Also Known As: The 9th Precinct

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  • edz

    all moving not workingpls fix

  • erik-davis
    erik davis

    Funny and simple ghostbuster movie. I don’t think it a disappointment cause it entertaining to watch the main actor with his emotions. The movie is quite logical in a sense and is straightforward.. Not complicated to understand either. Love the fight scene and his “Pokémon” moment.Watch till end credit. I’m hoping for part 2 movie with same actors.

  • errikos-kharmpilas
    errikos kharmpilas

    I am ashamed of this Taiwanese movie. I hope that one day Taiwan’s original movies no need to imitating Hollywood movie and make Taiwanese proud.

  • rachel-flood-gillespie
    rachel flood gillespie

    This is sooo awesome, story line was really well written, it has so much better story than most horror movies I’ve seen.