The murder of a youngster creates confusion among a few cops when they find out that the one accused in the crime has a look-alike.

Also Known As: Thadam

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  • susanna-makkonen
    susanna makkonen

    Outstanding Story.Good story building and in the climax scene iam just shocked . When you seeing that movie you have to notice every little details. I am giving 9 star out of 10. Just mind-boggling movi. Must watch.

  • yunyeongil

    Movie moves around two brothers. Among this two one is committed murder…..they are twins so the confusion among the police to find the one who is a murderer…

  • c-ira-gumberize
    c ira gumberize

    Another great addition in the Mystery/Thriller genre of Indian cinema. It keeps you hooked from the beginning and never lets you loose interest in it.

  • pavel-gontsarov
    pavel gontsarov

    Brilliant script and best executed movie by mahizh..

  • ehrhard-birnbaum
    ehrhard birnbaum

    A great movie! Action packed thriller after a long time in Kollywood. The director made sure the audience are kept on the edge of the seat throughout the movie. Apart from Arun vijay, I like the acting of the inspector as he was trying to frame Ezhil as the killer over personal vengeance. I saw a loophole in the screenplay as the investigation was not carried on with heroine’s friend and doubts arised from then on and which made me finalise the killer. Maybe director could have avoided the scene. Overall a must watch movie for moviegoers

  • alison-montoya
    alison montoya

    Arun Vijay performance has made this movie truely exceptioal & has fantastic climax to watchArun delivers yet again brilliant crime thriller

  • mr-leigh-mccarthy
    mr leigh mccarthy

    Plot : A murder. Two look alikes. Who done it? Though the whodunit mystery is a typical plot for a crime thriller, the way that the script writer has worked on with the film makes it an out of the box experience. (4/5)Characters : Even the supportive characters are loved by the audience. Every character in this film whether it’s the main protogonist or a side-kick has a purpose which can be felt by the audiences. When the characters win, the film becomes successful. (4.5/5)Cast : The actors have very much justified the characters. Arun Vijay has an excellent screen presence. Vidya Pradeep is an ideal choice. Sonia Agarwal’s acting seemed fake at times. Even when she was crying, we can see that only the voice actor supports her. Yogi Babu has proven that he can also be a common friend and not always a sidekick. Smruthi Venkat, proves that she’s a good actress within her less screen time. Fefsi Vijayan deserves a special mention too. (4.5/5)Crew : Magizh Thirumeni is surely one of the best directors. By perfect dialogue writing, music, editing, screenplay, characterisation and cinematography, the crew has delivered an outstanding performance. (5/5)Genre : Action. Crime. Thriller. 100% satisfied. (5/5)Conclusion : Overall, Thadam is one of the best thrillers in Tamil cinema of all time though the predictable climax was quite disappointing. Thus, it gets 9 out of 10.

  • magdalena-godec
    magdalena godec

    Damn good story, plot was played to perfection. Really good cast, all have done a wonderful job except for soniya Agarwal who literally never belonged. The song Vidhi nadhuyae was bliss. Camera work is a big step ahead.

  • frederico-macedo
    frederico macedo

    To start with is the director magizh thirumeni-has done a brilliant job in just making this movie look gripping.The cinematography and the camera angles of the movie was brilliantly made.Next is the bgm of the whole movie was really good.Plot twist which was unfolded at the end was brilliant.The first half of the movie was somewhat ordinary but the second half was very gripping and engaging.Special credits to the technical team and the director himself.Another credit goes to the actor ARUN VIJAY who has done the two roles as twins.He has done a good job. But after the movie too we have some questions but fine anyways the director is good. My rating totally, Cast and acting-1.75/2 Script and dialogues-1.75/2 Music and bgm-1.75/2 Screenplay and direction-1.75/2 Technical works-2/2 Totally rating-9/10

