An animated version of Charles Addams’ series of cartoons about a peculiar, ghoulish family.

Also Known As: Familien Addams, Perhe Addams, Die Addams Family, Adamsu gimene, The Addams Family, Семейство Адамс, Семейка Аддамс, Rodzina Addamsów, Familjen Addams, A Família Addams, Gia Dinh Addams, La famiglia Addams, Addams Ailesi, Adamsu seimynele, Addams Family - A galád család, La familia Addams, Η Οικογένεια Άνταμς, La famille Addams, La familia Adams, Addamsova rodina Czech, Los locos Addams

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  • ali

    The advertising is just too much!

  • robin

    Chromecast is not working for this app. I try and cast but the screen chromecast logo comes up and thats it. Dissapointed, because i really love this app.. 🙁

  • sam

    Wont allow to play keeps restarting which is really annoying most of the film are the same

  • tijaun

    This is amaze balls

  • linda

    I cant get rid of advertising appearing on the screen when watching a movie any advice:?

  • just-swirling


    • jayda

      I am not getting this show it keep glitchy get

  • victor-renaud
    victor renaud

    The character image design is so bad. Boring re-edit.

  • atagun-duran
    atagun duran

    I was walking in not knowing what to think, because it got a lot of mixed reviews. I came out thinking both were right. So there are kind of three plots. The main one is that there is a woman who wants to “fix up” The Addams Family house for her TV show, but The Addams don’t want her to, so she makes up rumors about the Addams and tries to destroy their house. The second one is that Wednesday starts to attend a normal Junior High school. When she starts to hang out with a girl named Parker, the daughter of the woman who has a TV show, she starts to want to be like a standard girl. And Parker wants to be emo and dark. They both sorta end up doing so. The third plot is that Pugsley is old enough for an Addams family passing-of-age event involving swords, but he dosen’t want to do it. All three plots blend together pretty well. In the end Gomez (Pugsley and Wednesday’s dad) accepts that Pugsley should do it his own way and not just by tradition. Wednesday decides to be herself again. The woman with the TV show tries to demolish their house but after everybody finds out how evil she is they cancel her TV show, and Parker decides to be an Addams? It was confusing, I’m not sure if she stayed with them or whatever, it wasn’t specified. That’s the end. The animation isn’t great, most of the civilians are creepier than the Addams themselves. The story is generic, like I’ve seen it before but I can’t recall where or when. The jokes are mostly unfunny, but a few of them got a laugh out of me. Overall, if you’re like me and haven’t seen anything related to The Addams Family before this, probably give it a skip. But maybe a The Addams Family fan would appreciate it more than me.

  • suse-kallert-b-eng
    suse kallert b eng

    Yep you can blame the new Hollywood for putting a film devoid of humor but full of political bashing. Subliminal hints of toxic masculinity, feminism and conservative bashing. It seems unless you’re depicting everything wrong with America it won’t be watched by audiences. Wow when can we start making humor funny again without the political overtones!

  • karel-majcen
    karel majcen

    My headline says it all. No character build whatsoever. The film jumps around so much its nauseating. The movie is a complete mess and has, maybe, 1 laugh out loud moment.

  • nicole-foucher
    nicole foucher

    Back in the 1960s, the original TV series captured the off-beat humor in a warm and friendly manner. The characters were lovable. This animated movie is horrible by comparison. There is nothing warm and friendly about this grotesque version of The Addams Family.The Addams Family is based on a newspaper comic strip that was started in the early 1900s. It is very old and dated at this point. The Addams Family was really making fun of immigrants, and how people perceived them and their lifestyles as odd or creepy back in the early 1900s.Now it is over a hundred years later, and the off-beat wacky family of monsters isn’t funny anymore. They need a permanent vacation.

  • dr-kocabas-ergul
    dr kocabas ergul

    I went for the first day, first show. I must admit that I was utterly disappointed. Seems like they have not worked hard enough in making this movie entertaining. IT IS NOT FUNNY AT ALL. I expected a lot more from the Addams family. story line, dialogues, animation, everything is a complete disaster.

    • jayda

      This is pop

  • ksenija-pavlin
    ksenija pavlin

    What used to be a childhood favorite, The Addams Family fails to recreate, or even build, the classic family. The main focus is on a gimmicky culture shaming plot, which focuses on Pugsley and Wednesday finding their identities. Save your money.

  • zuzana-polakova
    zuzana polakova

    It’s kid friendly. It’s somewhat contemporary. I’m sure some of the jokes went over the kids’ heads. Pretty good for an animated movie taken from a TV series taken from a comic strip. I’ll definitely buy it on dvd. Voices are good, story is okay. Wouldn’t mind a sequel.

  • zorian-semenchenko
    zorian semenchenko

    Nicely done animation. Great for family outing. Good message in the story. Classic characters with different story.

