In Providence, a husband and wife die in a botched robbery; we see flickers of his last memories. His heart goes to Terry Bernard, a single father raising a girl with a rare degenerative disease. After the operation, Terry has flashes of memory from the last moments of the dead donor’s life. Then, he recognizes one of the donor’s killers and follows him into an alley. Within days, Terry becomes an unwilling avenger, with a police detective on his trail. Meanwhile, he begins a romance with his daughter’s doctor, his moods complicated by memory flashes, the donor’s deepening presence in both Terry’s mind and body, and the unexplained bond among the donor’s killers. Can this end well?

Also Known As: The Black Heart, Das schwarze Herz, Обличитель, Coração Negro, Az áruló szív, Tell-Tale, Le pouls de la vengeance, Tell Tale, Msciwe serce, Martyriara kardia, Gammaz yürek, Instinto de Vingança, Corazón delator, Poveste fatala

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