Tenchi and co. find their existence unsettled by a time-travelling entity called Kain. Desiring revenge upon the Juraian emperor, Tenchi, Kain travels back in time to kill Tenchi’s mother. Trying to preserve the timestream, Tenchi and friends follow him back. Unfortunately, Tenchi must also deal with the pain that seeing his mother causes him. Since she died in the future, seeing her alive in the past reopens his old wounds.

Also Known As: Тэнти - лишний в любви, Tenchi-Muyo!: La película 1 - Tenchi enamorado, Tenchi the Movie, Tenchi: The Movie, Chi ha bisogno di Tenchi?: The Movie-Tenchi Muyo in Love, Tenchi the Movie - Tenchi Muyo in Love, Tenchi Muyô! In Love

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  • barry-monk
    barry monk

    I’m a big Anime fan and this movie is up near the top of my Anime list of best movies, the movie could stand on it’s own but to really know the whole story you need to have seen the rest of the Tenchi Muyo series.

  • robert-roman
    robert roman

    I enjoyed this movie even though I was not familiar with the Tenchi Muyo show, it had a lot of colorful characters and was funny and had good action too. The story though was a bit hard to follow, it made a bit more sense when I had seen the Tenchi show, but it still has points that make very little sense. My guess is that this movie takes place in the realm of the show “Tenchi Universe” rather than the first show as this movie features both female galaxy officers that are in the “Universe” series while the original only featured the blond officer. Also, Ryoko is the space pirate she was in that series as well. The story is a bit of a time travel movie with a dangerous being escaping a galaxy police stronghold and going back in time to kill a member of a royal family that has the power to bind his almost limitless power. That person just happens to be the mother that Tenchi himself has never met. So off go he and all his little gang to try and stop this being from killing his mother. At times it is a bit tough to follow the plot, it was very hard when I had not seen the show, but it has such colorful characters that its story shortcomings can be forgiven. The action is good too, however, the movie is most certainly more comedy and such than action…most of the action comes at the tail end of this one. However, if you enjoyed the Tenchi Universe show you should enjoy this.

  • guram-tqebuch-ava
    guram tqebuch ava

    This is one of my favorite anime movies. It takes the already great Tenchi Muyo! OVA/TV series and gives it the sort of artwork and sound effects it really deserves. The plot is one of the best that I have seen in an anime movie. Altogether a great picture.

  • celikyurek-sendogan-ulker-mansiz
    celikyurek sendogan ulker mansiz

    I was introduced to Tenchi Muyo! about a year ago. It was the TV series. And I fell in love. Since then I have watched the TV series over again and watched the OVA series. It was time to see the movies. I watched Tenchi Muyo in Love second (oddly enough) and, perhaps it was in comparison to Manatsu no Eve, but I adored this movie. The animation, the music, the sound, all superb. I love the Tenchi characters, even dubbed, and the movie only made me feel even more for them. While the plot itself is nothing extremely unique, the style in which it is done makes you keep watching. If you’re familiar with the series, it’s great seeing the plot done with the Tenchi characters. You learn a little more about Tenchi’s character, and a lot more about his dad and mother. This is a must see for any Tenchi fan, anyone curious about Anime, and anyone who wants to see how animation *should* be done. If you can, get the DVD version.

  • catherine-cook
    catherine cook

    I personally LOVE Tenchi Muyo! in Love. I just have one problem with it. It is the exact opposite of Tenchi Muyo! Manatsu No Eve. Where that movie should have been longer, this one could have been shorter. However, the animation absolutely upholds the wonderful tradition of the Tenchi Muyo! series and the story is just too great. I really like this movie. This is a movie for anyone who has an appreciation for good story telling.

  • margaret-marshall
    margaret marshall

    i am one of the biggest tenchi fans since i first started collecting the series. now, i own every series, music video, and movie uncut and subtitled, even the last 13 OVA. this is my favorite of the three movies. the story is really suspenseful, the animation is some of the best i’ve seen, and the villain is one of my favorites. before any of you see this movie, you’ll have to understand the story of the Tenchi series to be able to nod and follow along. overall, this would have to be one of my favorite anime movies.

