Dog lovers believe their canine family members understand language, comprehend events, have opinions, exude loyalty. In “The Art of Racing In The Rain”, wise old dog Enzo Swift shares thoughts about the life experiences which prepared him to protect his family in times of greatest need.

Also Known As: Nevjerojatan život psa Enza, Meu Amigo Enzo, Mi amigo Enzo, Невероятный мир глазами Энцо, Elu läbi koera silmade, Attraverso i miei occhi, Очима собаки, Cuoc doi Phi thuong cua Chu cho Enzo, Ebgondolat, L'art de courir sous la pluie, Enzo und die wundersame Welt der Menschen, Sztuka scigania sie w deszczu, A Arte de Correr na Chuva, A Vida de um Campeão, Невероятния живот на Енцо, Umetnost vožnje po kiši, The Art of Racing in the Rain, El arte de vivir bajo la lluvia

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  • hailey-le-matelot
    hailey le matelot

    Best movie I’ve seen in YEARS! 1st time giving a review. Love Love Loved this movie. Go see….you won’t be sorry

  • erin-dennis
    erin dennis

    This was one of the most heart wrenching movies I’ve seen in a while. It kept me engaged because i love dogs and it kept my husband engaged cause he loves racing. The mixture of both things was a nice balance.

  • lona-winther
    lona winther

    I had high expectations for this film because I absolutely love dogs, but this film was more than just a dog film. This film is about love, family, tragedy, conflict, and the hard work it takes to pursue a dream. I have never been so sad yet so happy at the same time. Lots of tears, but your heart is smiling. I wish this film would get more headlines. My favorite movie of the year!

  • carl-hall
    carl hall

    This movie draws you in, authentic, emotional, hopeful, laughing, expectation of what’s next. Clean movie based on actual story line and development of characters. Highly recommend this movie. Grateful to see a movie with character.

  • neli-lac-abize
    neli lac abize

    Those who read the book will notice that some very prominent characters are absent from the cast list on IMDB. Unfortunately, this is not a mistake: the character of Annika does not appear in this film. Not only do I believe that this was done purely for reasons of political correctness, but I fail to see how Denny’s mettle is tested without her role in the story, and feel that the film simply does not carry the same weight as the novel without it. I recommend reading the book instead.

  • ms-carly-edwards
    ms carly edwards

    It is an indeed good movie when they earn my tears!!! It is different to see the perspective from the animal. Such a great animal actor!! Very touching movie…. of not giving up your love ones.

  • eleutherios-mauroeides-phanourgakes
    eleutherios mauroeides phanourgakes

    This is seriously my new favorite movie. You know when you read a book and you picture the whole story? This movie is exactly like the book and the acting, especially the dog, was so well done. To see a dog act and show as much emotions as this one did blew my mind. The story is amazing and this movie the best I’ve seen in a while.

  • suzanne-davis
    suzanne davis

    I saw this movie with my 5 & 15 yr olds. It held all of our attentions the entire time and was such a heartwarming film. I don’t think I’ve ever cried so much in a movie(the whole theatre was sniffling). It didn’t help that we just lost our long time dog a few moths ago. Loved the dogs perspective and thought casting was just perfect all around.

  • prof-sara-winther
    prof sara winther

    Wonderful film. A good story well told. Tightly written, well acted and directed. Too bad it couldn’t have been filmed where the weather was so depressing, but that is where the book was set. Again, we seAe just how useless “professional critics” are. Highly recommend.

  • peter-williams-dds
    peter williams dds

    This movie was everything I expected and more. I also read the book and I think they did a great job with the movie overall. This is NOT a cheesy dog movie. Give it a try and you won’t be disappointed.

  • victoria-smith
    victoria smith

    I wish they had credited the little boy at the end who looked exactly like a golden retriever come to life!

  • mohinii-dddhaal
    mohinii dddhaal

    We loved this movie! Lots of emotions, but most of all Enzo, the dog, & his expressions…

  • zvonko-jelen
    zvonko jelen

    This movie touched on literally every emotion possible, while managing to not be sappy or simplistic. It’s a fabulous tale that literally anyone with a heart will be able to relate to deeply. Fantastic acting too! I’m going to buy this movie for sure!!!

  • grinius-simona
    grinius simona

    This is a wonderful film despite the dog’s voice – couldn’t they find someone other than Kevin Costner to do the voice? The pick of Milo Ventimiglia to play Denny Swift was a good choice. The book was great – the movie very good. I do recommend everyone see this film – it’s funny and heart-rending.

  • dylan-mitchell
    dylan mitchell

    This is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. I knew going in that it would be a good movie just based on the Cast but had no idea I would love it as much as I did. It is a very emotional movie so make sure you have tissues.

  • april-wilkerson
    april wilkerson

    I knew I would love this movie, I’ve been a dog lover my whole life but this story wasn’t just about a dog named Enzo but rather about life and all the ups and downs we experience, the highs and lows, losing loved ones, hard relationships…and through it all dogs are always there for us to provide comfort, a friendly bark, to lend a paw, to make us smile even on our toughest days. I’ll never know whether they pick us or we pick them it’s just one of those things that’s meant to be and you find each other along the way. They don’t live as many years as we do, but they live a full life while they are here and each one has a story. Thank you for telling Enzo’s story.

