Alice, a ten-year-old girl, looks up to her 17-year-old, wild neighbor across the street. She leads a three-person cheering section as the teenager, named Sheryl, falls in love and has forbidden liaisons with a young man from the bowling alley. Eventually, Alice becomes instrumental, in spite of her parents’ alarm, in helping the two lovers to resolve the difficulties of their relationship and run away together. In the process Alice herself becomes more mature.

Also Known As: Holdfényes éjszakán, Тази нощ, Dramat letniej nocy, Та ночь, One Hot Summer, Sexy Sheryl - Ein heißer Sommer, Holdvilágos éjszakán, Calde notti d'estate, Une passion d'été, Zauber eines Sommers, 恋に焦がれて, That Night, Ha-Lyla Ha-Hoo, Aquela Noite, Aquella noche, O vara fierbinte

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