Three orphaned siblings are forced upon confirmed bachelor Donovan (Bill Bixby) in a nineteenth century boom town of Quake City, California. After an earthquake shakes the area, the children find a large gold nugget worth tens of thousands of dollars. But their newfound wealth is causing more problems than it’s solving, so they agree to “give” the gold to two bumbling outlaws (Tim Conway and Don Knott’s). But they only way they can get the gold is to steal it from the bank vault where it’s being held for safe keeping.

Also Known As: Озорная шайка Soviet, The Apple Dumpling Gang, Le gang des chaussons aux pommes, Το χρυσάφι της οργής, Bang-Bang! Uma Turma do Barulho no Velho Oeste, La banda delle frittelle di mele, Omenapiirasjengi, Los más torpes del Oeste, Die Semmelknödelbande, Pandilleros en apuros, Die Semmelknödelbande West, Az almagombóc banda, Trójka z dostawą do domu, Banda Placinta cu Mere, To hrysafi tis orgis

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  • martim-martins
    martim martins

    What is going on in this town that people keep carrying giant mirrors through the middle of the street?! This is a complete throwaway comedy-western, whose mildly humorous individual parts don’t add up to much more than a cheap distraction for bored little kids.

  • peeter-mandla
    peeter mandla

    Typical Disney movie from the 70’s. Same kind of predictable story, bad acting and poor everything else. Lots of ooohhhh and aaahhhh when we get to see the cute little children but you quickly go the yawning and the watch checking. To see Bill Bixby’s character go around the town to find a family for the three kids that he accepted to look after for a while, you wish that he would have found somebody to take care of them. The story would have been finish and we would have saved about 75 minutes of our time. But even if he’s better then a salesmen selling candles or vacuums from door to door, he’s stuck with the kids anyhow. Too bad for us!From there, the story is so predictable that at the end, you’ll ask yourself where you got the courage to sat through the entire movie.Of course, when criticizing a movie, you try to be as impartial as possible. But I don’t think I would have like this movie even when it came out in 1975. Maybe if I would have been 5 years old at the time and even then.Don Knotts and Tim Conway’s characters (Theodore & Amos) are not funny at all. In fact, Knotts and Conway gave two abysmal performances in this one. The scene with the ladder is not funny and way too long.Skip this one, by all mean.I gave it 59 out of 100. That’s * out of a four stars rating system.

  • ignacy-kolata
    ignacy kolata

    I mean, it isn’t the best cinematic experience out there, but so what? I probably had not seen this in twenty years and had only vague memories of Don Knotts ‘hanging’ around the bank with Tim Conway. This movie is really sweet and cute and fun to watch. You can see the way Disney used to make movies for children…the sets, the costumes, the character actors, the dialogue…even the music are all kid-friendly.There aren’t that many modern movies from Disney that I would let children see, but I can almost always trust the ones made before 1984 (basically a legal decision happened in that year that allowed corporate infiltration into the creative process…1984 is pretty much the year that the USA started to really go downhill as far as business ethics in the movie industry as well as other big corporations targeting children as cash cows). Apple Dumpling Gang wasn’t meant to be a huge blockbuster success with corporate sponsorship and marketing agendas, it is a film made by a company who knew and loved kids and made movies to entertain them and their parents at the same time. It is full of nostalgia.I highly recommend it for everyone!!! Oh, and Don Knotts, Tim Conway, and Bill Bixby are comic geniuses!!! It’s definitely worth a rental to check it out for yourself, it sure couldn’t hurt and you may be very pleasantly surprised. 🙂