  • iris-do-azevedo
    iris do azevedo

    LIKES:Animation/Design Nostalgic Cute Chuckle Fest Good Voice Acting Morals Baked Right In Kids Movie DreamDISLIKES A Little Contained Semi Preachy Missed Characters Very Simplistic Story Missing the Semi-Disturbed approach this series is famous forThe VERDICT:The Addams Family 2019 version is a great display of the variability of interpretation and it works well for a family film for the modern audience. A cute theme is the element of this movie, with nonthreatening animation/design to herald the fun chuckle fest that the dialogue and film are about. It’s got appropriate voice acting, a nice sense of comedy that makes the world fun, nostalgia that is not overwhelming, and morals baked right in to get the message of acceptance out in the world. Yet, the containment that they took steals away the intensity, edge, and energy that this series is famous for. It’s meant to be quirky and slightly disturbing and that element missing, alongside some dropped story elements may not impress the classic fans like they are hoping. While this movie probably would have been better released on nickelodeon or a fan service, it’s got enough elements for a family outing, but hold this one for the home viewing for your maximum buck.My scores are:Animation/Comedy/Family: 7.5-8.0 Movie Overall: 6.5-7.0

  • adrien-clement
    adrien clement

    The Addams Family (2019) is the funniest animated Halloween film ever. It has lots of good laughs, and an incredible cast as the voice of the Addams Family, and it also has one of the greatest cameo horror movie references. I say the Addams Family did a wonderful, horrible job, well, horrible in the opposite way, because the Addams, does so many hilarious opposite ways 🙂 I love the Addams Family. They’re creepy and they’re kooky. Mysterious and spooky. They’re all together ooky. “The Addams Family”. Their house is a museum. Where people come to see ’em. They really are a scream. “The Addams Family”. Neat. Sweet. Petite. So get a witches shawl on. A broomstick you can crawl on. We’re gonna pay a call on. “The Addams Family”.

  • eva-maria-gamboa-pineda
    eva maria gamboa pineda

    Something that really bothered me is the animation. I especially don’t like the character design. The movie was kinda predictable and boring. But it was entertaining enough.

  • shaantaa-mhaaraaj
    shaantaa mhaaraaj

    Not amazing but fun. It’s a goof family movie that adds just a hit of nostalgia for true fans.

  • stacie-williams
    stacie williams

    This knows how to have fun. The new animated Addams Family movie delivers what you want from the titular family: spades of dark humor jokes.The movie successfully delivers when it comes to the four main family members. (Uncle Fester (Nick Kroll) and Granny (Bette Midler) are just okay.) Gomez (Oscar Isaacs) is the congenial family man with a zest for life. Morticia is the over-protective mother whose viewpoint you understand. Though the movie does have the parents be a little more sentimental than some portrayals, I do think it still captured the core of the characters. More effort is put into characterization for Pugsley (Finn Wolfhard) than a lot of previous versions. Let’s be honest, Wednesday is usually the sibling that pulls focus. Speaking of which, this version is not much different. This Wednesday (Chloe Grace Moretz) gives the Christina Ricci version a run for her money. This is by far the most unnervingly emotionless one, and the animated format is able to do things to increase her creepiness that you couldn’t do in animation.The story, though, is very basic. It is the trope of the “normies” vs. the misunderstood monsters with predictable parent-child rifts. The normal people, especially villainous home renovator Margaux Needler (Allison Janney), are pretty predictable and uninteresting. I’ve seen Janney do good voice work before but here it feels like she’s trying for a vocal quality she is never able to quite capture.This appears to be a modestly budgeted film so don’t expect Pixar, Disney, or Dreamworks-quality animation. I found the character design for a lot of the townsfolk to be disappointing. Though I did eventually get accustomed to it, the decision to make Morticia’s face look like a skull wasn’t what I felt to be the best option for the character. It felt a little at odds with the original New Yorker cartoon and previous animated versions. I think it’s the chin that’s the main issue. It was a little too long. I did like the decoration of the Addams Family house.I do prefer the two 90’s live-action versions over this. This one is more of a children’s movie, and the original ones being for an older audience were able to go darker and more-over-the-top. This movie also has less of a distinct identity than its predecessors. (Though in fairness, what can you expect with any Addams Family movie without Raoul Julia?) I can’t say this is the greatest animated kids film, either. However, it is an enjoyable time waster for the family.

  • jill-mora
    jill mora

    Normally I can not stomach “most” family films. The trailer for The Adam’s Family was cringeworthy at best. The animation style I am not a fan of. I debated about going, thinking it can’t be THAT terrible.The original Paramount series wasn’t “great”, but at least I could sit through it.As a fan of Nick Kroll, I thought I should support on this venture. But, Kroll does the same voice as on ” Big Mouth.”The Alisson Janney character provided nothing. The producer’s couldn’t invite Ricci for a minor role? A aunt at least?I left feeling quite angered.

  • irena-tovstukha
    irena tovstukha

    Watered down, “safe” and completely bland version of The Addams Family. This is what you end up with and deserve in the PC culture we live in now. No one is offended and no one is entertained. Boring….

  • zane-kaulins
    zane kaulins

    It’s a children’s film and it was great. I laughed, people around us were laughing. It was funny, had life lessons on acceptance and was kooky like it’s supposed to be. Anyone who is hating on this movie has problems and just has to deal with hater issues.

