Sir Robin of Locksley, defender of downtrodden Saxons, runs afoul of Norman authority and is forced to turn outlaw. With his band of Merry Men, he robs from the rich, gives to the poor and still has time to woo the lovely Maid Marian, and foil the cruel Sir Guy of Gisbourne, and keep the nefarious Prince John off the throne.

Also Known As: Приключенията на Робин Худ, Vatan kurtaran aslan, Robin Fuddo no bôken, Robin de los bosques, De avonturen van Robin Hood, Пригоди Робiна Гуда, Приключения Робин Гуда Soviet, Pustolovine Robina Huda, Robin Hoods Abenteuer, Przygody Robin Hooda, Robin Hood kalandjai, Robin Hood, König der Vagabunden West, Die Abenteuer des Robin Hood, Die Abenteuer des Robin Hood West, La leggenda di Robin Hood, The Adventures of Robin Hood, Robin Hoodin seikkailut, Harpatkaotav Shel Robin Hood, Robin Hood, As Aventuras de Robin Hood, Les aventures de Robin des Bois, Robin Hoods äventyr, Las aventuras de Robin Hood, Aventurile lui Robin Hood, O Roben ton dason, As Aventuras de Robin dos Bosques, Robin Hoods eventyr

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