hollywood these days. If you don’t take this film too seriously and you have a good sense of humor, this movie is a must see for you. I give it 7/10 because the ending is not that good and IMO it could have been longer.