Inexplicably, a lively young woman is slowly dying. What started as a rash and a grotesque dark bruise, it keeps spreading, and, even though she still holds on, a terrible scourge is eating her alive from the inside. Now, her job at the hospital, her friends, and her love life have all become fractions of a once-regular life, as, sooner or later, her body will blemish from the blooming flowers of decay, and the stigmata of an unfathomable punishment that demands a transcendental change. Little by little–as the festering wounds claim the remaining flesh–the woman finds herself reduced to a mere fragment of her former self, with a few grim Polaroids being the only remnants of her existence. Inevitably, before Death’s omnipotence, any resistance is futile, as the feeble and malleable flesh succumbs to life’s ultimate truth: what was once alive, undoubtedly, shall perish.

Also Known As: Thanatomorphosis, Thanatomorphose, Танатоморфоз

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  • attila

    Most már kezd KURVÁRA elegem lenni! A Dinosaur world 1óra3perc53mp.nél még mindig elakad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mikor javítjátok már végre?!