  • anu-karner
    anu karner

    TITLE: THE APPLE DUMPLING GANG was release in movie theaters in the United States on July 1 1975 and it took 100 minutes to watch this movie. The Apple Dumpling Gang is a 1975 Disney film about slick gambler Russell Donavan (played by Bill Bixby) who is duped into taking care of a group of orphan children who eventually strike gold during the California Gold Rush. The film is based on the novel of the same name by Jack Bickham. The eponymous gang is named after the American dessert, the apple dumpling. Buddy Baker composed the music for it and its 1979 sequel, The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again. The song “The Apple Dumpling Gang”, as heard in the opening and closing credits, was composed by Shane Tatum and was sung by Randy Sparks and The Back Porch Majority.SUMMARY: The movie stars Tim Conway and Don Knotts as a team of bumbling gangsters who try to steal the gold, but later are offered the gold by the children. Conway and Knotts play the leads in the sequel (The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again), in which Bixby and the rest of the original cast – with the exception of Harry Morgan as the sheriff in the first one – does not appear. The Apple Dumpling Gang also features Susan Clark as the stagecoach driver who is persuaded to marry the gambler in an attempt for both of them to keep custody of the children. Harry Morgan plays the role of the sheriff who doubles as the barber and Justice of the Peace; and Slim Pickens as Knotts’ and Conway’s former boss who tries to kidnap the children and steal the gold.

  • kenneth-gonzalez
    kenneth gonzalez

    The Don Knotts/Tim Conway teamup makes this movie one of the all-time greats. How can anyone not laugh at this duo? They are fall-on-the-floor hysterical. The scene with the ladder is nothing short of brilliant! Once again, we have an example of a 1970s movie that features actual slapstick comedy instead of vulgarity or crudeness.Once again, viewers tend to forget the great character actors and their contributions that make this movie, if not great, at least above-average during the 1970s. I agree there are some horrible movies in the 1970s, but this probably is not one of the worst.Who can resist Harry Morgan’s commanding voice? Or the actor (now long dead) who played the bank president? I feel that without these Walt Disney “fluff” movies, as a film buff, the whole 1970s decade would have been a dry desert. The reason is, what other movie studio could round up all the great actors of the period, put them together in a comedy, and make it work? Had these actors not been in these movies, we would not have seen them AT ALL! The children were irresistible, as well as the actors I have just mentioned.This anti-1970s-Disney attitude of viewers mystifies me. This particular movie was a lot better than some of Disney’s other disasters, namely the sequel to this. Other Disney disasters: The Shaggy D.A. and Meteor.

  • anhayun

    During the California Gold Rush, gambler Bill Bixby (as Russel Donavan) wins something he wasn’t anteing up for – three orphaned children. Declaring, “I’m a bachelor,” and in, “no position to care for them,” Mr. Bixby tries to unload the cute, but precocious Clay O’Brien, Brad Savage, and Stacy Manning (as Bobby, Clovis, and Celia Bradley). Bixby is unsuccessful, but since he is a latent family man, it really doesn’t matter. Herein, he mustn’t remain single, unlike in “The Courtship of Eddie’s Father”.So, tomboyish Susan Clark (as Dusty) provides the prerequisite motherly attention. Sheriff Harry Morgan (as Homer McCoy) insists Ms. Clark has womanly curves, having seen her “in a cloudburst.” In the aptly named “Quake City”, the kids find their stock rises after discovering gold in an old, abandoned mine. “The Apple Dumpling Gang” all very direct, and obvious, with bumbling gold-diggers Don Knotts (as Theodore Ogelvie) and Tim Conway (as Amos Tucker) effectively stealing the show.***** The Apple Dumpling Gang (7/1/75) Norman Tokar ~ Bill Bixby, Don Knotts, Tim Conway, Susan Clark

  • sig-ra-nathan-conte
    sig ra nathan conte

    This is one of Disney’s finest, from the days when they were known for great family movies. Don Knotts and Tim Conway are in full form as the bumbling and not very scary bad guys. The main character, “Donovan,” played by Bill Bixby (remember The Magician?) wins a “valuable package” in a poker game. This turns out to be a big swindle just to dump some orphans on him. For a “tough guy,” it’s tougher to handle a bunch of kids. This movie is great “G” rated fun. I’m not sure what movie “farnum” is talking about, but it couldn’t have been this one. Go watch this one again with some kids! Good, family friendly, “G” movies are in the minority, and this one’s at the top of the pack.