  • matthew-edwards
    matthew edwards

    This truly is the best of any of the Tenchi’s. I bought this one on a whim, and at the end of the movie my wife couldn’t stop crying (which is a good sign for this movie). A few months later we watched it again, and she had the same reaction.This movie has some top animation and a good solid story. I recommend it to anyone who wants to start to break away from all the generic Mecha stuff being played on cable (the stuff that got old back in the 80’s in Japan).

  • nieves-pomares-aramburu
    nieves pomares aramburu

    This is an great movie! I loved it! I recommend it to any Tenchi fan out there! I even recommend it to people who have never heard of Tenchi, although it might be a little hard to follow. The story line was great, and so was the music and animation. And all the characters really make this movie more enjoyable!

  • marijana-cis
    marijana cis

    Twenty-six years ago, the Masaki family died out. A young teenage girl named Achika Masaki has disappeared, and in the near future, so did her son, Tenchi. Now, Tenchi, Ryoko, Ayeka, Sasami, Kiyone, and Mihoshi must travel back to 1970, to save not only Achika, but also their own lives as well. With the help of scientific genius, Washu, Tenchi and the gang will travel back in time to save the Masaki family from the evil and sinister Kain.Intersting…isn’t it?The fist Tenchi film made, but the second I saw after seeing “Tenchi Forever!”. I was more pleased with this one. It’s filled with more twists and turns, and has more action…especially the battle against Kain. Unlike “Tenchi Forever”, this film is less dramatic and more comedy…which is what Tenchi is pretty much known for although the series itself has it’s dramtic moments. Of course, this film has it’s dramatic times as well as it goes towards the ending. And of course, the film ends with a sweet melody called “Alchemy of Love”.Also, the DVD version of this movie has more information than “Tenchi Forever!”. 🙂 I highly recommend it to Tenchi fans who have DVD players!!!! **grin**

  • pilip-vovk
    pilip vovk

    WARNING: SOME SORT OF A SPOILER When I first saw this movie I had no idea what Tenchi was. I never heard of the show much either. I only rented the movie because I was an Anime’ fan and thought it looked rather interesting. Anyway the movie takes play space at the galaxy head quarters. A ruthless criminal none as Kane has escaped his prison cell and blown up the galaxy head quarters. He is no friend of the Jurai so he goes back in time to attack Tenchi’s mother. Meanwhile in the Masaki household Tenchi and the gang are watching movies of his mother Achika. Then Tenchi starts to dissapear.Before watching this movie you should watch the T.V. show first. Then you would probably understand more.

  • meda-gailys
    meda gailys

    The animation was ok if though a bit shifty at times. This time the past has to be set right to save the current. The nice thing about this feature is the fact that it deals a lot with Tenchi’s father who is normally only shown as a weird pervert in the series. However the fact remains that the same girls keep fighting among one another over who gets to do what to Tenchi. Personally I wonder long they can stretch this running gag. My favorite character has to be Ryoko who due to her 700 year statis as a demon has quite straightforward conceptions of the world and the interaction with it. Overall it is more for the anime lovers who know a bit about the OVA eps since this is basically sending out a lot of background information. The new viewers will probably enjoy the animation but will be confused by lot of the personae.

  • elin-moller
    elin moller

    This movie is one of my favorite Anime movies of all time, and I believe it is better than the other two, but the second was great as well, except this one was much better. The plot was wonderful, and the art/animation was of excellent quality. It doesn’t exactly follow the timelines of any of the Tenchi series, however, the movie’s quality makes up for it. The battle scenes were absolutely spectacular, and the dubbing was great. A Must-See anime movie for Tenchi Muyo fans and for even the casual anime fan.