  • elias-jose-luis-cisneros
    elias jose luis cisneros

    What a classic movie thadam is.one of the best thriller movie I have ever watched.arun vijays acting is awesome, killer acting from him.an absolute master stroke from director magil thirumeni.no any dull moments in this movie, a terrific screenplay will ride you to the edge of the seat for sure. After Thadayaara Thaaka Magil thirumeni & Arun Vijay combo strikes with gold. Thadam – Tharam

  • christopher-griffin
    christopher griffin

    Just awesome movie climax is unexpected👏 Screenplay was too good at double Acting

  • lovro-kranjc
    lovro kranjc

    2 persons who looks alike.One is the culprit.Who is he? The movie is based on this question.Even though it feels deviating at some points,it gets back on track and keeps thrilling and confusing till end.But all the potential are lost at the climax where twist is way easily predictable.The movie is quite well taken attempt but they should have been worked little more better.

  • joann-hanson
    joann hanson

    I didn’t expect this much from this flim….. though I knew a short story it made me feel thrilled….

  • sofya-khanbabyan
    sofya khanbabyan

    The story is about two people Ezhil and kavin who look alike. Ezhil is a civil engineer who lead a simple and normal life while kavin is a local intelligent criminal, who do fraudulent jobs for money. The story takes it turn when one of the look alike commits a murder. The plot of the movie is about ‘who is the real murderer?’ when both of them become the suspects under the police custody. Arun vijay who played as ezhil and kavin, done a wonderful stunning performance. The story and screenplay are simply brilliant. The twist and turns are completely unpredictable eventhough the direction gives u many clues. The first half of the movie may be less engaging because u have no idea what the story is all about, But the second half of the movie is highly mindblowing and entertaining as well. Each and every single shot of the movie is perfectly made – no loopholes, no unwanted songs or scenes, no senseless comedy, the movie strictly concentrated on the story line. Every single shot of the movie is thoughtfull. Director Magizh Thirumeni done a very good job after thadaiyara thakka – really appreciatable. Songs and bgm are average other than that highly enjoyable. I highly reccommend this movie for murder mystery lovers. Overall a must watch ‘worthy classic entertaining suspense thriller movie’.

  • brenda-ramos
    brenda ramos

    I watch movies. I am a movie buff. And in terms of Indian films, I like Tamil movies very much. The execution of there movies is fantastic they always try new genre and they are fantastic in creating suspence in there films.And this movie Thadam is an example of that. God damn !! What a beautiful movie Director Magizh Thirumeni has made. I even salute the screen play and story writers. And the actors have earned my applause too.This film is one of the best Crime/Thrillers I have watched in a recent times. There was an another Tamil movie called Ratchasan which had blown out my mind. And now this one does the same.Hats off Tamil Cinema you are the best !!My review 10/10.

  • melissa-neto
    melissa neto

    Thadam is a gold standard ‘edge of the seat’ murder mystery, that’s gripping from start to finish. Like the Spanish mystery ‘The Invisible Guest’, Thadam’s biggest strength lies in its intelligent and nail biting ‘thrill a minute’ screenplay.Magizh Thirumeni, whom I’ve become a big fan of, now has 3 world class movies in his arsenal in Thadaiyara Thaakka, Meaghamann and now Thadam. Magizh T’s one of the most intelligent writers of suspense/action dramas in Tamil Cinema today & I’ll definitely be looking forward eagerly to see what he offers in his next movie.Arun Vjay continues to choose kickass scripts & rocks as identical twins Ezhil & Kavin. My prediction is that Thadam will be for Arun Vijay like how Ratsasan was for Vishnu Vishal. A milestone!Overall, an absolute treat for whodunit lovers. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

  • gregory-riley
    gregory riley

    Suspense with thrilling edge one to watch the true story based on incidents happened.. Arun Vijay played thrilling one … 😃 Go watch it to see the real thrill

  • victor-pettersson
    victor pettersson

    A really good movie worth the money. The Director has taken the age old concept of twins and emphasised on the similarities than differences between them to move the story forward. I really loved the making even though it could have done away from drug use. The Director has thoroughly studied loopholes in our legal system and used it for twists. You will really enjoy this experience. People who don’t know Tamil, please watch it with subtitles. Best movie of the week!!! Better than Luka Chuppi!