  • joseph-park
    joseph park

    One of the best live-action Disney movies. A sweet story about misplaced children, an unwilling but good-intentioned gambler as a foster parent and two bumbling crooks as the comic foil. Bill Bixby, of “My Favorite Martian” and “The Hulk” fame, plays Russell Donovan, the roaming gambler who is unwittingly stuck with some “valuables.” Tim Conway and Don Knotts, a little past their prime, play the hapless crooks known as the “Hash Knife Outfit.” Susan Clark plays the tomboy stage coach driver who fills in as the kids mother. It also stars Harry Morgan as the sheriff. Beautiful scenery, lots of action, comedy, and a fabulous saloon brawl that is the highlight of the film.

  • nichole-haley
    nichole haley

    i’ve always enjoyed ‘Apple Dumpling Gang’ while growing up, but as a adult i’ve come to respect it as entertainment and really love it as Disney film. the kind that only Disney ever turned out. it has such a identifiable look and feel to it that was always uniquely Disney. Disney films always followed a kind of formula that made them uniform in relation to each other, but set them apart from the rest of Hollywood and filmmaking in general.’Apple Dumpling Gang’ has always been one of my top favorite Disney live action films because it epitomizes the Disney formula so completely while managing to stand on a certain individualism. it delivers completely on the Disney formula as well as offering so much more as a film. first off, in keeping with Disney tradition, it is extremely cute and huggable as well as elicitly wholesome family fare. the film also boast some good historic authenticity as well as a amusing story. it’s all enhanced with superior photography and some sturdy direction from Disney stock director Norman Tokar.it also has some of the finest physical comedy ever put on to film. thanks of course to the genius of Don Knotts and Tim Conway’s comic timing. their comedy duo carries out a weird feeling of predictability to their antics that is funny in a i-knew-that-would-happen way. i’ve never quite seen humour this funny where half the gag is the predictability of the results of their ill fated schemes. the kids also get into some pretty funny shenanigans as well.there are also some great bit parts by veteran western actor Slim Pickens, as well as TV favorites Frank Morgan, John McGiver and David Wayne. Pickens especially is hilarious as the gang leader who Conway accidentally has shot the foot off of.this film might not be ground breaking in terms of cinema technique, but it is very memorable as a piece of entertainment. and it’s got more cozy heart than most movies as well as providing a certain amount of excitement and suspense.all in all the movie provides great family entertainment as well as great entertainment in general. it also provides very polished filmmaking that is contemporary even today. family films may get bigger than this with more explosions and CGI FX, but they really can’t improve upon something like this. it is what it is and it’s, it’s own unique movie experience. unfortunately Disney doesn’t make ’em like this anymore and neither does anybody else. fortunately, however, the Disney legacy has left us enough treasures like this gold nugget to indulge for years.

  • mare-schroeff-van-rossum
    mare schroeff van rossum

    This film is absolutely fabulous and timeless. It is good old slapstick comedy and you do not need to worry about the content of this movie as this is old Disney. My children 7 and 8 really enjoined this movie. They laughed out loud and really got into the story. Don Knots always brings a light and funny air to any movie he has ever done and this movie is no exception. I think my children’s favorite part is when the kids go riding down the hill in the old mine cart. Like any western movie there is a bar but the scenes in the bar do not emphasize the drinks so it was not bad in my opinion. This movie is truly a classic. I wish Hollywood would make movies like this again. Simple, clean, and funny with adorable characters. Heart warming as well. This movie was a real joy for my children, my husband and me.

  • vicente-andres-sola
    vicente andres sola

    In some 50 years of movie watching this fits into my short list of classics. Warm-hearted, well acted, and with Knotts and Conway contributing some of the most hilarious scenes ever recorded. Without Knotts and Conway it would have been a pleasant but forgettable movie; they were a genius pairing. Unfortunately the sequel “Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again” released 4 years later wasn’t as good and didn’t do as well. I think I read that Apple Dumpling Gang was Disney’s most profitable movie of the 1970’s.

  • john-mendoza
    john mendoza

    …from this film: Hiring a team of comedy talents to write for this film would have been the definitive decision for it’s ultimate success. But in 1975, Disney and other companies wouldn’t see the logic in bring the top young comedy minds together to write a script. And they would’ve been affordable comedy writers as well. Putting a production together, and doing it on the cheap was a standard practice in the ’70’s. And so many film projects were spoiled by not hiring a comedy writing team of six to ten talented writers. And California was flush with talented young comedians that could write for a reasonable salary. A woman I worked with once told me this was her favorite film. I thought about it and decided that creating a comedy western with Tim Conway and Don Knotts was a brilliant decision, but failure to hire a team of six to ten outstanding young comedy writers was a huge risk.