  • michelle-watson
    michelle watson

    Going back to the past to save your parents so you exist in the first place. Doesn’t seem very original does it? But as you watch the movie, you find yourself drawn into the story. The story that revolves around Tenchi’s mother Achika, and the budding romance between her and Tenchi’s future father, Noboyuki. Little do they know that they have been targeted by a ruthless entity known as Kain.Tenchi fans will truly enjoy the movie as they get more of an insight on the clouded past on tenchi’s parents. The reaction of Tenchi and the gang around his parents is a pleasant experience for the viewer.Non Tenchi fans will appreciate the relationships between characters in the movie. The action scenes are very well done and adds excitement to the plot.There is something however i can complain about. The story has a huge buildup and a relatively short resolution. But the resolution was truly sweet and makes you watch it over and over again. Its a very cheap dvd , so go out and buy it or rent it today. You definitely won’t regret it

  • daniela-monteiro
    daniela monteiro

    This is one of the most well-done movies I have ever seen. This movie brought me to my knees. Few films have ever made me cry, but this… this just does it so well. I can’t say enough good things about this movie.I love the mix of styles. The technology (mostly I like Washu), the romance, the action, and the originality. This movie is candy for mind that doesn’t rot your teeth.One thing for those of you who haven’t seen it. You don’t have to have seen any of the TV series. You don’t have to know anything about the characters to understand what is going on. This movie ranks (to me at least) just bellow Akira, and and just above ‘Ghost in the Shell’.

  • larissa-freitas
    larissa freitas

    This is easily one of the best Anime films I have seen in a while. Make sure you watch the subtitled version, though! I saw it on DVD, and just out of curiosity, checked out the dubbed version. It ruined the entire movie! Tenchi sounds like Kermit, Ryoko sounds like she’s been smoking for 40 years, Ayeka sounds a French prostitute, and don’t even get me started on Washu, who’s possibly the worst of them all! I love this movie, don’t get me wrong, and I liked the TV series and the OAV, but I saw it subtitled, and didn’t think anything could ruin it, until now! I still recommend the subtitled version to anyone who wants to see an animated movie with a real plot, and no singing animals, although there is a carrot-craving Cabbit!

  • apinis-kriss
    apinis kriss

    The three movies had a much different tone than the OAV series, with the first and third one being far more dramatic. Tenchi Muyo in Love is a really low-key, beautifully done production, which flows beautifully. The characters are incredible; they’re what defined the OAVs, and they’re just as great in this. This was my first introduction to the Tenchi Muyo universe, but you’d be better off if you watched either the OAV or TV series first (they both tell modified versions of the same basic story)

  • brenda-turner
    brenda turner

    I waited to see this movie for two years, and had almost given up hope… But it was more than worth the wait. The central storyline is quite tightly scripted, though using a few too many (and now inaccurate) time-travel cliches and occasionally tripping over itself with continuity. It’s presented with a visual style that ranges from pulp SF to classical Japanese, and with character designs that are among the best ever used in a Japanese film. Christopher Franke’s wonderful soundtrack alternates between dramatic, soft, and tearjerking. The excellently-cast voice acting is indicative of what Pioneer does best, with particular kudos to Grace Zandarski, whose voice does so much to emphasise her character’s loveliness. The script, however, does have numerous problems, and tends to over-rely on certain characters arguing, which does get ludicrous after a while. Still, despite its flaws, this is a spectacular film.

  • veniiamin-lavrenko
    veniiamin lavrenko

    The storyline is a little lacking, but it is interesting none the less. Where this movies really shines is in the music. The music is absolutely fantastic. It just fits so well with the movie. Most of the music is pleasant and flowing, and isn’t harsh, but simply sits in the background, moving the storyline along. What’s more: You can buy the soundtrack and sit there, listening to it, and see about half the movie in your head, just because the music is so good at pulling the images out of your brain. Christopher Franke really is a sonic painter.

  • alice-almeida
    alice almeida

    A great installment to the Tenchi Muyo series. As a stand alone movie it is great as well. The story draws you in and keeps you on the edge to the very end. All along the way you get the great angst and humor that goes with the territory that is Tenchi Muyo… **************POSSIBLE SPOILER*************** Of course once again the whole gang finds themselves clinging to Ryoko for help as she has to teleport everyone to subspace to save Tenchi’s mother. ************************END SPOILER************************* All in all solid and entertaining. (10 out of 10)