  • murilo-oliveira
    murilo oliveira

    Fter thadaiyara thaaka, maeaghamann another movie with an extremely good screenplay. good luck Mr Magizh Thirumeni.

  • hasmik-elch-ibekyan
    hasmik elch ibekyan

    Complete credit goes to the director and Arun viajy.I pray that Arun Vijay should choose stories like this in future since he is still struggling to get a good hold in tamil cinema.his acting in this movie shows how talented he is, People never miss this movie thats all i can say 🙂 enjoy

  • finn-haug
    finn haug

    A well-written & well-executed crime thriller. After a long time, witnessed one of the most unexpected suspense breaking climax. Although there were few flaws in the movie and the songs & music didn’t play much, it still kept me engaged throughout the movie. Nicely performed by almost everybody. In a movie like this, it would’ve been better if there no songs and music was only played as BGM, which might’ve made the movie more crispier.

  • sarah-holst
    sarah holst

    Genre: Suspense crime thrillerNo spoiler alerts Premise: In a murder case, police arrests civil engineer Ezhil (Arun Vijay) based on a photograph evidence. Twist comes when his look alike Kavin (again Arun Vijay), a petty but intelligent criminal, is also arrested. This makes the case stand still as there’s no strong evidence against them and they don’t have strong alibis. Who’s the real culprit? Why do they look alike and why was the murder committed forms the plot What worked well? 1. Tight, screenplay and sharp editing: Screenplay has no loopholes- No unwanted songs, no lengthy romance sequence, no heroism, no unnecessary comedy (barring first few mins), no guns or gadgets. The director has stuck to basic discipline i.e. screenplay and story. Simply brilliant!!! 2. Twists and turns in the movie creates an interest and you will be glued to screen. None of them are unrealistic or predictable!!! 3. Performances: It made me wonder this is an usual run of the mill story when twins looked exactly the same but you will realize it’s the actual strength in the movie and much warranted. Arun Vijay is the soul of the movie and he has fully used the opportunity and is at his best!!!! 4. Director: His earlier venture with Arun Vijay was a good one and his last venture was in the lines of Departed. Both didn’t get it’s due recognition. It’s the best among his works!!!! (Trivia: Director gave voice for Anurag Kashyap in Imaikka Nodigal) 5. It’s based on real events and they quote real life judgements at the end of the movieWhat didn’t work well? 1. BGM was good in parts but still could have been better. 2. There are some loophole and clues behind the suspense – trust me audiences won’t even be able to think till the end of the movieI hope audience appreciate this movie given Arun Vijay is popular now. Every chance of being remade in other language if it gets due recognitionOverall, a highly entertaining classic, taut , mindblowing and outstanding suspense thriller. Must watch and Not to be missed!!!!

  • mohamed-cooper
    mohamed cooper

    As usual “Magizh Thirumeni” has done a astonishing thriller genre movie second time with “Arun Vijay” after Thadayara Thaakka. There is no words to say about this awesome movie which made me crazy and the strong content holds the movie throughout the end.

  • karina-gintalas
    karina gintalas

    The narration and the thought process of the director is so unique and intriguing. The movie keeps up on the edge even though we are able to guess certain elements in the screenplay. The songs were surprisingly quite fresh and added another dimension of emotion to the plot. On the whole Magizh Thirumeni never disappoints.

  • hrhip-sime-azanyan
    hrhip sime azanyan

    This movie is simply awesome. The climax is unexpected. If you don’t know the story and you watch it in theatre then definitely you are sit in edge of the chair in whole movie untill the climax.