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Also Known As: The 62nd Annual Grammy Awards, The 62nd Grammy Awards

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    ingeborg roos

    Here we have “The 62nd Annual Grammy Awards” or in short The 2020 edition of the Grammys, the biggest music awards show of the year. The director is Louis J. Horvitz and he is perhaps the most prolific awards show director on the planet right now, even if it must be said that directing awards shows is not exactly something that makes it easy for you to express your creativity. Anyway, this was a really really long watch. It ran for 2 hours and 40 minutes and that is the duration without commercials because otherwise you can add adnother 50 minutes and we are up at 3 hours and 30 minutes. What is most embarrassing about this though, is not just how long it goes, but how they actually weren’t even close to including the majority of awards in the program here. Instead, it is all about performances and many singers show up on stage. Imagine the Oscars packed with short films, scenes from movies etc.? This is basically the equivalent and honestly, it feels really difficult to give out more than one star out of 5 in the face of that. It simply is not an awards show by definition anymore and this has been a huge problem not just for the Grammys, but for all kinds music awards shows, such as the AMAs for example too. Annd impossible too give more than two stars out of five this way. The host here was Alicia Keys and she did not do too much for me. I was not surprised about this at all. I never thought she was as great of a singer as people say she is and those times during which she definitely delivered nicely are way over a decade ago. So no clue why she gets picked as host here, but it is alright. Luckily due to a tragic event that happened really briefly before the show, namely the death of basketball legend Kobe Bryant, they did not go all in in terms of joyful emotion here and as for Keys, that was a good approach because otherwie she and the show probably would have been way more annoyingAnother (negatively) baffling thing here are the inclusions of some presenters. Cynthia Eriwo and Billy Porter are good examples. Do they have a great history with the Grammy? Do they release critically acclaimed albums on a regular basis. No.They may have some music background, but I think this should not be enough here to present an award. Just my opinion. How about you pick some nominees from those categories that are (in the most disrespectful manner imaginable) not featured as part of the live broadcast? Just an idea to give them back some of their dignity for being so shamelessly left out. I personally also wondered why Ozzy and Sharon were there, especially Sharon. Ozzy (man has he gotten old) can somewhat be justified with his achievements, even if they are decades ago, but for Sharon I cannot come up with a valid reason, especially if we think about her terrible talk show. No back to Kobe. You may wonder why he is included here and you are partially right. i don’t think it would have been disrespectful to keep him out of the show becaue honestly, even if he may be close to being an American legend, there is no connection with music. The Oscars should and will include him because his win not too long ago, but especially Lizzo’s mention very early on rang really false to me and I thought it was disrespectful and a bit of a race almost to who would mention him first, like the live version of those nerds posting “First” on Youtube videos. Keys’ statement was slightly better afterwards, but also not too good. What was really bad then, was her final comment about Kobe’s family. It may have sounded caring, but yeah to me it just felt very much for the sake of it. This has nothing on the tears of several NBA players (such as Duncan) and coaches that felt really true or the actually pretty creative idea of a tribute to let the shotclock run down to zero in honor of Kobe’s jersey number 24. Okay, enough of that. One artist, who died at least as tragically as Bryant was Nipsey Hussle and I am glad he got the attention and tribute he deserved during this show. One of the best moments. Another moment I liked was the duet by lovebirds Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton, they really nailed the song. But there were weak parts too, sadly far more frequent than the good parts. I mentioned Lizzo already and I must admit I never heard of her before the show and from what I have seen and heard here, that was definitely no loss on my side. The perhaps only one who hit more rock-bottom than her was Demi Lovato and by the way she was introduced by Greta Gerwig. I like her as an actress, writer and director, but honestly I have no clue why she is part of a music awards show. Anyway, back to Demi: It seems she has really managed to stay successfully in the headlines because of her mental problems. That is okay and I am sure that suffering from these issues herself she has a lot to say about these conditions, maybe also references that could give strength to normal people suffering from the same, but this should not go on for 10 years or so and honestly by now it just feels like a commercial strategy to be honest. It would have helped if her song and performance had been good, but she was basically just screaming pretentious phrases from beginning to end. Really hard to take. One of the weakest moments of the show. What is qually cringeworthy is that her turn was announced as “a powerful statement by Demi Lovato”. My donkey. The exactg same quote, just about a different performer, was used a little later too and the outcome there was not good either. So stay away from these powerful statements and run when you hear somebody using this phrase.The big winner of the night was the really young Billie Eilish, aged 18 I think, a singer-songwriter talent who has collaborated (despite her age) with her brother for a long time and he also managed to win something that night. I kinda like her I won’t deny it. Of course her outfit as a bit questionable, but it went well with her hair color-wise at least and then again it should not be about appearances anyway. It should be about talent and even if I have not heard a lot from Eilish, the stuff I have heard was pretty decent. Maybe I will check out some of her other stuff later on. Her really massive triumph that night felt memorable to me. Also kinda funny already how she won so big that when she was announced winner for the final category of the night, she had already been on the stage so often thanking everybody she wanted to thank that she just took the award and left. So she was also one of the better things for sure. Maybe no greatness, but there is something authentic to her and that should be in many other generic artists too. What else can I say? Oh yeah I quite like the song “Old Town Road” (not only because of Miley’s dad), so this was one of the performances that caught my interest. However, there the introduction was also pretty horrible honestly as they put major emphasis on Lil Nas X homosexuality and it is alright and perfectly fine that he likes men and I hope he is happy, but in my opinion as long as it gets used like that we will never get equality and it will always create new boundaries. Imagine a performance by an artist in which the announcer says he inspired millions of heterosexual people? Sounds absurd, doesn’t it? So should the reference about Lil Nas X, but yeah I’m afraid we’re decades away from real equality. Anyway, what I actually wanted to say is that it is a really nice tune and I am glad it won something. The other performances (including Aerosmith and several tributes) did not do too much for me I must admit, but hey they can’t get brilliant music out of nowhere I guess. It is not just the Grammy organisers to blame or the artists, but also people like you and me. If we don#t buy or support the most generic (or even bad) record, then they won’t get featured at big events like last night. Where is Sturgill Simpson for example. Anyway, I will not go into detail about all the nominees and winners because that would 100% go beyond the character limit here, just a few quick words: Surprised to see “A Star is Born” still winning awards in 2020. Good win for Chernobyl. Just don’t know what to think of Ellen DeGeneres, she is one of the funnier female comedians, but does that really say something positive? Her approach when she says all these adjectives is basically always the same and I knew she would say something like they are referring to her. Oh well as long as people in the audience are still laughing at that… Michelle Obama’s win I just cannot take seriously at all. Hollywood is liberal and so is the music industry. Enough said. I guess we can be glad that this aired in January, so we won’t get the usual anti-American anti-Trump propaganda before the election. But we’ll probably get the rage in January 2021. Not sure if that is any better. Okay, before I am drifting further away because the show is drifting further away too, I shall leave it at that. If you want to check out all the winners, you know where to do so I’m sure. I personally give this one a thumbs-down and I don’t even think for awards show lovers llike myself it is a good, let alone great, watch. There are just too many flaws for that and I explained them enough now I guess. Besides, this is really, if at all, only worth seeing during the first 48 hours after the show (in case you don’t watch it live) and of course do not know about the winners. Later on and if you do, it is probably just 1 star out of 5. Skip.

  • gimjungsu

    It’s a shame musics no longer celebrated for musical talent. These days the grammys are nothing more than a popularity contest. What a joke.