  • anthony-silveira
    anthony silveira

    I cant believe this movie got a lower rating than the 3rd one. If you liked Robotech (except for minmei’s singing and the overly sappy parts of overdone cheesy lines) I’m pretty sure you’ll appreciate this one. The movie opens up with some action in the beginning and the end for the first 15 minutes and the last 20-30 minutes. The movie is a bit more serious than the first ova series, art work was really good, the drama could have been a bit more in-depth but I guess they made up for it in the 3rd movie. I think the battle scene could have been drawn out an extra 5 minutes or so but I’m getting used to seeing most of the tenchi series/movies cut the battle scenes really short.My only nitpick is that tenchi’s mom when she was morphed in to jurai warrior should not have been in a white dress with a cute pink bow on her back….cmon this is a jurai warrior/protector here not some cute little maiden in distress. Although they did curb it a little bit with her pissed off look, and her wielding a light sword.Pretty difficult to find a good anime with a good story line, love triangle, and a bit of action but this one hits the mark.I gave it a 10

  • radomir-novak
    radomir novak

    A subplot had been lurking in the background of the complex plot of Tenchi Muyo for some time: What happened to Tenchi’s mother? Intriguing lines would pop up from time to time, like Katsuhito saying of Tenchi: “He’s the serious type, just like his mother.” This first movie based on the series reveals the long-awaited story of Achika Masaki.The art and animation is gorgeous. The soundtrack by Christopher Franke is quite distinctive and beautiful. It stands out from the all the generic soundtracks these days, and lives up to the quality of previous Tenchi Muyo soundtracks, if not the spirit.Viewers unfamiliar to Tenchi or to anime in general may be confused by the mixing of genres. Much of the movie is romantic comedy, but it switches gears often and without warning to drama, action, slapstick, mystery, and occasionally horror.There is a level of poignancy that only time travel stories can achieve. Two images that stand out to me are the falling snow (referencing Tenchi’s memories) and cherry blossoms(symbolic of a short life).

  • annika-bostrom
    annika bostrom

    As an Anime fan to begin with, this movie is a delight. As a Tenchi Fan, it is a joy to behold. The addition of Christopher Franke’s (Tangerine Dream, Babylon 5, Raven, M.A.N.T.I.S.)music is icing on the cake.But, for non-Tenchi fans, or those new to this story , or Manga, a little introduction is needed. Even that is difficult for the stories have been reworked at least three different ways in different productions.Basically the whole series revolves around Tenchi Masaki, a young man living in a rural province of Japan outside of Tokyo with his widowed father, an architect, and his grandfather, a shrine caretaker. But, his life is not as un-complicated as it seems, for his grandfather is a several hundred year old reigning prince of an extraterrestrial empire known as the House of Jurai, as his late mother was a princess to the same galactic domain. So his lineage has made him the target of both the scum of the universe, as well as an odd collection of women in his household: a 700 year old space pirate called Ryoko, who is also a stunningly lovely woman with a short fuse and super-powers, Ayeka, ruling princess of the House of Jurai and his grandfather’s half sister (her mother pure blood Jurain, his mother human), her younger sister Sasami (who is psychically merged with a living all-powerful starship called Tsunami), Washuu, the exiled super-genius and professor of a galactic science academy (her inventions were a little destructive for the faculty, or the universe, to handle), Myhoshi, a ditzy member of the Galaxy Police force, Kiyone, her oft put-upon partner, and Ryo-oki, a cabbit (half cat, half rabbit), a creation of Washuu’s which itself can transform into a living space ship.Now, with that out of the way, this adventure pits Tenchi against a powerful master criminal called Kain, imprisoned by the Jurain Empire who escapes from Galaxy Police’s temporal prison and travels back in time to take revenge by murdering Tenchi’s mother, thereby destroying him in the present, as well as decimating the Royal House of Jurai. It is up to Tenchi and the ladies (all of whom have a love interest in Tenchi, to varying degrees), using Washuu’s super science, to travel back in time to save Tenchi’s mother when she was still Tenchi’s age.What follows is an adventurous, funny and often touching story as Tenchi meets the mother he never knew, fights for her life and his, as well as juggle the love and affection of the ladies (especially Ryoko, who is deeply in love with him and Ayeka, who desires him as a mate of royal lineage).The film is a joy, as are the two sequels, which give a new and great creative take on the popular television and video series.

