The right of every individual to be different from his fellow man is the theme behind this internationally-hailed, British production. The story tells of a man’s dilemma when he refused to participate in an unofficial strike, where he works. While vicious, calculated violence brings the other dissenters into line, he goes it alone and is sent to Coventry (given the silent treatment) by his fellow workers. A stirring, thought-provoking movie that portrays the human problems and high emotions generated when a man dares to act on the courage of his convictions, and dares fight to keep his individual freedom.

Also Known As: Momentos de Angústia, Amargo silencio, El amargo silencio, Zmowa milczenia, Сердитая тишина Soviet, Vred tavshed, The Angry Silence, Vihainen hiljaisuus, Zorniges Schweigen, La tortura del silenzio, Zorniges Schweigen West, Taus vrede, Le silence de la colère, Tyst vrede

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    uploaders, this movie cannot stream! pls re-upload