During the build-up to D-Day in 1944, the British found their island hosting many thousands of American soldiers who were “oversexed, overpaid, and over here”. That’s Charlie Madison exactly; he knows all the angles to make life as smooth and risk-free as possible for himself. But things become complicated when he falls for an English woman, and his commanding officer’s nervous breakdown leads to Charlie being sent on a senseless and dangerous mission.

Also Known As: Amerykanski romans Emily, Amerikaniseringen av Emily, Szerelmi partraszállás, Imeres polemou kai erotos, Sodassa ja rakkaudessa, Krig och feg eller Förste man på Omaha beach, Американизацията на Емили, Amerykanizacja Emily, Americanizarea lui Emily, Nur für Offiziere, Amrikaei shodan-e Emily, Du kan ikke købe min kærlighed, Tempo di guerra, tempo d'amore, Emily, Les jeux de l'amour et de la guerre, Herói Precisa-se, Nur für Offiziere West, La americanización de Emily, The Americanization of Emily, Não Podes Comprar Meu Amor, Американизация Эмили Soviet, Nunca comprarás mi amor

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