  • josip-debelic
    josip debelic

    So why no awards? Why a 5.8 here at the Internet Movie Database????? Oh well.Anyways, Disney’s 1975 live action classic “The Apple Dumpling Gang” is one of the many western films that Disney has released in the latter part of the “Vault Disney” period as well as the middle of, as I call it, “The Golden Age of Disney” (1920s-early 2002).This, of course, is a fun and funny family western; everything from start to finish is wonderful, exciting, and genius.I’ve heard about this movie being shown on the classic Disney Channel sometime in ’97 or ’98, and on the Hallmark Channel way later. However, I’ve only seen this once on an old VHS in fall 2001, and my family liked it! The ending’s cute, too; I will leave it hush-hush so you can figure it out!!!!!”The Apple Dumpling Gang,” despite it’s mediocrity, is still a wonderful Disney film.10 stars

  • leroy-waters
    leroy waters

    this western/comedy starring Don Knotts,Tim Conway,and Bill Bixby is a movie the whole family can watch.there’s nothing offensive that i noticed.the thing is,though,the movie is not all that great.sure,it does have a few comedic moments(courtesy of Knotts and Conway),which provide some lite chuckles.but nothing great.the story is decent enough,though pretty unoriginal,and predictable.and most of the movie is slow,and maybe a bit too long.but if you go in to it with low expectations,you might actually enjoy it.i found myself mildly amused and entertained.for a lazy Sunday,you could do worse.for me,The Apple Dumpling Gang is a 5/10

  • erin-phillips
    erin phillips

    I’m usually appalled at how vintage Disney (of about 1940-80) ignored the basics of good storytelling, relying instead on cinematic gimmicks.Sometimes it worked, sometimes not, but when you just simply don’t invest in good storytelling, you plant poison that somehow catches up with you. The primary reason that I remembered this fondly is that it was that rare project where lots of attention was spent on story structure. It is engineered for lowbrow effect of course, but that is beside the point.The two main story threads are:— a pair of hapless cowboy bandits, whose every move is comedic. It is simple Laurel and Hardy stuff with better facial expressions, and it is this that provides the entertainment value.— a story about the essential power of the nuclear family. It was still the 1950 notion, involving 3 children. They sacrifice wealth in exchange for parents, while Dickensian characters circle around. This provides — even now — the “nourishment” value.The two threads are interwoven in rather brilliant fashion with encounters between the two lost parties (children and adults) few and clear. They meet initially when the erstwhile crooks believe they are to be captured. They meet a second time when they form the Apple Dumpling Gang to steal the children’s gold nugget. They meet only a third significant time at the end when the now mommy and daddy adopt both the children and the virtual children.There are many architectural correspondences that work with this and the internal cinematic references. For instance, we have a red “hook and ladder wagon” that we see three times after we are told that the town has one: when it is poses a threat to the little girl who is rescued by the hero; when its ladder is stolen for the bank robbery; and when that same little girl is kidnapped by the real robbers and a chase ensues.This is because Disney at this period had a story lab that was looking at what they considered narrative dynamics. We know much more today, but in that era, the threes came about because there was a deliberate weave of three genres. — The standard western where a Maverick-like character rides into town as a loner and wins someone’s heart. Here it is the town redhead. He wears the standard gambler garb, and we track him at the important beginning where the terms of the story are established.— A comedy genre based on a combination of slapstick and Marx brothers quality dialog.— A family movie where what is now called “family values” are celebrated in a lighthearted fashion, but deeply acknowledged.Given this establishment of the three genres, the script was designed around the rule of threes. For instance, the gambler saving the girl from the fire engine is for the family genre; the chase in the fire wagon at the end is standard Hopalong Cassidy fare; and the bit in the middle where the ladder is stolen while the fireman sleeps is from the Marx tradition.Ted’s Evaluation — 3 of 3: Worth watching.