  • johan-hansson
    johan hansson

    Tenchi Muyo! In Love adds fills a lot of holes in the original Tenchi story, cleverly adding some of the history of the Masaki family into the film as part of the main plot. In TMIL Tenchi’s mother Achika is disappearing from the past, consequently dragging Tenchi out of the real world. Soon enough Washu convinces Tenchi and the girls to travel into the past to find the man trying to kill Achika. So, the film takes you into the past to Achika’s life – and the thrilling hunt for her stalker. The plot has a few twists and turns, but a healthy amount of them so as it doesn’t turn the film itself into an enigma that leaves you behind. Instead you are drawn even more into the mystery, and the closer you are to the end you wonder more how many more ways it could come to an end. Generally Tenchi has it’s problems balancing comedy and serious story line – however TMIL will never leave you lost or confused. It’s not like Tenchi in Tokyo where randomness ensues one episode after the next. TMIL is highly tolerable, consistent, and not sickeningly corny or unrealistic – leaving aside the whole idea of the magic of the Jurian family and sci-fi material. TMIL is a perfect mix of action, suspense and it’s deep and fascinating enough to get you into the film and interested early on. It flows better than any of the other Tenchi films and even the 3 original series. You will not be disappointed, the film is well worth your time whether you’re a Tenchi fan or not.

  • kimberly-newman
    kimberly newman

    I’m not into Anime as much as some other people I know, but this movie knocked my socks off! It’s really awesome, especially because it reminds people how good animated films without the “Disney” trademark can be. The sound and the detail in the animations are technically superb! Plus, this animated film actually has a story that could have easily been made into a live-action motion picture. Still, I think it works better this way, because you can do anything with animation and cartoons. The only problem I had was that this and “Akira” are pretty much the only Anime films I’ve actually seen. I know kids in school who discuss and analyze the films as if they were like any other motion picture. To me, I’m just blown away by the film in the first place. I guess I’m inexperienced with Anime films. It’s kind of weird, because I’m lost in the film, while the others kids can point out who’s who at the snap of a finger! At first, it was a little hard to follow. I also didn’t quite get all of the spirituality and the kung-fu fighting. Once I got used to it though, I was really impressed with it! I highly recommend this picture to Anime fans, and to people who are not into Anime! You will like this, I guarantee you!

  • giedrius-stankevicius
    giedrius stankevicius

    My wife never had any experience with anime before she was with me; over the years I’ve sent her scurrying out of the room with much of what I watch… Tenchi Muyo In Love, though, kept her interest piqued.The animation: beautiful; the usual Tenchi OVAs and TV-series are great, but the movie is a real knock-out. Unlike the big-budget anime movies of late (and Disney films) the scenes have a consistent level of quality. There aren’t nine scenes of good animation, and one scene of mind-blowing 3D computer-generated/cel combo stuff… all of the scenes are great quality, with little to cause distraction.The storyline: good. It draws somewhat upon knowledge of previous events in the Tenchi realm, but is accessible for novices. I would have preferred the story to stick with the emotional aspect- as exciting as a big demon fight is, the characters are even more so… but then again, I guess that’s why companies make stuff like Kimagure Orange Road or Maison Ikkoku.The translation: good. Unlike how I prefer most of my anime, I’m both used to and accepting of the English translation job done by Pioneer. They’re the voices I first heard when watching Tenchi, and they settle okay with me. (My wife can’t stand Sasami’s English voice, however.) I don’t feel like I’m either missing parts of the original dialogue, nor do I feel like the story is too Americanized. If I were used to the Japanese version, my feelings might vary- but I have access to both versions, and the English one usually wins out.The storyline is good… Tenchi as a whole is not supposed to be unique, but a comfortable, fun ride. It delivers entertainment in droves, and the characters are so well-rounded that it’s hard not to come away without feeling affected, despite feeling like you’ve just watched a mish-mash of SF cliches. Rather than the tour-de-force movies like Akira or Ghost in the Shell, this is the movie I’d probably show new-comers- “This is what Japanese animation can be like.” When they’re more willing to work at comprehending a story, then move on…