  • mtro-oliver-herrera
    mtro oliver herrera

    I am a grandmother of 8 and we loved the move and the test of the theater was in stitches. I t was so very well done. Thank you

  • marianna-aghasyan
    marianna aghasyan

    If you enjoyed the TV show, you have to enjoy the movie! They hit every button (except one minor slip) I laughed and smiled my way through.

  • margrethe-mikkelsen
    margrethe mikkelsen

    The movie missed the mark when it came to making an Adams family. Uncle Fester was so bad it hurt to watch what Nick Kroll did to him. The Animation was not good at all it’s poorly done. Not even the kids in the theater seemed to enjoy it not one laugh out loud from the audience.

  • vakht-ang-bagratyan
    vakht ang bagratyan

    I saw “The Addams Family”, starring the voices of Oscar Isaac-Poe Dameron in the Star Wars movies, The Bourne Legacy; Charlize Theron-Atomic Blonde, The Legend of Bagger Vance; Chloe Grace Moretz-Greta, The Equalizer; Allison Janney-Mom_tv, 10 Things I Hate About You and Finn Wolfhard-the new It movies, Stranger Things_tv. This is an animated version of the 1938 popular Charles Addams series of cartoons about a ghoulish family that moves to New Jersey. There was a live action tv series and a few live action movies and animated tv series and specials over the years but this is the first animated theatrical release. Oscar voices the father of the family Gomez, Charlize is his wife Morticia, Chloe is their daughter Wednesday and Finn is their son Pugsley, each with their own twisted behaviors and mannerisms. After moving to New Jersey-they had problems with their neighbors in the old country-the Addams family try to fit in but Allison, the local celebrity, doesn’t make it easy for them. The character artwork is influenced by the original 1938 cartoons and there is plenty of the ghoulish style of humor that you are probably familiar with from previous incarnations. There are also other cameo voices you might recognize-Snoop Dogg, Bette Midler, Nick Kroll and Martin Short just to name a few. Whether you are a fan-I am-or not, you should enjoy this interpretation. It’s rated “PG” for macabre and suggestive humor and some action and has a running time of 1 hour & 27 minutes. I enjoyed it and would buy it on DVD.

  • claudine-le-goff
    claudine le goff

    I thought this was a horrifyingly good time. I thought it was funny and got some genuine laughs out of me. Yes, there are jokes that are going to be more geared towards kids like fart jokes for instance…it is a family movie afterall. But plenty little nods and winks for the adults to enjoy as well. It had nice message to it as well..embracing people for who they are and all, and there was some possible coding in the movie that I thought was interesting too. I didnt bring any kids with me but this was plenty of them in my theater and they seem to be quite engaged with the story and were laughing along with it. There were a couple of things – mostly character wise – that didnt always ring true. Like at one point (as Wednesday is going through a bit of rebellious phase) decides to run away…and you’d think the family would like that sort of thing considering how opposite they are to modern society. But they don’t. That didnt really detract from my overall enjoyment though.Other things I liked, I thought the cast did a good job. Most notably Charlize Theron as Morticia and Chloe Grace Moretz as Wednesday. I really thought they had the essence of their characters down. If I had to pick a weak link, I’d say Finn Wolfhard. Its not that he’s bad….but it felt like he could be voicing anyone, you know. There wasnt a moment where I felt “Yes, that’s Pugsley”.Overall, it was cute and I enjoyed it. And I think this will be a fun movie to re-visit.

  • linas-narusis
    linas narusis

    It kind of stays true to the movies of Paramount and the TV show of the original showBut it shows that the daughter Wednesday yearns for a more better life outside of his goth style house and family that were trying to protect had and her brother Pugsley from being hurt like Morticia and Gomez did centuries ago.The parents mean well but do not want to see their children hurt. But by chance, Wednesday meets Parker the lonely daughter of a spoiled brat H.G.T.V. hostess like Margeaux whom is the main antagonist of the film.It shows you should never judge people on the outside. As they are not all bad. And that they just want to be family despite being different. From both sides.A lot of so so reviews. But I am a kid at heart. And really kind of stays true to the original TV show and the Paramount movies. But has a different kind of soul there.Will not win awards but really shows you never judge a book by it’s cover like.

  • markova-akulina-natanovna
    markova akulina natanovna

    I have been a big fan of the Addams Family since I saw the first movie, and looked forward to seeing this on the big screen.The movie was OK. It was an entertaining hour and a half, but it does not inspire repeated viewing. It actually seems more appropriate as a movie pilot for a new children’s show than it does for a movie.The people who created this obviously had a lot of love for the property, and seemed to have fun with it, which translates well to the screen. But coupled with the thin plot and less than stellar design, there is a lot to be desired.One bright spot was the first 10 minutes, which served as a sort of an origin story for the clan. I really wish that they had gone that route instead of the by the numbers route they chose for their final product.

  • jennifer-pedersen-anderson
    jennifer pedersen anderson

    The intention here is obviously to introduce a new generation to the Addams Family. The film starts completely fresh and tells the origins of the entire family as a stand alone film. As someone who grew up watching the 90s films, cartoons, and re-runs I actually didn’t mind this. They presented a straightforward well contained story that has plenty of jokes for both children and adults, which I laughed at enough of to stay entertained throughout the film.