  • stacy-miller
    stacy miller

    For some reason I don’t have a lot to say about this film other then the fact that I liked it. That is a very boring and uninteresting review. But because my goal is to actually write reviews of movies that I see and not just become a bland passive movie watcher, I summit this review for others to look upon.Don Knots and Tim Conway are a perfect comedy due. Their both nerds in this film but Don Knots is the chief nerd in charge. They provide many wacky and comical moments to the film. But it really isn’t a wacky slapstick film. It is a family comedy with a serious storyline. It is filled with touching and tender moments and has the classic storyline of a harden man who doesn’t like kids and thinks only of himself only to have his heart turn gooey to the kids he’s inherited by the end of the film. If that insight spoils the film for you, you haven’t seen that many Disney films.If you want a fun time in the old west with touching comedic moments, that try the ‘The Apple Dumpling Gang’

  • laura-larson
    laura larson

    This is a fantastic family movie that kids can watch and enjoy and those of us who love the Tim Conway-Don Knotts combination will get our money’s worth as well. I know the movie is about Bill Bixby and the kids but really, it’s all about Conway and Knotts. They worked so well together that even if the rest of the movie was worthless, they made it incredible. If you watch the scenes with the two of them moving the ladder, you’d swear that all of that was storyboarded and choreographed, but according to Conway on the special edition DVD, they improvised all of it. The bit with Knotts drinking out of the beer glass and Conway trying to get a drink out of too is some of the greatest schtick in movie history. This is a great movie with a great cast including Slim Pickens and Harry Morgan and some of the finest character actors of the day. It’s great and even if you don’t like live-action Disney movies, you should still be able to appreciate the comic genius of Conway and Knotts.

  • samuel-chase
    samuel chase

    I saw this movie when it first came out and thought it was a pretty good one for kids. At the time, I really didn’t know who Don Knotts or Tim Conway were. Bill Bixby and Susan Clark? Well, their names became “famous” later on down the road with “The Incredible Hulk” and “Webster”. But anyways…Celia Bradley a.k.a “Stacy Manning” is actually “Stacey Manning”. They forgot to put the “e” in the credits and didn’t bother to correct it. How would I know this? Because for awhile, I was childhood friends with her via the church I used to attend.The reason her character “Celia” was always running off to the bathroom, was because Stacey had the flu and was constantly getting sick to her stomach. So they wrote in the “running off to the bathroom” scenario to explain/cover-up the situation.When Stacey first told me she was in the movie, I didn’t believe her. That is, till she showed me her scrapbook full of pictures of her on the set. She had lots of stories to tell.She said that the “kids” were suppose to be in the sequel (of sorts) but that the “Disney” folks thought they had lost their “kids appeal” and weren’t “cute” anymore.This was the only film she ever made.Stacey didn’t grow up to be very tall. Standing at a mere 5ft (if even that). Always had a short haircut (sort of like Rosalyn what her face, the Olympic Figure Skater in the 80’s).I lost contact with Stacey, when she tried unsuccessfully (many times might I add) to steal my sisters then boyfriend (eventually husband of my sisters 4 beautiful sons and 1 daughter).She was kind enough to invite us though to her wedding in the 90’s (sometime) and the last I heard, she is still married, residing in Long Beach, California (where she has always lived) and raising a family of her own.

  • dave-douglas
    dave douglas

    One of the best live-action Disney movies. A sweet story about misplaced children, an unwilling but good-intentioned gambler as a foster parent and two bumbling crooks as the comic foil. Bill Bixby, of “My Favorite Martian” and “The Hulk” fame, plays Russell Donovan, the roaming gambler who is unwittingly stuck with some “valuables.” Tim Conway and Don Knotts, a little past their prime, play the hapless crooks known as the “Hash Knife Outfit.” Susan Clark plays the tomboy stage coach driver who fills in as the kids mother. It also stars Harry Morgan as the town sheriff. Beautiful scenery, lots of action, comedy, and a fabulous saloon brawl that is the highlight of the film.