  • mandy-freeman
    mandy freeman

    I hadn’t read the book that it is based on, so only armed with the knowledge of a short synopsis, I really didn’t know what to expect. It was actually quite good.I thought listening to Kevin Costner drone on for a couple hours as a dog’s inner monologue would be tedious, but the nuggets of wisdom peppered with the occasional witticism provided ample entertainment. I often felt like I was watching the “Thoughts of Dog” Twitter account played out in cinematic form. I absolutely loved both Milo Ventimiglia and Amanda Seyfried in this. The daughter was also played especially well by Ryan Kiera Armstrong. The relationships between themselves and also with Eve’s (Seyfried) parents was perhaps a bit banal at times, but overall was still believable and endearing – although I felt like hitting the dad with my car at several points.Afterwards, I overheard several people tell the studio rep that they hadn’t expected the movie to be a “tear-jerker”, and the sobs coming from the gentleman seated next to me seemed to confirm that. However, I found the story to not be overly sorrowful or sad, but inspirational. A guide, if you will, for how to become an exemplary person shown through the filter of a dog’s belief that by gaining this knowledge he’ll be reincarnated as a human in his next life. (I know it sounds silly, but it was actually quite poignant.)

  • kristen-martinez
    kristen martinez

    Loved this movie from the very beginning frame to the very last. If you love a good story of love and inspiration. You will love this film. Destined to be a true classic. Costner might be the first to win a Oscar for his voice of Enzo. Bring some tissue a tearjerker of the extreme. Soundtrack was superb and perfect.

  • nathan-hodge
    nathan hodge

    This was probably the most perfect movie I have ever seen. The story was excellent, the actors were perfect and the music was perfect, especially the John Fogerty song at the end. The only flaw I found was when the grandmother said in court she only said what the grandfather had told her to say. Wouldn’t he have been arrested at that point for witness tampering. Still, I rarely give a movie or show a 10 without wondering later if I should have. This one, I have no second thoughts.

  • michael-hughes
    michael hughes

    I read this book several years ago, and I remember crying like a baby in the Charlotte airport on a layover as I read the last two chapters. Tears of sorrow combined with tears of joy streamed down my face, and this little old lady came over to me and said, “Honey, are you ok?” I smiled and just said, “This book is so good!”Flash forward to the movie, and I literally almost started crying at the very first scene. I hold the book in high regard, and the opening shot of Enzo just brought back so many good memories of the book. As I watched the movie, I felt the producers/director stayed very true to the message of the source material. Do I know scene-by-scene if they stayed true? No, I do not. However, the overall beginning to end conveys the major events that happen, and without a doubt, it was such an incredible struggle not to burst into tears during the final moments of the movie. I was not alone in this as I heard many sniffles in the audience. It was almost sold out on a Tuesday matinee!The overall message is perseverance, love, loyalty, and being true to yourself. The story of Enzo is a heartwarming story, and I can’t recommend this book and movie enough.

  • ryte-gaiciunas
    ryte gaiciunas

    I expected this to be about average but what a pleasure to watch such a range of emotions. Heartwarming, breaking and also at time so much fun perfectly balanced and acted. A breath of fresh air.

  • oogsun

    The Art of Racing in the Rain is one of those films that rips your heart out of your chest, dangles it in front of your face, and ultimately gives it back to you. It is a very faithful adaptation of the original novel, with some changes that I personally thought were for the better. Milo Ventimiglia and Kevin Costner bring their A games to this film. You can feel a very strong connection between their characters Denny and Enzo the dog respectively. Though this film isn’t the most groundbreaking out there, it is a very well-made, heartfelt retelling of an incredibly heartwarming story.

  • stephen-guzman
    stephen guzman

    I just got out of watching The Art Of Racing In The RainA seriously emotional movie for me, as I had to have my beloved family dog Rocky, put down on Monday, I knew I would cry watching this, and I did.It is not what you think it is. It is not a racing movie, nor is it a children movie about a mischievous dog, its about the people and their relationships told through the eyes of the dog, voiced beautifully by Kevin Costner.It has been 13 years since Milo Ventimiglia starred in Rocky Balbo, yet every time he smiles that crooked smile, I’m reminded of Sly. Amanda Seyfried puts in a touching performance whilst Martin Donovan is simply a guy you will hate.This is a movie that is all heart, I laughed and cried watching it.

  • shannon-harmon
    shannon harmon

    I have never reviewed a movie before but having seen this film on its opening day, not the kind of movie I’m normally attracted to (I booked it really for my wife as it was our wedding anniversary yesterday) I was so surprised how much I really enjoyed it! It has something for everyone to connect with. Beautifully put together and performed. But be warned, this is one moving movie. Even the toughest of guys will need the Kleenex nearby. My face was wet! Just as you have managed to hold back one tear-jerker response, along comes another. A real emotional roller-coaster which leaves you in awe at the end. Best real movie I’ve seen in a long time. Kevin was amazing. So was Amanda and Milo. Real characters with real feeling. You should all be so proud of this. My friend read the book and said it had the same affect. Clearly you have done the book due justice. Just Fabulous!

  • sergei-kozlov
    sergei kozlov

    My thoughts:The Art of Racing in the Rain is beautifully and sensitively directed by Simon Curtis, who deftly orchestrates the poignant moments with humor.Milo Ventimiglia’s “This is Us” fans will recognize and love his Denny Swift; he was perfectly cast in this role.I especially love how the movie showed the evolution of Eve & Enzo’s relationship.Kevin Costner is not the first person I’d think of to be the inner voice of a dog, but he does a great job.This movie is a gift to anyone who’s ever owned or loved a dog.