Three orphaned siblings are forced upon confirmed bachelor Donovan (Bill Bixby) in a nineteenth century boom town of Quake City, California. After an earthquake shakes the area, the children find a large gold nugget worth tens of thousands of dollars. But their newfound wealth is causing more problems than it’s solving, so they agree to “give” the gold to two bumbling outlaws (Tim Conway and Don Knott’s). But they only way they can get the gold is to steal it from the bank vault where it’s being held for safe keeping.

Also Known As: Озорная шайка Soviet, The Apple Dumpling Gang, Le gang des chaussons aux pommes, Το χρυσάφι της οργής, Bang-Bang! Uma Turma do Barulho no Velho Oeste, La banda delle frittelle di mele, Omenapiirasjengi, Los más torpes del Oeste, Die Semmelknödelbande, Pandilleros en apuros, Die Semmelknödelbande West, Az almagombóc banda, Trójka z dostawą do domu, Banda Placinta cu Mere, To hrysafi tis orgis

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