  • lisa-randall
    lisa randall

    I saw the Apple Dumpling Gang when I was a child and I found the film to be delightful. The film is intended to be pure comedy and that is what it delivers.Don Knotts and Tim Conway are both excellent actors and they provided a superb performance in this comedy. This is a show that I was proud to show my children and my grandchildren as it holds wonderful childhood memories for me. There are a lot of shows out there today that are too violent, and rude. This show is refreshing in that you can be assured that your children are not watching blood splattering or listening to foul language. This show is in true Walt Disney fashion.

  • carlos-turner
    carlos turner

    I’ve always enjoyed this movie. Don Knotts and Tim Conway should have done a hundred more movies together. Just imagine what they could have done in the 1960’s when both were very hot? It would have been something special. Rent this and share it with your family. You’ll enjoy it.

  • krystyna-fudalej
    krystyna fudalej

    Don Knotts and Tim Conway, two very big stars in their own right, teamed to do some very successful films mostly for the Disney Studio. Their comedy style was a lot like Laurel and Hardy, but in terms of individual stars teaming and being successful at both, the only comparison there is Crosby and Hope.The Apple Dumpling Gang follows the misadventures of these two lunkheads as they try their hand at the outlaw trade. They accidentally shot a really fierce outlaw in Slim Pickens and left him crippled in one leg and he’s out for their hides. Paralleling that plot is that of gambler Bill Bixby who wins what he thinks is a consignment of freight in a poker game, but what he really gets is the delivery of three children. Being a roving bachelor Bixby naturally thinks the kids will cramp his style and they do for awhile. Willing to help is Calamity Jane like character Susan Clark who drives for the freight line that her father David Wayne owns.One thing I do so like about Disney films is the use of familiar Hollywood faces who were having trouble getting work. For example the brassy Iris Adrian, a little older and heftier, but still full of sass.But the film really belongs to Conway and Knotts. Conway is the Laurel like figure in the partnership, dumb and he knows it. But he has for a partner Knotts who like Oliver Hardy is full of grand schemes who when they blow up in his face will always blame is hapless partner. But in point of fact Knotts is just a bad planner.The Apple Dumpling Gang spawned a sequel in The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again where Knotts and Conway have even more hysterical misadventures. This one however and its successor are some of the best films Disney Studios made in the Seventies.

  • katherine-heath
    katherine heath

    As it goes with most 70’s Disney fare, this is an acceptable family movie. Most of their live action flicks of this period are best described as “hit or miss”. Where, say, that “Pete’s Dragon” is a “MISS”, “Apple Dumpling Gang”, is a solid “HIT”. One wonders where Disney’s creative minds were in this period, as some of the films of this period are just a little “off”. As in seeming “out of date”, and “stale”. I guess they were all working on getting Disney World, and EPCOT off the ground in Florida, and gearing up for the much anticipated animated movie “The Black Cauldron”. I have a book about Disney, that a relative got for me in 1975, that goes into a good amount of detail on that movie, even though it would be a decade(!) before it was released. “TADG” has just the right amount of excitement, comedy, cute kids, and bumbling to be watchable by almost anyone. Bill Bixby does a good job as the lead, and Susan Clark is quite watchable. The kids are not as “whiney” as most live action Disney kids, and David Wayne and Harry Morgan are most welcome. And then there’s Don Knotts and Tim Conway! I usually get tired of “the bumbling duo” act, but there is just the right amount of screen time for them, to not become annoying.I’d suggest this to any parent who has to sit and watch along with the wee ones. I usually grab a magazine to read, but I found myself actually enjoying this warm hearted film.Miss some of the stinkers like “Pete’s Dragon”(I hate that kid!), and enjoy this kind hearted little movie from Disney.

  • ashley-price
    ashley price

    In the 1970’s, Disney churned out cheap film after cheap film meant to draw children in without spending much money. They had mediocre acting, mediocre laughs and often obscure and pointless plots.Out of all these films, The Apple Dumpling Gang is one of the few that succeeds in capturing the audience. This is entirely due to the splendid performances by Don Knotts and Tim Conway. These accomplished comedy actors give perhaps the most hilarious performances that Disney has delivered to date.The plot is pretty pointless, most of the acting is only okay, but the dialogue and action, especially from Knotts and Conway, is hilarious. Catch this film if you just want to laugh.You can also see the sequel, which delivers quite a few laughs but is a little too weird and pointless for my taste.