The history of New York City’s Apollo Theater in Harlem is given the full treatment.::Lawrence Chadbourne

Also Known As: The Apollo, El Teatro Apollo

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  • ema-fernandes
    ema fernandes

    Horrible. Start to finish. Barely any mention of the man who changed the world of music. And the reason why is obvious… HBO are right in the middle of a lawsuit they are losing big time on.HBO are looking to possibly pay a huge fine of over a hundred million dollars to the estate of Michael Jackson for spreading those false allegations against him earlier this year.For that HBO has done the most glaring omission in the film by the near complete absent of The Jackson 5 and Michael Jackson. Who had a huge part in the history of The Apollo.By doing so makes this film look less like a factual documentary and more like a propaganda piece and a way to try and rewrite history. But the truth always remains the truth and you can’t change the past.